Being Locked Down And Nothingness, Part II

As I pointed out yesterday, I didn’t have a lot of personal sturm und drang during the “lockdown”. Life changed, of course – but I don’t think I especially did.

I was listening to an NPR science show a few weeks back. It discussed new discoveries about the interconnectedness of pleasure and pain – literal pleasure and pain,, in this case, and their role in addiction.

Doing something pleasurable triggers a jolt of dopamine – which is pleasant, and makes you happy. Doesn’t matter what the pleasure impulse is – a small victory, a shot of bourbon, sex, a good TV show, it all triggers dopamine. Of course, there’s an inner pendulum of sorts – as the body experiences pleasure, it pushes back, so the pleasure is followed by nearly equal, nearly opposite pain. Sugar is followed by crash; Big victory is followed by “so, what’s next?”.

One of the article’s many points was that humans have more stimuli for dopamine now than ever before; 24/7 entertainment, smart phones, porn on demand, drugs from caffeine to Fentanyl and everything in between. Humans aren’t built for all the pleasure modern times presents them; eveolutionariliy, everyone in the world is a virtual Norwegian Bachelor Farmer, expecting an aescetic life.

And this past 19 months have stripped away a lot of the stimulation people used to get – and made some of the more transient ones, video games and cell phones and the like – old hat. Buzzes get old; to quote the great psychiatrist Axl Rose, “I used to do a little but a little didn’t do it, so a little got more and more”.

And “creatives”, I think, are much more addicted to more dopamine, more need for stimulus and variation, than most.

And those are the ones writing the extended laments of the misery of thjis past two years.

3 thoughts on “Being Locked Down And Nothingness, Part II

  1. And this past 19 months have stripped away a lot of the stimulation people used to get

    Yeah, like:

    Freedom of association
    Freedom of speech
    Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure
    The right to engage in commerce

    Just little shit, not worth bothering over.

  2. Meanwhile, the DemocRats have bounced Rep. John Thompson from their rat nest, and squeaked for him to resign.

    He won’t, of course, so the rats will have to vote to expel him. Any so-called Republican that joins them in that despicable act should be expelled at the very first opportunity.

    I hope with all my heart Thompson fights this all the way to the MN Supreme Court. He conducted himself, at all times, as a true and faithful representative of the people who elected him, and the leftist rats have disenfranchised them.

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