The 1788 Project

So, just how wrapped up was the American Revolution and the founding of the American Republic wrapped around slavery?


Quite the opposite: while all of the 13 colonies had originally allowed slavery, it had been abolished in most of the states by the revolution…

…and was recognized by most of the founding fathers as explicitly contrary to all of the Revolution’s interests except self-preservation (dividing in the face of the British would have been national suicide)…

…and abolition was a driving force behind the framing of the Constitution.

Just in case you need some ammo for your next spar with your next “progressive” relative.

3 thoughts on “The 1788 Project

  1. So many of the idiocies that pour out of the holes of lefties are head scratchers, but this one really takes the cake. There is literally zero proof to back up such an assertion. Made up out of whole cloth.

    Even better though: now the 2nd amendment was specifically written to PRESERVE slavery. (WTF?!)

    You gotta be fu**in kidding me.

    Well, on a positive note, they must be losing all the arguments to get this desperate.

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