Threefer Madness

President Trump was acquitted in his second impeachment trial.

Republican Sens. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Susan Collins of Maine,
Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of
Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania joined every
single Democrat in voting guilty.

No word on whether Democrats and turncoat RINOs will commence a third
impeachment attempt against the man who left office January 20th, or
whether they will instead seek to impeach a different Republican former
President such as Richard Nixon, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Herbert Hoover or
Abraham Lincoln.

Joe Doakes

Will the Dems try for three?

Depends on:

a) How badly Biden continues to bungle Covid, and

b) How quickly the Ted Cruz deflection peters out.

20 thoughts on “Threefer Madness

  1. They have to impeach Trump and Convict him!

    If they don’t this could happen:
    Trump runs in Florida for and is elected to a seat in the House of Representatives in 2022.
    Because of redistricting the GOP captures an additional 10 seats in the House.
    Under GOP control Trump gets elected to Speaker Of The House.
    Then the fun starts.
    Trump will control the legislative agenda and has the ability to impeach, so he promptly sets about impeaching both Slow Joe and The Ho. Since Nancy has made it possible to impeach a President who is out of office maybe he even impeaches Obama and Clinton.

    Of course none of that will happen but isn’t it a joyful thought for a Tuesday morning.

  2. If there ever was a situation for impeachment, this is it: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” — Obama

    Flat out lying to the citizens of this country.

  3. I am reminded of this bit from Brown’s The Ring and the Book:

    “Then Stephen, Pope and seventh of the name,
    “Cried out, in synod as he sat in state,
    “While choler quivered on his brow and beard,
    “‘Come into court, Formosus, thou lost wretch,
    “‘That claimedst to be late the Pope as I!’

    “And at the word, the great door of the church
    “Flew wide, and in they brought Formosus’ self,
    “The body of him, dead, even as embalmed
    “And buried duly in the Vatican
    “Eight months before, exhumed thus for the nonce.
    “They set it, that dead body of a Pope,
    “Clothed in pontific vesture now again,
    “Upright on Peter’s chair as if alive.
    “And Stephen, springing up, cried furiously
    “‘Bishop of Porto, wherefore didst presume
    “‘To leave that see and take this Roman see,
    “‘Exchange the lesser for the greater see,
    “‘–A thing against the canons of the Church?’

    “Then one (a Deacon who, observing forms,
    “Was placed by Stephen to repel the charge,
    “Be advocate and mouthpiece of the corpse)
    “Spoke as he dared, set stammeringly forth
    “With white lips and dry tongue,–as but a youth,
    “For frightful was the corpse-face to behold,–
    “How nowise lacked there precedent for this.
    “But when, for his last precedent of all,
    “Emboldened by the Spirit, out he blurts
    “‘And, Holy Father, didst not thou thyself
    “‘Vacate the lesser for the greater see,
    “‘Half a year since change Arago for Rome?’
    “‘–Ye have the sin’s defence now, synod mine!’
    “Shrieks Stephen in a beastly froth of rage:
    “‘Judge now betwixt him dead and me alive!
    “‘Hath he intruded or do I pretend?
    “‘Judge, judge!’–breaks wavelike one whole foam of wrath.

  4. To Joe Doakes and Donald Trump, a RINO is a Republican who recognizes reality.

    To me, a RINO is a long time registered Democrat and Clinton donor who saw an opportunity to run for president and became a Republican.

  5. Emery:
    To the first part:

    To the second part:
    Maybe, but that depends on Republicans, not you.

    To the whole comment:
    Does every comment you make have to be off topic? Even ones WITH Trump in them?

  6. Reek!

    What do you find to be the most appealing aspect of your President, Joe Biden?

    A. His latent pedophilia
    B. His drug addicted, sexually degenerate heir
    C. Sold his country out for $
    D. Ditching his dying wife to bang the babysitter
    E. His hate for black pepo
    F. His hilarious stick man walk
    G. His hair plugs
    H. Stellar cabinet picks

    tia Reek. Don’t be shy.

  7. πŸ‘†It’s hilarious he spent the entire 2020 campaign napping in his basement and still had a landslide victory over his opponent.

  8. Ah! Of course…

    I. Napped in the basement while degenerates in Democrat cities stole the election for him.


  9. You don’t need to campaign when you’ve put together the most extensive voter fraud organization in history. Castro never campaigned. Saddam never campaigned. Even Hillary took off the last two weeks instead of going out to campaign. Why would Biden campaign? He knew it was in the bag.

    Although nowadays, the word “fraud” is unfashionable. Use “fortifying” instead.

  10. Biden’s win came from the vote counting in four cities: Detroit, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia. Tipping the electoral votes to Slow Joe.

  11. Trump β€” elected once, impeached twice, voted out in a landslide. Now he’s a defendant out trying to hire D-list lawyers.

    Poor old helpless victim Donald, spending his golden years fighting off lawsuits.

  12. Oddly, I saw little mention of the phrase “grim milestone” this week. 500,000 Americans dead on Usurper Biden’s watch.

    He’ll blame Trump, of course, but I’ve yet to hear the answer to this question: What should President Trump have done to stop the spread of Covid, when should he have done it, and under what authority?

    And now we can add another layer: “What will the new administration do to stop the virus from spreading, when will it do it, and under what authority?”

  13. JD, I doubt the real total is 1/2 that, but we’ll never know.

    I don’t think Pedo Joe is any more or less guilty of anything than Trump was’ it’s the flu. Flu is going to do what flu does.

  14. Reek, Trump is golfing in the Sunshine, living in a beautiful Florida home with a smoking hot wife.

    Your boy, Pedo Joe, is sitting in a puddle of his own urine, trying to figure which side of his diaper is up, and hoping his withered hag of a wife comes soon with his sliced apple snacks. Meanwhile, the heir of the Pedo fortune is probably passed out, crack pipe hanging out of his mouth, in his brother’s bed with his brother’s daughter.


  15. Te guy who predicted a Hillary landslide in 2016 & still believes the Russian Collusion hoax seems awfully that he’s got it right this time.
    Empirical data suggests that Emery is most wrong when he is most convinced that he is right.

  16. Emory-β€œand (Biden) still had a landslide victory…..” . Amateur hour, Emery. Politburo members would always receive at least 102% of the vote in the old Soviet Union…

  17. Trump β€” elected once, impeached twice, voted out in a landslide.

    More correctly: Trump — elected once, acquitted twice, had the election victory stolen from him by multiple means – vote fraud, voter fraud, unconstitutional procedural changes, among others.

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