I wasn’t living here in 1980. I’m not sure how Minneapolis’s Loony Left reacted to the “Solidarity“ protests in Poland – where the Polish “Solidarity“ trade union led a year of demonstrations against Poland’s communist government. The demonstrations – which newly elected President Ronald Reagan supported morally, symbolically and materially – were the beginning of the end of the communist bloc, and the Soviet Union with it.

I have vague memories, arriving in the Twin Cities years later, of sensing that an awful lot of Minnesota leftists had bet on the wrong side in that particular episode. I mean, two decades later some of them still did, in my comment section.

Now, 40 years later, as a similarly benighted country protests for similar reasons, a Democrat government is lending the Cuban demonstrators a bit of rhetorical support from a senile president, along with an executive branch that is, as we noted yesterday, laying down the law hard in favor of the regime.

And the Minnesota left?

They are showing themselves to be as morally depraved and intellectually bovine as ever:

Facing an economic crisis, food and medicine shortages and rising prices, the Cuban people are demanding that the communist regime give up power.

“We have to see the larger context of the pandemic, COVID-19. The economy has also collapsed, Cuba depends on tourism,” said Nimtz. The Minnesota Cuba Committee is also calling for an end to the U.S. trade embargo.

“What we are doing here is to demand, demand that the Biden administration end the embargo, lift the embargo, and do as he promised,” said Nimtz.

Minnesota Progressives; reliable communist useful idiots for 60 years.

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  1. It’s been going on for a long time. I remember reading Armando Valladares’ book about the Cuban gulags and pointedly asked people among the Boulder leftists about how they justified their support when a million Cubans had risked the wrath of machine guns to leave. Never did get a good answer besides “we don’t like those people who were formerly rich in Cuba.”

  2. The real world wide leftist depravity was on full display in 1968.

    That year the streets of London, Paris, Berlin and Rome were awash with anti-Vietnam war protests – as were the streets of Minneapolis, New York, Washington DC and points North, South, East and West.

    Okay… war is bad and perhaps troops from one country shouldn’t be causing mischief in another.

    You may not agree but you could see their point.

    Millions participated in these protests.

    However, in August when Soviet tanks crushed the Prague Spring…

    Nothing, Nada, Zip,

    The only thing that occupied the streets of London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Minneapolis, New York and Washington DC were candy wrappers chasing the occasional newspaper page blown off a cafe table.

    Such things SHRIEK VOLUMES……(gosh, how I love using caps and bold!)

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  4. The Kneeler in Chief was just spotted wearing a Viva la Castro t-shirt. ‘Nuff said…

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