Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Democrats seized upon the Covid virus as a means to terrify voters so they would accept suspending the Constitution and mailed ballots (which are easier to harvest and cheat) allowing Democrats to ‘fortify’ the election to remove Bad Orange Man from office.

But terrifying the American public caused panic worldwide and in a global economy, that’s not risk-free. The First Order Effect of The Big Steal was The Garden Administration but what are the Second and Third Order Effects?

Richard Fernandez fears the international order is breaking down.

Sarah E. Hoyt points out the consequences of the hoax at home and abroad.

Even the UN admits the world hunger has gotten worse.

Democrats loosed War, Disease, Famine and Death in the world to gain political power at home.

Prepare yourselves.

Joe Doakes

The history of leftism is replete with examples of actions taken with no regard for, or blithe acceptances, unintended consequences

113 thoughts on “Consequences

  1. In case, the little weasel hasn’t read his email yet, he can lead instead of follow to the soon-to-be next phase in the vaccine clown-show. “If you are a left-wing vaccine fanatic, it’s time to start blaming Big Pharma. Rushed trials, profit motive, pushing boosters, etc…”

  2. Normal person: “We saved 60% of people from a deadly disease, and 90% of them from severe symptoms! That’s amazing.”

    Alex Berenson: “Vaccine failure! Hahaha!”

    This is not someone you should be taking health (or math) advice from. This isn’t hard unless you want it to be.

  3. MO commented: “Our A # 1 TDS guy sez blah blah about what Trump said the other day.”

    Trump is making explicit that refusing the vaccine is an emblem of resistance to the Biden Administration, and a way to show how mad you are about the 2020 election.

  4. Old and busted: “Goldstein, Goldstein, he’s our man. If he can’t wreck us, nobody can. Booooo Goldstein! Boooooo!”

    The New Hotness: “Donald, Donald, he’s our man. If he can’t kill us, nobody can. Booooo Trumpster! Booooooo!”

  5. Well, Emery, _you_ have to “give Trump credit”, a rent free space in your head, and track all of his public utterances. You may think it’s important to “catalog the evils of Trump”, but you really do appear to be a crazy person. *shrug*

  6. Any of the trump backers here give a damn what Trump said in his statement yesterday?
    I’ve never heard of “Alec Berenson.” TDS is like schizophrenia in that it destroys the ability to tell what is important from what is not important. To a person with TDS, all evil is made manifest by Trump. To a Schizo, the color blue (or women’s hair or jet contrails or whatever) is evil made manifest.

  7. I don’t know if “Emery” exists as a real person. It may be that “Emery” is an actual human being, and his comments represent his real thoughts, but of course “Emery” might be some person or group of persons paid to imitate a crazy person, or “Emery” might be a blog commenting algorithm.
    But the presentation is that of a human being with a serious mental disorder.

  8. Here is how Emery is parsing the chaos of information that we all parse through daily, as we must do, as human beings:
    1) Covid is the Beast, the Dragon that will devour us all if it is not tamed.
    2) Science can save us from the Covid Dragon.
    3) Science is not a process of hypothesis and experimentation, it is what certain high social status people produce.
    4) Low status people elected Trump. Because of a combination of evilness and incompetence, Trump has ignored the science and so the covid-dragon has ravished the land.
    5) A year ago, the hypothetical vaccine was a product of trump, and so was evil and stupid. But after Biden was sworn in, the covid vaccine became the product of science, not Trump, so now its use is not forbidden, but mandatory.

  9. MO, so you are finally coming to the same realization that trollbot is in fact an instrument used by Mitch to highlight the idiocy, illogic and mortal depravity of the progressives.

  10. Kinda hard to wrap your mind around the idea that millions of Americans, having seen the light at the end of the tunnel, are choosing to jump-start this pandemic.

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