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  1. People who are working to save the world from the scourge of climate change cannot be expected to fly commercial. We only have twelve, no scratch that, nine more years to act, how can one expect them to waste time in airport lounges.

  2. The World Economic Forum’s global risk report, released ahead of this week’s meeting, identified environmental challenges, including the failure to mitigate climate change, as top of the list of dangers facing the world economy.

    So I guess no one paid any attention back in 2019 when the WEF predicted that pandemic and response to pandemic posed the greatest danger to the world economy?
    I just checked, and the 2019 WEF global risk report mentions “spread of infectious disease,” but it did not make the top ten list of most likely to occurr and was dead last on the top ten list in terms of impact.

    Worst. Elites. Ever.

  3. Yup! And once they arrived in Davos, they jump into gas guzzling stretch limos to the venue and back to their private planes.

  4. If somebody were to invent a way that all those people could attend the meeting in cyberspace instead of meat space, some sort of electronic video conferencing software, it would save the planet from carbon emissions.

    They could call it something cool like, I dunno, maybe Zoom.

  5. jd “If somebody were to invent a way that all those people could attend the meeting in cyberspace ”

    Davos WEF is like the Superbowl, all the best hookers in the world will also show up and you can’t get a BJ via zoom or enjoy one of Jeffery & Ghisliane’s special treats. It isn’t all about economics after all!

  6. Q: Why did Jeffrey Tobin play with himself on camera during a Zoom meeting?
    A: He thought it was a video date!


    A: He thought Don Lemon was attending.

  7. All you need to know about Toobin is that the purpose of the Zoom-orgy was role-playing scenarios for election night, and he ultimately couldn’t control himself.

  8. It seems to me that a certain E-hive-mind spent the last 18 months insisting Donald Trump killed half-a-million Americans because he failed to prevent the spread of Covid.

    It seems to me that a certain Usurper was handed a vaccine when he took office and has had 6 months to get it distributed, but has utterly failed to meet his vaccination goals. Meanwhile, people continue to die of Covid.

    Turnabout is fair play. JOE BIDEN IS A MURDERER!

  9. Hard to say, E. It’s tough getting decent information because The Left is dedicated to preventing anybody from questioning The Narrative. Best I can tell, the Liberals are still fighting tooth-and-nail to avoid having to admit they knowingly counted ballots which should not have been counted.

    How are people holding up in The White House, now that Texas Democrats have infected the place with Covid? Got any numbers on ‘breakthrough’ cases? Or were the staff unvaccinated when the Texans arrived? Leadership by example is so important, you know.

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