Karma’s A M*********er

John Thompson – the DFL-endorsed candidate currently awaiting coronation in House District 67A, the East Side – is the guy who we saw the other day standing in Bob Kroll’s driveway, bellowing that he’d be perfectly happy to burn exurban Hugo to the ground at the little group of tweenage girls standing by the garage.

Turns out there’s been a bit of a backlash, and Thompson doesn’t like people…


…harassing him and invoking his family.

In videos circulating on social media, John Thompson, a DFL-endorsed candidate for House District 67A, threatened to burn Hugo and said “Blue Lives ain’t sh–.” He also appears to yell at young white girls watching from an open garage, calling them “racist mother-f—–s.”

On Monday, Thompson said he was getting death threats and declined an interview out of concern for his family’s safety.

“When people are calling my family and telling my family they are going to put a bullet in my son’s head, I’m not in a space right now to talk to the press,” he said.

To my amazement, the backlash has been such that even the DFL had to exhibit at least a vestige of shame:

“We expect our candidates and elected officials to live up to our highest values when they represent our DFL Party,” said DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin. “The Minnesota DFL does not condone any rhetoric which is violent, hateful, or inflammatory.”

To perhaps my greater amazement, the article in the PiPress doesn’t use the phrase “GOP pounced…” or “GOP seized on” Thompson’s racist tirade.

I’m sure that’ll be rectified.

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  1. Even more shocking, the AP fact checked Moochelle Obama’s lie filled speech on Monday and called her our for her deflections of her husband’s actions to Trump. The cages at the border were already there and her husband’s regime made full use of them.

  2. As I wrote before, Thompson’s been given a talking to. This is a huge and avoidable fox pass (faux pas for the elite readers). A big enough deal that Thompson has been muzzled. In response, to deflect and distract, he invoked the usual “death threats and family’s safety”. The “bullet in my son’s head” reveals his fumbling about looking to get control of the situation.

  3. Martin:
    “The Minnesota DFL does not condone any rhetoric which is violent, hateful, or inflammatory. We expect our candidates and elected officials to live up to our highest values when they represent our DFL Party. I cannot speak to or imagine the pain and anguish that John Thompson feels at the loss of his friend, Philando Castile, and the pain that so many Black Minnesotans feel after witnessing the murder of George Floyd. I’m grateful for the work John is doing to combat systemic racism, and I’m glad that he recognizes yesterday’s rhetoric was inflammatory, hurtful, and does not help move our state forward in the fight for justice.”
    This is a statement of praise and sympathy for Johnson. It is not a condemnation of Johnson, or even his words: Martin says they were “yesterday’s” words, not Johnson’s.

  4. The man who made death threats is angry at receiving death threats. Cue the world’s smallest violin.

    As jdm points out, claiming to be the victim of death threats is standard Liberal deflection. I’d like to hear the voicemail tape, see the screen shot of the so-called threats. Otherwise, I’m adding “liar” to the list of charges.

  5. Bob Kroll was on the Justice and Drew show a few minutes ago, commenting about this incident.

    He said that he and John Thompson have been on community panels, have met in public several times and that John was always cordial and respectful. He believes that the mob that was with him, coerced him into the behavior. He also mentioned that his neighbors have been great through this incident. The worst part is that on August 7, one of their neighbors lost their house in a fire and Thompson screams that they will burn the neighborhood down. His seven year old was scared that they were really going to burn their house down, too.

    In Kroll’s estimation, Thompson has screwed himself up with this one.

  6. He shouldn’t have been talking about burning people’s houses down; that doesn’t reflect the values of the DFL. He should have been talking about peace, love, and killing babies that survive abortion.

  7. Joy, I’m in his district. I get to go from the non entity of Tim Mahoney to this clown

  8. JD,
    I agree about seeing the threats or else I’ll assume that he’s lying.
    Once the screenshots and voicemails are released, I’d like an investigation to uncover which woke DFL activists are sending them in an attempt to change the narrative and deflect from Thompson unacceptable behavior.

  9. The rioting, beatings of motorists, and foul-mouthed invective is indulged (if not encouraged) by the Dems simply because they think this all hurts Trump more than it hurts them. Perhaps they are right, but it didn’t work very well for Humphrey in ’68.

    At least Ken Martin can read well enough to realize that he had to make some kind of weak soup public statement. I wonder, though, how many times Thompson called Martin a M**********r in their private meeting?

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