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I’m at the Vikings game tonight.

Almost no one wearing a mask.

Lots of Hennepin county law enforcement on hand.

I have to suspect the deputies are just as sick of Karen as everyone else is.

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  1. I’m really intrigued by this after reading and seeing the reports of police activity in Australia

  2. Oh. So sportsball is back to normal… all is well, then. Go Sportsball Team!

  3. jdm, there is no worries. LEO’s are on our side. Back the Blue; MAGA! Wooo whooo!

  4. I bought some Twins tix for next week and got a survey back from the Twins.

    After you got through the pricing, concessions, and Covid questions they did have some pretty honest questions of safety around the stadium.

    It’s definitely on their radar.

    Think the local media will ask them what they think of the Yes4 Minneapolis ballot question?

  5. jdm, the scenes from Melbourne are horrific; but predictable; the cops follow the orders of them that control their pensions. That is true here and in Australia. If their masters say “let the blacks and antifa attack, loot and burn”, they will let the blacks and antifa attack, loot and burn. If they say “bust some MAGA skulls”, MAGA skulls will be busted.

    The cops are on their own side; always have been.

    Here is a TicToc clip from the State Premier of New South Wales informing her subjects that the restrictions are forever.

  6. I have been traveling the last few weeks. The following is all anecdotal, of course. Currently in St. Louis, which has an indoor mask mandate. About 15% are wearing masks. Similar rates in Ohio. Saw no mask wearing in Indiana or Iowa. None in Wisconsin the weekend before. People are doing as they please.

  7. My hope is that we learn that lockdowns and restrictions are not the solution to our worries, that they’re policies of last resort that have massive side effects and collateral damage that may even dwarf the damage of the virus itself. My fear however is that the cat is out of the bag, and governments will forever more simply default to lockdowns, without any true analysis as to whether they’re worth it.

  8. Yes, Dr. Emery, many drugs are used for off label illnesses and despite your blatant ignorance, as well of the rest of your ilk that are denying REAL science, ivermectin has proven to work against the WuFlu. But hey, you should be happy knowing that you are the suckiest sucker that’s ever sucked!

  9. Now that Pfizer has full FDA authorization, it’s important to note that this vaccine has received more vetting than any vaccine in history prior to full authorization.

    This should be obvious, but they don’t usually get data on literally millions of people before authorization. It really feels like anti-vaxxers are living in a completely different reality from the rest of us.

    The full-authorization will spur many more employers, hospitals, schools, and universities to require staff to show proof of vaccination (or be subject to regular COVID-19 tests).

  10. The full-authorization will spur many more employers, hospitals, schools, and universities to require staff to show proof of vaccination (or be subject to regular COVID-19 tests).

    Then we can really get going with that whole first and second class citizens thing you little fascists have been jonesing for.

  11. yea… Mann hockey stick is a great example of vetted science… yea… approving a drug while control groups had been trashed… yea… 20 years of most subject animals dying… yea… still unknown but possibly horrifying effects and recorded disproportionate number of deaths due to the vaccine… yea… love that FDA approval while treatments exist, albeit denied. VERY scientific…. because science™!

  12. jdm, the party of KKK always wanted slaves. They could not have blacks, they are now bent on making slaves of whites and unvaxxed. Simple really.

  13. many drugs are used for off label illnesses and despite your blatant ignorance

    A little blue pill, which trollbots must have plenty, comes to mind as the best example of of-label use. But while little blue pill is for recreation, Ivermectin saved millions of human lives and I heard that inventor even received a Nobel prize for medicine for it. But hey, gotta push them talking points and kill as many unbelievers as you can! They are just Americans – their lives are worth shit, just look at Kabul.

  14. Most tested vaccine ever. With no control group. Because why would we need one, really? We know the result we want.


    Just to be clear, FDA approval is not based on medicine, it’s based on politics. Remember when private test kits were not approved, only official test kits which shipped without the essential reagent, so they were worthless? Like that.

  15. Vaccinated conservatives such as Tucker Carlson expected to continue recommending followers not heed their examples.

  16. “This should be obvious, but they don’t usually get data on literally millions of people before authorization.”

    And they don’t usually authorize a drug that has killed >15,000 people in 6 months.

    But I fully endorse the low IQ population not to forget it’s almost booster shot time.

  17. Bill,
    That’s a great point. If enough true believers end up dying from the jabs, the DemoCommies will never win an election again, even when it’s rigged.

  18. Just checked with the CDC (VAERS). The correct number of people that the juice has killed is – 6,718
    Life threatening side effects – 8,477
    Permanent disability – 7,573

    Well there you go. Those are great odds for a juice that doesn’t give you immunity, won’t keep you out of the hospital if you get sick, and doesn’t stop the spread of a virus with a 99.97% survival rate.

  19. Twat — I’d call you a pussy but that would be redundant.

    Twat wrote: “And they don’t usually authorize a drug that has killed >15,000 people in 6 months.”

    Seeing how VAERS says not to use it’s data because none of it is verified because anyone can report a symptom with no confirmation. Yea I wouldn’t base medical or scientific choices off it either.

    Bring on the Monkey Pox vaccine 😂

  20. Get your booster, asshole. The bat flu has devastating effects on people with Down’s syndrome…you trying to kill off your kids?

  21. “In the spring of 1976, it looked like that year’s flu was the real thing. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t, and rushed response led to a medical debacle that hasn’t gone away.

    “Some of the American public’s hesitance to embrace vaccines — the flu vaccine in particular — can be attributed to the long-lasting effects of a failed 1976 campaign to mass-vaccinate the public against a strain of the swine flu virus,” writes Rebecca Kreston for Discover.

    To avoid an epidemic, the CDC believed, at least 80 percent of the United States population would need to be vaccinated. When they asked Congress for the money to do it, politicians jumped on the potential good press of saving their constituents from the plague.

    The real victims of this pandemic were likely the 450-odd people who came down with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological disorder, after getting the 1976 flu shot. On its website, the CDC notes that people who got the vaccination did have an increased risk of “approximately one additional case of GBS for every 100,000 people who got the swine flu vaccine.”

    Fast forward to 2021. The CDC:

    “CDC and FDA are monitoring reports of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) in people who have received the J&J/Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine. GBS is a rare disorder where the body’s immune system damages nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis. Most people fully recover from GBS, but some have permanent nerve damage. Several theories as to why this happened exist, they say, “but the exact reason for this link remains unknown.”

    450 people get a nasty surprise in 1976, and the FDA pulls that juice off the market.

    >6,000 DIE in 2021, the government and 80IQ nitwits; “Get the jab! It’s safe!”

  22. Ha! Emery you fucking hypocritical ass wipe! Everything that you and the your government masters spew, is based on no significant trials and unverifiable data! Make sure you roll up your sleeve every time your masters tell you to, useful idiot.

  23. I bet that at this point there are an awful lot of unvaxxed people who are less fearful of covid than double-vaxxed people who are anxiously awaiting permission to get their 3rd shot!
    Third time’s the charm! Then we can go back to normal!

  24. Emery and the MSM are sadly off the mark deriding Ivermectin as solely a veterinary drug. It’s very effective at treating Onchocerciasis in third world countries, a big cause of blindness. I have no information on its alleged usefulness treating Covid, but it’s certainly safe.

  25. Doc, they’re referring to a story by a obscure, Soros funded propaganda rag. Evidently some people consumed meds they got from the vet…but no one got hurt.

    It’s the same med humans get, and which has been proven to fight bat flu, but in doses meant for livestock…not smart.

    Just shows hiw much people distrust government. With good reason.

  26. The Covid juice has killed 100% more people than veteranary Invermectin.

    Who are the idiots?

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