36 thoughts on “Woodward And Bernstein Would Be So Proud

  1. “It’s a great honor,” he told reporters who asked about his debut ride aboard Air Force One, “but I didn’t think about it, to tell you the truth.” Said Biden, without giving evidence.

  2. Or how about this one?
    “It’s a great honor,” he told reporters who asked about his debut ride aboard Air Force One, “but I didn’t think about it, to tell you the truth.” he said, not mentioning the reports that he and his son had been partners in a “Pay For Play” scheme with the Chinese.

  3. “It’s a great honor,” he told reporters who asked about his debut ride aboard Air Force One, “but I didn’t think about it, to tell you the truth, my son, whatshisname, has flown on Russian and Chinese planes that have really hot stewardesses, so, there’s that.”

  4. “It’s a great honor,” he told reporters who asked about his debut ride aboard Air Force One, “but I didn’t think about it, to tell you the truth.” But is it the truth? Dr Julie Futrell, a clinical psychologist who has never treated Biden, says: “Constant lying by Biden boosts his narcissism while it also impairs his ability to see reality…The maintenance of self-identity is the organizing principle of life for those who fall toward the pathological end of the narcissistic spectrum.”

  5. What’s sad is we already knew it would be ball washing 24-7 but they have proven us wrong again, that they can’t get anymore biased than they already are.

    What’s next, fake news mediots tucking him in for the night and reading him a bedtime story?

  6. “It’s a great honor,” he told reporters who asked about his debut ride aboard Air Force One, “but I didn’t think about it, to tell you the truth.” Biden said, dog whistling to his white supremacist base.

  7. Is moderation an example of huwhite privilege? I’m just going to choose to make that my truth

  8. 🚨OT
    Tom — I know how much you counted on the SCOTUS’ decision regarding your crockpot election fraud theories.

    Supreme Court denies crackpot effort to review dismissal of the Michigan Kraken conspiracy case.

    Supreme Court ends the frivolous lawsuit filed by Pennsylvania GOP Congressman Mike Kelly that sought to block certification of the 2020 elections—including his own.

    Supreme Court denies Trump/GOP request to review ballot extension deadline victory in Pennsylvania.

    Supreme Court denies Trump request to review Wisconsin post-election recount case.

    Perhaps your pick for MN Governor — Mike Lindell can make his crackpot case while fending off the Dominion defamation lawsuit.

  9. It’s funny. I didn’t see anything a bout Pedo Joe’s love for cozy fires and early bedtime on NewsMax or OAN…they were talking about opening the borders, putting trannies in the girls shower, polishing the Ayatollah’s slippers, supporting white genocide….looks like I’ve been missing all the really important stuff.

  10. There’s a Democrat in the White House, but Biden didn’t win the election, the Sun doesn’t go around the Earth and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    Counting up the number of courts which have refused to examine the evidence does not change the facts. That’s a logical fallacy called Argumentum ad Populum (if many believe it so, it must be so). All you’ve done is catalogued the magnitude of the problem of courts refusing the examine the evidence.

  11. JD, I enthusiastically endorse the SCOTUS’ rejection to examine the evidence; especially since it was so cut and dried.

    The sooner White Americans realize what’s going on, the danger they and their families are in, and that the law will no longer protect them from the degenerate left, the sooner everyone can get down to business, and start yeeting filthy, reprobate lefty sons-a-bitches out of Sikorsky UH-60’s. /sarc

  12. Threadjack, by the tinfoil hat guy who continues to believe that Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election.

  13. Ever since his BFF Faphammer shit his diaper and ran away, poor Reek is just babbling away. Poor thing.

    Self respect. Who’d a thought it would break up a swell team, eh Reek?

  14. 👆Your pal Mike Lindell said he was “very happy to hear” that Dominion has sued him. “Now I can get to the evidence faster. It’s going to be amazing,” he said.”

    It seems to me that admitting you don’t actually have evidence for your claims at the time of making such claims is a bad way to start off your defense against a defamation suit.

  15. Helicopters 🚁🚁🚁 Reek, helicopters 🚁🚁🚁….do you like them?

    Focus, dimwit.

  16. Someday I might encounter someone who uses the term “dimwit” non-ironically who is sufferable and worthwhile. But not today.

    If you’re looking to distill Mike Lindell and the entire model of Trumpism to its purest essence, how about paragraph 67 from Dominion’s lawsuit:
    “While Lindell was on Facebook blaming Antifa for the storming of the Capitol by people shouting “Fight for Trump,” MyPillow was offering discounts to people who used the promotional code “Fight for Trump” at checkout.

  17. The MyPillow guy might want to talk to a very good attorney before making any more damaging admissions. He is now in the deep end of the pool and he appears to have no idea how to swim. Bluster works well on Fox News and NewsMax and OAN. It works well with the Trump base. It doesn’t work very well in Court. That is why Trump lost every legal challenge he tried.

  18. When Ford got sued for exploding Pintos, the Plaintiffs had eyewitness testimony plus statistical and engineering expert testimony about frequency and cause of explosions but none of that was the evidence that sank Ford’s case – it was the internal documents.

    Documents showing the company decided it would be cheaper to settle the lawsuits than to fix the problems were not available to outsiders when the case began. The proof was discovered after the lawsuit was underway.

    Similarly, Lindell may be hoping the many past complaints were analyzed by the company and a decision made to go ahead without fixing them. Dominion may be hoping to bankrupt him with endless motions, delays and objections.

    Remember how Liberals cheered when people threatened Trump’s lawyers, threatened their families until the lawyers quit? I wonder who represents Dominion? Where do they live? Where do their kids go to school? Any tall buildings with unobstructed views within say, 300 years of their daily commuting route? Just asking.

  19. When it comes time to hand down penalties for lefties, I’m gonna suggest smothering them with My Pillows.

  20. Emery,

    Your Demented Pedophile Dear Leader hasn’ even been in office for a month and he’s responsible for 100,000 “COVID” deaths. He never had any plan to do anything except to keep the scam going. He’s also now sailed past the number of lies that Trump allegedly told by a factor of 1,000 and he continues to lie every time he opens his mouth.

  21. 👆 Who was the only President to get impeached more times than he was elected?

    My bet would be that the more Trump and the QAnon crowd are free to be out there causing trouble, the better for the Democrats.

  22. 👆🏻Who was the only President that slapped the US House of Reprobates to the floor….wait for it…twice?


  23. Reek!

    What do you find to be the most endearing aspect of your President, Joe Biden?

    A. His latent pedophilia
    B. His drug addicted, sexually degenerate heir
    C. Sold his country out for $
    D. Ditching his dying wife to bang the babysitter
    E. His disrespect for black people
    F. His hilarious stick man walk

    tia Reek. Don’t be shy.

  24. “I have a plan for Covid 19”
    – Joe Biden – or someone impersonating him – in commercials running several times an hour from July through October.

  25. 👆
    Most Covid deaths
    1 US 500K
    2 Brazil 247K
    3 Mexico 181K
    4 India 156K
    5 UK 121K
    6 Italy 96K
    7 France 85K
    8 Russia 83K
    9 Germany 68K
    10 Spain 67.6K

    Some hope: cases and hospitalization rates are falling, and the vaccine rollout is picking up steam.

  26. 🖕🏻
    Reek, why did Democrat mayors and governors kill so many people? Why is your hero, Pedo Joe sitting in messed diapers while people are dying?

    Red states are rocking. Blue states have a pall of decay and death over them. 💀💀💀

    What is wrong with leftists, Reek? 🤷🏻‍♂️


  27. For reference, seven nations have higher COVID death rates than does the U.S., and an additional ten nations have rates within 10% of ours. Really, all of Western Europe and the Latin American nations have similar COVID death rates to ours.

    But let’s blame Trump.

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