Checked And Balanced

A state district judge has thrown out a lawsuit by a group of parents Who were seeking an order requiring the governor to issue a state wide mask mandate and to reinstate the state of emergency.

Thankfully, the judge shot the request down:

“While this court is gravely concerned about the public health consequences of the failure of school districts to implement the guidance of the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health regarding the use of masks for children, teachers, and staff in K-12 public schools,” the judge wrote in his ruling, “the judiciary cannot order a co-equal branch of government to exercise its discretionary, political judgment to implement a specific educational policy.”

In other words…

… (Mitch takes a deep breath)…

…the parents wanted a member of the judicial branch to compel the head of the executive branch do seize all of the authority of the legislative branch.

Sure, we have a public health crisis. We have an even bigger crisis in civics education in this state.

7 thoughts on “Checked And Balanced

  1. I am coming to the conclusion that there are a lot of people who are so terrified of the Kung flu that they are in the process of becoming terrorists themselves.

    Being terrified they are essentially unreachable. Perhaps this explains why “they” (think They Live) can be caught out, time after time, with pictures even, proving the truth of “None of the people telling you to worry about coronavirus are actually worried about coronavirus”, and it has apparently no effect on the terrified.

  2. These Karens should do some actual research into the continuous proof that WuFlu has always been a political move to maintain control over them. Apparently, it’s lost on them that the same people that are telling them to wear masks, only wear them when the cameras are on them, threatening them to take the jabs, aren’t and haven’t got them and telling them to social distance, aren’t doing it.

  3. We have an even bigger crisis in civics education in this state.

    Which raises a couple of interesting questions.

    They hired a lawyer, right?

    Either he/she/they/them/it simply took their money, like a good lawyer should, or he/she/they/them/it was ignorant of basic civics and the law.

    In the old days, I would definitely suggest he/she/they/them/it grifted the parents, but now, given the wokeness of the legal profession, it is highly likely that he/she/they/them/it was indeed ignorant of basic civics and the law.

    Thankfully, the judge was not.

  4. I would not be astonished if the Court of Appeals overturned the decision. They shouldn’t, but it would not astonish me. None of our supposed ‘betters’ seem to care about the rule of law anymore.

    Last year, Governor Walz used his emergency powers to suspend the Constitution so he could place the entire state under house arrest, ban religious worship, outlaw freedom of assembly. The Court of Appeals ruled nobody had standing to challenge him – not individual citizens, not businesses, not members of the legislature. Earlier, Governor Dayton attempted to abolish the legislature by eliminating their funding – Court of Appeals upheld that act, too.

    If a pissant Governor can do all that stuff without straining the Constitution or Separation of Powers, why can’t a Great and Powerful Judge issue statewide orders for masks and vaccines to protect our most precious resource – The Children?

    Would not astonish me.

  5. We have been ruled extra-constitutionally since March of last year.
    The people who support this also deplore Trump for “violating democratic and constitutional norms.”

  6. Planned Parenthood of Texas spokesthing:
    “Despite Texas Right to Life’s last-ditch attempt to get out of testifying at today’s court hearing, our providers and health care workers will now have some protection from frivolous suits as litigation against this blatantly unconstitutional law continues.”

    I wonder what part of the constitution the spokesthing believes the Texas law blatantly violates?

  7. MP, some leftist a**hole said that the right to abortion is explicitly stated in the constitution.

    No, really.

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