So Let Me Get This…Er, For Lack Of A Better Term, “Straight”

Let me try to fomulate the logic, here.

:If it biological man says she identifies as a woman, that decision must be treated as sacred.

Ditto a biological woman claiming to now be, or identify, as a male.

Naturally, someone of any gender declaring an affectional orientation for their own gender is to be supported.

Industries and entire areas of academic disciplines have sprung up to support all of those decisions. Institutions, up through and including academia, the American Civil Liberties Union, and a fair chunk of corporate America, deem that decision to be absolute, inviolate and ironclad. Naturally, there’s a branch of medical science devoted to helping people transition physically as well as psychologically, to support that identity.

But a gay person deciding they want to identify as straight, and making efforts to do so, must be squashed with the full power of the state?

Why the special treatment?

What side effects affect “gay conversion therapy”, that don’t affect any other change in identity?

I’m not judging, one way or the other; I’m just trying to figure out the moral logic.

7 thoughts on “So Let Me Get This…Er, For Lack Of A Better Term, “Straight”

  1. Walz terms the therapy “Byzantine” and tortuous. There’s the pot calling the kettle black. I don’t have a dog in this fight but I’ve seen plenty of treatments paid for that were speculative and expensive. My favorite was a state law that required insurance companies to pay for autologous bone marrow treatments for women with advanced breast cancer. It was expensive and not more effective than conventional therapy. Nobody wanted to listen to the Science back then.

  2. Don’t look for reason where their is only hate and slogans.
    Trans women are women but women are not trans women.
    You are assigned a sex at birth but you were born with a gender identity.
    If you are a married grandfather with grandchildren and declare yourself a homosexual, then you are homosexual, but if later you say that you are heterosexual after all that is a lie.
    Welcome to lefty land.

  3. Regarding Walz’s executive order, I’m having trouble believing that the state HHS department has been paying for “conversion therapy” much to begin with. To me, his EO seems to be directed at the groups who most strongly support him. In other words, it’s a re-election ploy, not a serious policy move.

  4. The left in general and the DFL in particular function like a ratchet that only turns in one direction.

    Once you realize this, it all makes sense and nothing will surprise you.

  5. I said I was gay due to social pressure, but now I am really attracted to women.
    You’re under the spell of religious zealots!!

    I want you to whack my pee pee off.
    The whole world approves of your decision.

  6. So, if you are homosexual and want to become a heterosexual, are you wrong or are you evil?
    So much for your health care decisions being a between you and your doctor!
    FWIW, until about, I dunno, five minutes ago, “homosexuality” was an action, not an identity. Oscar Wilde was not imprisoned for being a homosexual, but for sodomizing Lord Alfred Douglas. In Victorian times, the government didn’t care what was between your ears, they cared about what you did.

  7. The conversion therapy that ought to be banned is treating adolescents with drugs to stop normal puberty.

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