Let’s Do The Political Math

Tim Walz joins Melissa Hortman, Ryan “Uncle Tom” Winkler, and Ken “Alita Messinger’s Shih-Tzu” Martin in calling or John Thompson’s resignation.

The reasoning?

“…he can no longer be effective”.

He was “effective” enough after his “Burn Hugo Down” antics for the same three people to endorse him for election.

So – what are they thinking?

My guess:

Threatening children: Effective.

“Burn down Hugo”: Effective.

Be a human virtue-signal to the most over the top “progressive” wing of the DFL: Effective.

Be a potential polling drag on the rest of the DFL heading into what could be a tough mid-term?: Aaaaaaah.

Bonus Question: Does anyone out there seriously believe the DFL knew none of Thompsons domestic violence or, er, domesticity allegations before he got elected?

30 thoughts on “Let’s Do The Political Math

  1. I’m sure that the apparatchiks in the Communist party are being politically expedient. Mark my words they are looking for (or more likely, creating) a cushy, make work position in one of their “non profit” money laundering organizations. As soon as they get one set up, Thompson will “graciously and courageously”, step down.

  2. So, when Walz endorsed Thompson, Thompson was not a resident of Minnesota and had been arrested for domestic abuse and exposing himself to children.
    Wonder what else is going on in DFL politics that you aren’t being told?
    Here is what some of Walz’s brother in arms think of him:

  3. The four monkeys of the DFL:

    Hear no evil – hands over ears.
    See no evil – hands over eyes.
    Speak no evil – hands over mouth.
    Know no evil – the blank look of the media.

  4. They worse that can happen to Walz and the rest of the Democrats is that they’ll be called racists by Thompson. Haha.

  5. I, John Kreaphammer, attended Oak-land Middle School in Lake Elmo (..completed ninth grade there spring of 84).  Lake Elmo is cute generally, but this building is in the middle of a sod field a mile north of 94 at Manning.  I’m rilly mystified how it is Walz and the others choose it for a press conference.  Alita’s country estate is actually a very easy drive 2 miles away tho, so… That might not be crazy.

    Yeah, this is exactly as you say Mitch without the wink wink nod nod or whatever, just a banana being a banana.  At the point 67A is finding a candidate they say, hey, whatabout John Thompson, he brings a lot of BLM issue energy.  67A DFL vets him.  Someone there probably knows he’s got “a messy life”, but they don’t disqualify him and he wins.  Ken Martin and Tim Walz don’t have a say in it and they don’t now.  

    So yes he’s useful until he’s not. It is a bunch of tokenism, and the DFL does this.  With Thompson they were obviously hoping for a more “*Ilhan Omar” experience.

  6. Ilhan Omar experience?
    The woman who married her gay “brother” in an immigration scam?
    You don’t get a pass on that just for being black. You also have to be a woman and a Muslim.

  7. Mitch’s post does seem like a good opportunity to remind people of Biden’s weird relationship to the truth, because aren’t going to hear about it from the MSM.
    Biden’s 1987 presidential campaign collapsed when it was revealed that he lied routinely about things that didn’t matter at all.
    It began when he gave a speech plagiarized from Brit labour leader Neil Kinnock. Unlike today, the press in 1987 was not Biden’s friend. They dug a little and found that he had received an F in one of his law school classes for plagiarizing an assignment. This led to some unwanted attention on his academic record.
    Biden got his JD from Syracuse University College of Law, which is in about the middle of LSAT rankings for law school. Biden had claimed to have graduated in the top half of his class, but in fact records that he turned over to the press showed that he graduated 76th out of a class of 85.
    Snopes has an article on Biden’s 1987 presidential campaign: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/joe-biden-plagiarism/
    Long before Obama tapped Biden for his VP, Biden was kind of a joke in DC. He was known for being short tempered, given to exaggeration (to put it mildly), and for not being very bright. His nickname (then and now) is “Slow Joe.”

  8. MO, every libturd gets a pass. Not just Thompthug, Ill Omen or Hakim. They ALL get passes until they are deemed not being able to carry the vote. In the case of Thompthug, they are trying to drum him out BEFORE the court hearings start about his residency illegibility. That is MUCH more damning than anything else Thompthug had done. Libturds cannot afford more light being shed on how corrupt their organization is.

  9. Biden is a liar.   You know who else is at least quite similarly a liar?  Donald Trump.

    Whataboutism and relativism isn’t my point.  My point would be that to get agitated about Biden’s politician lies is to be agitated about something that is an ingredient in the cake.

  10. I am not agitated by Biden’s lies.
    I just want to remind people that the media will not cover Biden’s lies they way that they would cover the lies of Trump or any other Republican.

  11. Before a Republican candidate earns a party endorsement, the candidate must be thoroughly vetted by the party to ensure there are no skeletons which will embarass the party and potentially cost votes. The questions have gotten more specific as they’ve learned from past problems that became media circuses:

    Did you ever swim in a hot tub with the neighbor’s daughters? Fail.
    Did you ever drive with your dog on the roof of your car? Fail.
    Did you get a DUI then drive on a work permit to a campaign event? Fail.

    Democrat problems do not become media circuses. Their vetting question list is much shorter:

    Are you Black? Pass.

  12. Thompson carried his didtrict with 73% of the vote. That job is a plumb slot & I suppose the DFL has already chosen his replacement. I wonder if they have vetted him or her?

  13. He’s not going to resign, he’ll hang on until the next election and then someone else will be endorsed. The local party apparatus doesn’t vet these lege candidates elaborately at the district level. There’s a lot of faith put in the wisdom that if you can win the endorsement, then you are in fact credible.

  14. I go with “he’s an embarrassment” for what’s going on, and remembering how DC Mayor Marion Barry got re-elected to office in the city after getting caught smoking crack with a hooker, my bet is that Thompson “continues to serve”. The dynamics of safe districts have to be seen to believed, and in similar situations, Gary Mayor Richard Hatcher served long after his city became a disaster, and Coleman Young did the same in Gary.

    So his district and his family will continue to be mis-served, and other DFL legislators outstate and in the suburbs will pay the price.

  15. Coleman Young did the same in Gary as well as Detroit? Man, talk about not just one but two safe districts. 😉

  16. His episode in Hugo last summer was enough to make him an embarrassment and potential liability to the DFL.

    It’s almost like no one in the party or the press made any effort to do any research into his history during the election. If they did, they buried what they found because it all seems to be in plain sight now.

  17. Keith Ellison was credibly accused of domestic assault. The DFL hired its pet law firm to investigate and they found three corroborating witnesses. But the victim mentioned Ellison had a nude sex tape of her and she refused to consent to the DFL showing it on every media in the state, so the law firm concluded the domestic assault claim was ‘unsubstantiated.’ The media reported the domestic assault claim was ‘unsubstantiated” and buried it.

    Notice who hasn’t called for Thompson to resign over past domestic assault allegations? Notice who doesn’t want to stir that pot, again?

  18. I think the DFL is feigning this openness and decisiveness to create a backlog of “good intentions” for later use if need be. Nothing more will happen and nothing more will be reported and can’t we all just move on?

  19. JD,
    Hakim’s ex punching bag was also allegedly threatened by several people, including members of the MNDFL. I remember her lamenting that she was a Democrat and couldn’t believe that her party was doing that to her. Silly girl! No one expects the Spanish Inquisition and they surely don’t expect liberal cancel culture.

  20. Thanks for the correction. Yes, Coleman Young did the same thing in Detroit, not Gary.

    Another note is that I will be glad to be proven wrong on my contention that Thompson rides it out and gets re-elected, but I am obviously not holding my breath on that one. Like Joe Doakes notes, we have precedent here.

  21. The Reprobate leadership probably didn’t dig into the details of what kind of trash Thompson is, but they didn’t need to dig at all to know he was trash; the minute he opens his ignorant pie hole you know it.

    But that’s not a flaw for the Reprobates; it’s a feature. One of their main voting blocks is the trash demographic; they own it. Who better to represent trash than trash?

    Minneapolis is stuffed full of mindless, leftist slobs that wake up every morning and, before heading off for the day’s debauchery (but after dilating their front holes where applicable), they fire up a spliff and pray to Gaia for the downfall of America and the destruction of Western civilization. Mogadishu Barbie was tailor made for them; she ain’t going anywhere.

    In that way, John Thompson fits the East side like a glove. He’s got his ho’s in line; they’ve got they’re their minds right, and they are not complaining. And, for all we know his brood of feral thugs is coming along nicely; it’s all good at the crib.

    I don’t think the Reprobate leadership has the right to demand he resign; talk about White Supremacy! He’s exactly who they thought he was, and exactly what the East side trash voted for. He’s legit af and he isn’t going anywhere…well, unless he cops a felony beef Hakim can’t get him out of.

    As he says himself; get out his face.

  22. Odd that MNDFL thinks Thompson’s record of abusing random women and children means he can’t represent his district. This is the party of the Kennedy’s and Chris Dodd and Bill Clinton.
    The guy does not live in his district. He can’t represent them.

  23. ^^^ Who is saying what he can or cannot represent as? You, ham bone?

    Man says he’s reppin’ East side, and so he is; full stop.

    This space is a hot bed of White Supremacy, and hate!

  24. Well, the DFL has done an odd thing, maybe it is part of a strategy, I don’t know.
    What they have done is insist that Thompson resign for reasons that are extra-legal. It is not illegal to be a MN house rep after you have been accused of multiple counts of assault.
    But it is illegal to represent an district in MN when you are, in fact, a Wisconsin resident.
    The MNGOP are a feckless bunch, but I hope they are not distracted and pursue a ruling from . . . someone in authority that Thompson holds his seat against the law, regardless of his tendency to tell people to kiss his d*ck.

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