I Don’t Believe In Karma…

…but I believe what goes around, comes around.

Dr. Ana Navaro, celebrity physician of sorts, spends months wishing ghastly ill on the unvaccinated.

Dr. Ana Navaro on The View, last week:

Hope she gets better soon.

And yes, that means I am a better person than her.

25 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe In Karma…

  1. “View” host Ana Navarro tests negative for coronavirus after testing positive before Harris interview – jdm

    Which raises a troubling question: how many of these “spike in COVID” cases are merely the result of false positives?

    Or an even more troubling question, can a fully vaccinated person transmit COVID to another fully vaccinated person?

    Only Dr. Fauci knows the answers.

    Or should we ask Dr Jill?

  2. So she had no symptoms but tested positive for traces of the virus. That’s like finding traces of cocaine on a $20 bill; doesn’t mean I’m a drug dealer, means the test is too sensitive.

    Which brings into doubt the basis for the panic about a surge of Covid cases flooding the world. What if everybody in the world carried the virus but wasn’t sick from it? Would we still need lockdowns, masks, social distance and vaccine?

    What if Covid was just a bad flu?

  3. Interesting that what’s her name on the left calls Dr Navaro by her first name even though she is a medical doctor. What would she call Jill Biden?

  4. Why do people continue to call Navarro a doctor, as in medical doctor? She’s a JD (Juris Doctor) from St. Thomas University School of Law (Miami, FL). Normally my sarcasm-meter is pretty finely tuned – am I missing the sarcasm?

  5. JD raises an interesting issue, because the flu has all but disappeared from concern of the CDC and the lame stream. Further, I’m posing this question, again. Why haven’t unvaccinated, unmasked and non social distancing homeless people dropping like flies from the deadly virus? You know it’s a plandemic, because if it were happening, you would have fake news teams camped out at these camps to continue to spread fear among the sheep.

    As far as the twits on The View go, they aren’t the only ones wishing harm on others. Here’s this:

  6. Further, I’m posing this question, again. Why haven’t unvaccinated, unmasked and non social distancing homeless people dropping like flies from the deadly virus?

    Because their healthcare is not supervised by the state.

  7. “This is going to be a major news story in a minute, now” Pffft.

    10/10 this was a ridiculous stunt to get more low IQ viewers to the View. If that cow had actually been diagnosed with the ‘rona, she’d have waddled off screeching for Invermectin, Remdesivir and HCQ.

  8. Why haven’t unvaccinated, unmasked and non social distancing homeless people dropping like flies from the deadly virus?

    No teevee, no pocket spy, can’t read, no job to be threatened with…they’re immune.

  9. JD I stand corrected. I assumed too much. My excuse is that I have not now, nor ever, watched The View.

  10. As we all know, the ONLY reason black folks do not do as white (and asian) people is because of racism and exploitation.

    It is the same reason that Mexico is not as affluent as the US: racism and exploitation.

    It also explains why Alabama is not as affluent as California: racism and exploitation.

    And why less educated folks don’t do as well as educated folks: racism and exploitation.

    And why rural folks don’t do as well as urban folks: racism and exploitation.

    So now we get to the unvaccinated. The ONLY reason why they get covid more than vaccinated people (if they do) is: racism and exploitation.

    If we could only address racism and exploitation among the white, northern, educated, urban population of the United States, all these problems would POOF, go away.

  11. Greg, I travel to Alabama regularly. It’s a beautiful state; I love going there. My friends there live in nice houses that sit on 1 acre or more. Tuscaloosa has a subdivision made for people to keep horses on their property…it’s wonderful.

    Of course, the big cities are shit holes (well except for Tuscaloosa; Roll Tide), for the same reason all big cities are shit holes; leftist reprobates and blacks. 27.8 percent of Alabama residents are black; 2/3 of black households consist of a mom, or a grandmom…daddy isn’t anywhere in sight. Compare that to any Northern state.

    Also, while most blacks live in the cities, a significant number live in rural areas and small towns (10,000 or less), which is unknown in the North. *That* is why the per capita yearly gross income looks so bad. *That* is why Alabama always ranks near the bottom of academic achievement.

    It’s the same in Mississippi.

    When Northern liberals (and conservatives) laugh at the South, they’re laughing Negroes.

  12. Rat Biden’s rat Sec of HHS has finally admitted that he turned >12000 Haitians loose on the American public. None have been tested; none have been vaxxed.

    That’s in addition to the 1.2 MILLION that have entered the US illegally since rat Biden stole the election….again, unvaxxed.

    But we’re fixing to fire 75 million American citizens who won’t take the juice.

    This is an IQ test. Those reprobates that excuse or support this outrageous assault on America make up the 25th percentile and lower of the bell curve. They are the real domestic terrorists.

  13. Bill,

    Sorry if I dissed Alabama. I was trying to echo northern liberal biases.

    Actually, my brother recently retired from the Navy after being posted in Panama City for years and years as well as tours elsewhere,

    His ex was from Mobile, but let’s not speak of that.

    I spent a lot of time driving down to the “red-neck Riviera” and loved the area, as well as most of Alabama – but let’s just say, I never hung out there in the summer. Like one resident told me, “when it gets hot down here……people get MEEEEAAAN!!”

  14. No worries, Gregg. I just find it hilarious that Northern reprobates think they’re casting aspersions on White Southerners, when they are really tossing mud at their core constituency.

  15. Proof that the feds are entirely unserious about covid:
    Over 20 percent of illegal immigrant unaccompanied minors and 18 percent of family units who recently crossed the U.S.-Mexico border have tested positive for COVID-19 prior to being released from U.S. Customs and Border Protection custody over the last several weeks, according to a Department of Homeland Security document prepared for President Joe Biden and reviewed by NBC News Saturday.

  16. This just in:

    “NY Gov. Hochul signs executive order for National Guard to fill hospital shortages due to vaccine hesitancy”

    “Governor Kathy Hochul will sign an executive order Monday allowing her to deploy the National Guard and bring in healthcare workers from out-of-state in case of staff shortages at hospitals and other care facilities due to an impending vaccine mandate deadline. “We’re taking all the steps preemptively in anticipation of what I call a preventable staffing shortage – still preventable, enough hours in a day,” Hochul said at a press conference in the Bronx Monday, Sept. 27.”

    You think they’re talking about the admin staff, rat?

    LOL…the Biden shitshow is just getting started.

  17. Rat Biden is playing “chicken” with people who are not going to jump out of the car. The senile, incompetent fool and his reprobate puppet masters have the entire country in chaos.

  18. Hey! Maybe rat Biden can fill the health care crisis he is causing with the Haitians he just let in!

    I’m sure there are hundreds of doctors, surgeons and nurses in that smelly horde.

  19. Um, wait a minute, the New York National Guard is going to invade other states to drag off nurses and such and force them to work in New York?

    Um, didn’t we fight a war about this issue, and didn’t we pass a few amendments to our Constitution to prevent exactly this sort of thing?

  20. Oh, my…NPR has noticed…

    Nurses Are In Short Supply. Employers Worry Vaccine Mandate Could Make It Worse

    Goble is owner and CEO of Ability HomeCare, a pediatric home health care agency serving 900 children in San Antonio, Texas.

    Of her 261 nurses and therapists, 56 have declined to get the vaccine. [What percentage is 56 of 261, rat emery?]

    Now she’s concerned that her unvaccinated employees may refuse to comply with the federal mandate once it’s implemented later this fall.

    “We would have to let people go,” she says. “I worry if our patients, who are medically fragile children, are going to get the care they need.”

    Losing even one or two workers would be a problem
    “I can’t afford to lose anyone,” says Ted LeNeave, CEO of Accura HealthCare, which operates 34 nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota. Because of staffing shortages, they’ve had to limit admissions, turning down patients coming from hospitals.

    With about 1,000 of his employees — 38% of his workforce — unvaccinated, LeNeave is calling on the federal government to provide a testing option for health care workers. He’s proposed that those who remain unvaccinated would undergo regular testing and wear full PPE, arguing that it’s a safer alternative to losing a lot of workers.

    “I just don’t see how I can lay off a thousand people,” says LeNeave. “I’d have no one to take care of the patients, and there’s nowhere to send the patients.”

    Rat Biden is digging himself a hole the reprobates will never dig out of. Millions of us will not shoot the juice; not now, not ever.

  21. How’s that mandate going, rat emery?

    Most prison staff refuse COVID vaccine — should California let them?

    “His answer was crystal clear: “No. Never will.” That’s how a prison guard at California Rehabilitation Center in Norco feels about taking the COVID-19 vaccine, and he’s not alone.

    All, who spoke to CalMatters only on condition of anonymity, are among the 57% of California prison employees skipping free COVID vaccinations offered on the job as of May 10, according to data from the California Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. Experts don’t think it’s common that those workers chose to be vaccinated anyplace less convenient.”

    Just open the prison gates and let them fight it out with the illegals.

  22. The Narrative, busted again: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/us/covid-cases.html,

    In the last seven days, case counts down in red states, up in blue states.
    Texas -29%, Florida -53%, Alabama -27%, Georgia -36%, Missouri -18%.
    New York +12%, Maine +34%, Vermont +25%, Washington DC +29%, Michigan +34%.
    The NY Times chart also includes the vaxxed%.
    There is no correlation between % vaxxed and increasing or decreasing case load, because what we are seeing is the seasonal shift of the virus northward.

  23. MP, I hope the ‘rona exacts a horrific toll on the reprobate population in Northern shit-hole cities this winter…I hope it wipes out a significant percentage of the degenerate Democrat base. I hope the Governor of NY begs to have the Navy hospital ship come back, and promise they’ll use it this time, for sure…I hope that gen saki turns blue explaining the carnage.

    Now some may say that’s not very Christian of me, and they’d be right. But I’m a singularly flawed Christian.

  24. The View is the best argument for repealing the 19th amendment to the US constitution.

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