Towards Solutions

SCENE: Mitch BERG is sitting on his bike, waiting at a stoplight on northbound Hamline at County Road B. As he’s fishing his water bottle out of its holder, he doesn’t notice Avery LIBRELLE, riding an absurdly complex-looking recumbent bike, riding up from behind.


BERG: Aaaaah, sssshhhhhhure is a nice morning…

LIBRELLE: We need to deny healthcare to those who don’t get vaccines, so that the care goes to the more deserving.

BERG: You support single-payer healthcare, right?

LIBRELLE: Yes. It’s the only moral choice.

BERG: Huh. So – were you one of those those guy…er, gal…er, people who say “healthcare is a right”?

LIBRELLE: Absolutely! It is a human right, same as voting and housing and food!

BERG: Uh…OK. So – healthcare is a right – but rights can’t be legitimately taken away for anything but criminal behavior, and then only via some sort of due process. So – maintaining agency over one’s own body is criminal behavior?


BERG: A future, hypothetical, ultra-pro-life administration will be glad to hear that.

LIBRELLE: Yeah…hey….

BERG: And since you called single-payer a moral choice – what’s moral about removing a person’s ability to say “Hey, I made a mistake, Vitamin D alone isn’t enough to counter my obesity and diabetes, where can I get some help, here?”

LIBRELLE: It’s too late! Hahahahahahahaha! Stupid Trumpkins!

BERG: Speaking of that – the two single biggest groups of voluntarily-unvaccinated are…

LIBRELLE: Stupid Trumpies and ultra-stupid Trumpies!

BERG: Well, no. People under thirty, and black males from 20-40. Young people because the messaging is so schizophrenic, and black males because the messaging is schjizophrenic and because of the medical industry’s history of using blacks as human test animals.

LIBRELLE: Oh, we’ve got people whose job that is.

(Light turns green. LIBRELLE abruptly accelerates away)

BERG: Of course you do.


27 thoughts on “Towards Solutions

  1. Now we’ll see where the goal posts move for the ‘waiting until it gets approved’ crowd.

  2. But they will and thats the problem. Fox has already moved the goalpost insisting FDA process was rushed.

  3. “FDA approval” is not a medical term, it’s a political term.

    People were objecting to taking an experimental counter-measure so FDA approved it; there, it’s not experimental anymore.

    It still won’t prevent you from catching Covid, won’t prevent you from spreading Covid, and may subject you to more serious side-effects than if you did nothing at all; but it’s not experimental anymore so shut up and take it.

  4. The spokes bitch for the FDA, lied her ass off in the statement that the same rigorous testing was performed. If that were the case, a LEGITIMATE government entity would have pulled all of the jabs months ago. The J&J may be the exception,

  5. See if any of this sounds familiar:

    The proposal recommended by the director of CDC for the federal government to contract with private pharmaceutical companies to produce sufficient vaccine to permit the entire population to be immunized against H1N1. The federal government would make grants to state health departments to organize and conduct immunization programs. The federal government would provide vaccine to state health departments and private medical practices.

    Soon, however, NIIP received the first of 2 crippling blows to hopes to immunize “every man, woman, and child.” The first was later in 1976, when instead of boxes of bottled vaccine, the vaccine manufacturers delivered an ultimatum—that the federal government indemnify them against claims of adverse reactions as a requirement for release of the vaccines. The government quickly capitulated to industry’s demand for indemnification.

    What NIIP did not and could not survive, however, was the second blow, finding cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) among persons receiving swine flu immunizations. As of 1976, >50 “antecedent events” had been identified in temporal relationship to GBS, events that were considered as possible factors in its cause. The list included viral infections, injections, and “being struck by lightning.” Whether or not any of the antecedents had a causal relationship to GBS was, and remains, unclear.

    December 1976, with >40 million persons immunized and no evidence of H1N1 transmission, federal health officials decided that the possibility of an association of GBS with the vaccine, however small, necessitated stopping immunization, at least until the issue could be explored. A moratorium on the use of the influenza vaccines was announced on December 16; it effectively ended NIIP of 1976.

    We had adults in positions of authority in 1976. Today, well we have pedo Joe and his 80 IQ dancing monkeys.

  6. Twat is doubling down. The level of buffoonery and asshattery is absolutely stunning. 👏

  7. And . . . we’re back to personal insults because E has no rational response to legitimate criticism of the politicized crisis.

  8. Oh son — fish on 🎣

    Bold move by Twat — he’s got JD hooked. So crazy it might just succeed.

  9. Others who are also hooked:

    And here’s an interesting question: an emergency authorization is only allowed in situations where there is no FDA approved vaccine. Now that Pfizer is FDA approved, the emergency authorizations are automatically revoked. That means nobody should be administering the Johnson & Johnson or Moderna vaccines, they should be discarded. Will the government follow the law or will it continue to allow people to get un-approved treatment under an expired authorization?

  10. I posted a rebuttal but it included links so I’m in moderation. Meanwhile, here’s an interesting question: distributing a vaccine under an emergency authorization is only allowed in situations where there is no FDA approved vaccine. Now that Pfizer is FDA approved, the emergency authorizations are automatically revoked. That means nobody should be administering the Johnson & Johnson or Moderna vaccines, they should be discarded.

    Will the government follow the law or will it continue to allow people to get un-approved treatment under an expired authorization?

  11. Just think of those personal insults, JD, as the little fella’s own way of emulating his president of uncommon courage who walked away from a press conference today after being asked about Afghanistan.

    I was curious there was no mention of the Nancy Pelosi get-together and fancy fundraiser. Lots of rich white Democrats all seated closely and without masks. In COVID-19-riddled Napa Valley. The wait staff was wearing masks tho’ – you never can be sure what *those people*, if you know what I mean, have been up to. Hope they washed their hands before their shift.

  12. Unlike many people, I do not feel the need to lecture strangers on their personal health care decisions.

  13. JD, whenever the asshole shoots his mouth off, I’m comforted by the absolute fact that he’d run like a rabbit if he ever saw me walking down the street. But I’d be happy to walk into a room full of big mouth, leftist assholes…and have. *Silence*

    He’s just like all of them.

  14. Funny! All variants of the poison jab, have been exempted from liability, by the crooks at the FDA.

    And, I can’t help but remind Emery the true believer, that his mentally challenged President, his feckless Vice President, incestuous Ilhan Omar, predator Andy Cuomo, sea hag Patty Murphy and moronic Tina Smith, all called into question the FDA and the safety of the jabs, under Trump. They are responsible for so many people not wanting to get jabbed, because people still remember them saying that they wouldn’t take it and in a few cases, told others NOT to do so, because Trump. Now, everything is OK, so they are pushing it.

  15. Here is the research that the CDC uses to justify its claim that people who have had covid should get vaccinated:
    It is a small study. Less than 750 people, limited to a few months, and limited geographically.
    The greatest problem with the research is that it considers a single positive pcr test as proof that a subject has had covid. The study did not consider whether the infection was symptomatic or asymptomatic, meaning some number of the people the research considers to be covid “survivors” are the result of false positives.
    The discussion portion of the research says “The findings in this report are subject to at least five limitations. ” Too long to quote here, I suggest reading the whole thing.
    And the paper ends with this statement: “Finally, this is a retrospective study design using data from a single state during a 2-month period; therefore, these findings cannot be used to infer causation. Additional prospective studies with larger populations are warranted to support these findings.”

  16. In Britain, they now require that all care home people get their first jab by mid September. They expect that about 7% of workers will quit rather than get vaccinated.
    In the US, Biden has mandated that all workers at long term care facilities get vaccinated, And, of course, we know that Joe Biden is the King of Unintended Consequences.

    Focusing only on nursing homes will cause vaccine-hesitant workers to flee to other health care providers and leave many centers without adequate staff to care for residents,” said Mark Parkinson, president and CEO of the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living, which represents more than 14,000 nursing homes. “It will make an already difficult workforce shortage even worse. The net effect of this action will be the opposite of its intent, and it will affect the ability to provide quality care to our residents.”

  17. First the complaint was that it couldn’t be trusted because it didn’t have full FDA approval, now the complaint is that it does.

  18. It is truly sad to see the obsession some people have over the vax status of people they do not know and will never meet.

  19. Emery, you can’t possibly be this fucking stupid. Perhaps you are just being obtuse, but if you really accept this hurry up FDA “approval” of a poison by a bunch of Big Pharma refugees, then you are proving that YOU ARE that stupid.

  20. Liberals use important-sounding words to intimidate us into compliance.

    We’re short of ICU beds so lockdown. Except “ICU bed” is not a medical treatment, it’s a billing code. We can ramp up as many as we need. No reason for lockdown.

    FDA approved so take the ‘vaccine.’ Except FDA approval is not a medical process, it’s a political process. They can grant it to Pfizer but deny it to Moderna at whim. No reason to believe it’s any safer today than it was last week.

    Trying to intimidate us instead of trying to persuade us makes us suspicious – why don’t they just tell the truth? Why lie?

  21. First the complaint was that it couldn’t be trusted because it didn’t have full FDA approval

    Well, no. First the complaint was that it couldn’t be trusted because it was Trump’s project.

  22. Funny how everyone rushes to believe headlines which are nothing but lies and misdirection. Pfizer jab that has been given experimental clearance has NOT been given full go ahead – it is STILL very much experimental. And the vax that was given the OK is not even available – it had not even been produced and may surface in 2023/24. And yet everyone is running around that jab is FDA approved – it is very, VERY far from the truth. But hey, if it is in the headline it must be twoo.

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