AOC: “It’s All About Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

After spending the past week wrapping herself in traumatic victimhood (and sliming a Capitol cop in the bargain) for her experience in the January 6 riot, it turns out that she wasn’t nearly as close to the danger as her teary Instagram video might have made it seem:

Allahpundit looked into this on Tuesday, but the story behind Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s massively popular Instagram video where she describes her experience during the January 6th Capitol Hill riot keeps growing more convoluted. Despite claiming that she thought she “was going to die” and at least insinuating that rioters were attempting to break into her office, AOC wasn’t even in the actual Capitol Building when all of the action went down. Over at RedState, Nick Arama breaks down the distinctions between reality and perception. AOC’s office is in the Cannon Building which was never breached during the riot. She was briefly evacuated along with everyone else there, but other members were in immediate danger inside the Capitol Building and were far more at risk.

The writer – Jazz Shaw at Hot Air – points out he believes the #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett hashtag that erupted earlier this week on Twitter may have been a little off target – the Representative certainly didn’t concoct the riot from whole cloth.

I’m sure that AOC was legitimately afraid during the riot and with good reason. Assuming there’s a television in her office and she had the news on she would have known that hundreds of angry people were busting up the Capitol Building and acting in a threatening fashion. Given her unusually high profile for a very junior member, it would be reasonable for her to believe that some of the rioters could present a physical danger to her.

With all of that said, however, AOC failed to make one thing clear in her video (which quickly amassed more than six million views). At no time did any rioters enter the hallway where her office is located and it’s not clear that any of them ever entered any part of the Cannon Building at all. The one person who did reach her office was a Capitol Hill Police officer who was coming to evacuate her and her staffer. They had located a suspicious package (which was later cleared as being random and mundane) so they were getting everyone out of the building in an abundance of caution.

Leaving aside the sliming of the Capitol cop – who had a whole building to evacuate as his colleagues were being overrun a few blocks away – and even if you don’t make the Smollett comparison, I do find one thing intensely troubling.

The whole episode – the assault on the electoral process as well as a riot that led to five deaths, directly or indirectly – to her is nothing but a stage for…

…Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Her feelings, her sense of assumed victimnood…her.

To AOC, AOC is always the real story – by way of using that story to slime her boogeymen-du-jour.

UPDATE: I’m going to expand on this just a tad.

AOC was about as far from the Capitol riot as I was from the pharmacy that burned down, about 1000 feet from my house, during the riots.

Were either of us under immediate threat? No. Were both of us right to be nervous? Yep.

Should either of us be appropriating the experiences of those who were in immediate danger?

Let’s just call it emotionally manipulative overkill and hope everyone can do better in the future.

59 thoughts on “AOC: “It’s All About Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  1. “I see your go-to serial disinformation actor, GatewayPundit,”
    I am on record at SITD saying that if Hoft said the sun rose in the east, I would set my alarm early to fact-check him.
    So this is the second time on this thread, Emery, (at least) where you have stated the opposite of the truth.
    Not everyone has the same cavalier regard for the reliability of their sources that you do (where in the world did you hear that all of Trump’s election fraud claims had been “fully litigated”?).
    I wonder how you would feel about being banned from SITD for spreading disinformation?

  2. “Small caps have feathered my retirement since this past July.”

    MO, remember when Reek took his gains and cashed out of the market back in March? As I recall, he was very proud of his prescience.

    Why do leftist share a common inability to be truthful? Is is a part of their mental illness, or is it something they are taught?

    In either case, it’s not even the most unappealing thing about them, which is quite amazing.

    You cannot go wrong with a BMW of any flavor, but consider water cooling was added to meet California emissions standards, not to improve the machine’s performance. All of HD’s touring bikes now have water cooling for the same reason.

    I once had a 650 Bonnie, myself. Wish I still had it, they’re great bikes.

  3. The only shame connected with getting banned by Jack Dorsey’s propaganda mill is not having removed oneself years ago.

    I don’t even follow quoted links to that cesspool. One never knows what manner of virus one’s electronic device might pick up there…it’s the electronic version of bedding a crack whore.

  4. Reek, do you lie to yourself in your dreams? Are there any Reek Jr’s running loose on the planet, and if so, are they virulent liars, too?

    Asking for a friend in the psychiatric business.

  5. I see the Gateway Pundit was banned for posting video footage they received from the TCF center in Detroit. It shows Democrats unloading 50 boxes of ballots at 3:30 am, more than 8 hours after the deadline for receiving ballots had expired.

    Can’t have that, can we.

    In the reprobates defense, they probably had no idea Trump would be so far ahead, or they’d have snuck more mail-in ballots into the counting room much earlier, and hid them….like they did in Atlanta.

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  7. Dr. Pete Strunk on February 1, 2021 at 1:02 pm said:
    Say Reek? How are your equities doing? You have a good internet connection up there at the birkie? Looks like it’s going to take awhile to recover from the Biden drubbing it took on Friday…down >750…whew!

    Or did you jump out in January 0f 2020, like you said you did…..took your gains and closed your positions….remember?

    Is there anything you won’t lie about, Reek? Anything at all? Consensus says “no”.

    Reek on February 8, 2021 at 8:41 am said:
    👆👆Hey tool — Is the “Stock Market bubble” going to burst today dumbass? Russell 2000 + 1.4% today.. 🏁

    Say Reek, who burst your bubble? Who gives a shit what “Russell 2000” does today?

    You’re just babbling now Reek; are you drunk already? No telemarking the birkie today? tia Reek.

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