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“People tell me ‘I see what’s happening, and I”m so afraid’. And I tell them ‘you should feel more afraid that they’re making yiou feel afraid'”.

Get the truth about Gina Carano, because God knows the media won’t give it to you.

It’s from Sunday’s Ben Shapiro podcast. And while Carano isn’t a highly polished radio guest, her story – then and now – is utterly fascinating.

Big Left has been ideologically cleansing academia for decades. They’ve largely consolidating their control of the educational-industrial complex. They’re consolidating Hollywood and Big Tech now. Along with that, they – and a Big Sort – are doing the same with major metro areas.

And conservatives have in many cases obliged by moving on to greener/redder pastures.

But just as Eden Prairie is following Edina into the moldy blue camp as conservatives concede the battlefield, the culture war is coming for you, wherever you are.

At some point, the good guys and gals have to draw their lines in the sand.

11 thoughts on “Required Listening

  1. It’s comical when the same people who spent four years attacking athletes for kneeling during the anthem, going so far as to boycott and petition for the firing of said athletes, suddenly ‘discover’ free speech. Shame that they still don’t know what it means.

    I think it’s better to call it what it is, ‘consequence culture.’

  2. OK Em: thought experiment: you’re at your doctor’s office, waiting to get results of your biopsy. Your doctor breezes in and launches into a ten minute diatribe about (pick any topic you are sick of hearing about.) Is the doctor engaged in protected free speech or is he being a jerk for wasting your time and money on his pet political peeves? Should you complain? Should his clinic fire him? My issue is with athletes using their sport as a pulpit and negatively impacting my enjoyment of the game. They can exercise all the free speech they want outside the stadium. My ticket was to watch football not be lectured by communication majors getting millions.

  3. If a White person engages in free speech which enrages Liberals, they cancel her. Similarly, if a Black person engages in free speech which engages, Liberals, they cancel him. Liberal culture is cancel culture: race and sex are not factors.

    If a person engages in speech in free speech which enrages Conservatives, they can cancel the offender only if the offender is a White male. All other offenders are protected.

    It’s the double standard that rankles.

  4. I know that I’m asking a lot Emery, but once again, I encourage you to actually THINK about your blather, before you bother us with it.

    As Chris Rock has so eloquently pointed out, almost without exception, these woke multi million dollar athletes, get their paychecks from WHITE owners, overseen by WHITE people. Funny, huh?

  5. I 100% endorse black sportsballers and self loathing, white leftist slobs getting on their knees, and encourage them to stay there.

  6. Shapiro isn’t one of “the good guys”, btw. He’s a status quo/Libertarian grifter.

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  8. Ben Shapiro’s & Jeremy Boren’s thoughts on free market capitalism are naive. But are probably what they have to be, considering that they have to manage investors.
    But at least they hire talent, like Klavan, Knowles, and Walsh, who are free to criticize free market capitalism.
    People on the right have a far greater tolerance for diversity than people on the left.

  9. One of the reasons an employer may want to limit political expression in the workplace is that it is unprofessional. If you are a software developer (or an athlete) you are not hired because of your politics. You are hired to make your employer money.
    Bringing politics into the work place is as ridiculous and counter productive as bringing sports fandom into the workplace. Do you want the people who work for you to divide into packers and vikings camps? Geez.
    Hey, how is NFL viewership going this year?
    But one of the legacies of the Bad Boomers is the politicization of everything.

  10. The double truth:
    “One of the reasons an employer may want to limit political expression in the workplace is that it is unprofessional.”

  11. It’s worth noting that I’ve personally read the advertisements that Jews took out in the middle 1930s trying to counter Nazi propaganda about them, pointing out how many of them served honorably in WWI. So yes, as Carano noted, the Nazis did indeed demonize the Jews before attempting to round them up. That is a historical fact.

    And then, in response to Carano’s point that there are certain parallels between that demonization and today’s cancel culture, Disney did precisely what Carano had said cancel culture would do with voices they didn’t agree with; falsely accused her of demonizing others and attempted to cancel her.

    I don’t believe that Gina Carano is the next Sophia Loren or Maureen O’Hara, but it would be delightfully refreshing if she had a little part in a renaissance of real theater that would put the financial hurt on Disney’s “space fantasy porn”.

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