Planet Of The Humans, Part 3: Steam

Democracy can’t survive if we can’t trust our institutions.

We’ll come back to that.


In Tom Wolfe’s 1987 satire Bonfire of the Vanities, a young black man is run over by a car driven y a millionaire bond trader. A Bronx DA and couple of New York cops investigate.

In one part of the story, a huckster minister, clearly modeled after Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or some such, explains his role in the community to the investigators.

In his metaphor, community anger is “steam”, building inexorably as the heat rises, ready to blow the boiler sky high if something isn’t done. That “something”, naturally, is the good reverend plying his services, as a “steam valve”.

For a price.

The book was head, shoulders and ankles better than the movie – a box office bomb that nearly ended Tom Hanks as an A-lister, thirty years back – but this scene more or less gets the point across:

The reference I’m calling out is 2:00 minutes into the clip

But remember – they’re the ones that cover the news to the highest of standards.

We’ll come back to that.

Answering Their Master

Republicans since Richard Nixon have known that the media was biased to the left. Over this past twenty years, it’s been almost beyond parody. Over the past five years, literally, parody has been more accurate than journalism.

But there’s a level of parody beyond which even The Onion or The Babylon Bee would feel awkward going. Our “elite” media has no such limits:

More locally? I could go back a bit, to the media’s response to conservative protest and the Tea Party – and that was the least of the problems. The IRS abused its power to try to shut the Tea Party down.

And there was nary a peep from the establishment media. “Law enforcement” under the Obama administration did nothing at all. The agent of the scandal, Lois Lerner, retired with her full government pension and the tacit thanks of the Obama regime.

More recently, there’ve been two episodes that show how very, very unequal we are in this country, depending on your politics.

On March 4, 2017, a group of Republicans held a rally at the Capitol. A group of “Anti”-Fa used a counter-demonstration for a delivery system, violently attacking the Republicans, injuring several.

And how did the justice system in Ramsey County work? Like a fraternity hazing. Without the hazing. The defendants – including the son of Hillary Clinton’s VP nominee, weren’t so much prosectuted as féted. Had John Choi done otherwise, he’d have never done lunch at the Lex again.

More recently? Last summer, a Minnesota state DFL legislative candidate famously threatened brutal violence on a Twin Cities suburb for being home to Bob Kroll.

It passed.


This, of course, after a series of citywide riots for whichi justice was slow, dilatory and diverted by stories of “white supremacists with umbrellas” doing improbable feats of mischief.

And, behind it all, a long trail of elaborate rationalizations for the rioting: after centuries of (checks notes) systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, economic and environmental racism and mansplaining, a riot was a positive public health good, to deal with all that built up “steam”.

But only the correct rioting.

Because if Pro-Life Action tried to block a freeway, Jacob Frey would have water cannon and attack dogs out there before the protesters got over the fence. And everyone involved knows it.

As re protesting, there are Two Americas.

But only one America gets to release its “steam” in polite company.

What About

I’ve mentioned this to others in the past week.

Some have said “mind the ‘whataboutism'”.

This isn’t whataboutism.

This is pointing out that when sides perceive, correctly, that the deck is stacked against them, they will find coloring outside the lines more and more acceptable.

Which is the exact rationalization the left uses for BLM’s shenanigans; inequality begets rage!

Well, yeah. It does. As we’ve seen.

But it’s not just the usual enemies.

More tomorrow.

37 thoughts on “Planet Of The Humans, Part 3: Steam

  1. US jobless claims jump to 965,000 as layoffs remain high with economy in grip of virus. ~ AP

    Trump is leaving a massive mess — who could have predicted…

  2. Regarding steam, what are ways that it can be vented? Social gatherings and exercise are big ones. The lockdowns have only served to wire that relief valve closed.

    It was a factor with the Floyd riots. And it’s just getting added to by their being no one willing to address the stolen election. Oaths are being cast aside. But, people are awakening to the truth – they don’t get to protest about this. Which turns up the heat even farther. The soap, ballot, and jury boxes all failed.

  3. Poor trolls, so ignorant, unable to understand that the United STATES of America is made up of states, and some states have worse unemployment (cough, blue states, cough) than others.

    And that the economy is reacting to the incoming socialist administration?


  4. Moderation, lol.

    But you know, I am seeing a lot of desperation on the left right now. You’d think they would be comfortable and happy, but they are raging and irrational beyond even their normal frothing at the mouth. Hmm…

    Just fyi, Trump’s approval is at 49, congress at 15.

  5. jpa, yeah, Mitch has too tighten up, but my comment in moderation is about how unemployment differs state to state, with the blue states being worse.

    Tough concept for the trolls to grasp.

  6. The poverty pimp (looks and sounds like the pre-stomach stapling Sharpton) in that movie is threatening the steam power of 12% of the population. That was supposed to be an existential threat.

    The reprobates and their accomplices in the government, fed LEO and judicial system have got a bon fire burning under 48% of the population.

    These are not smart people.

  7. The desperation is due to the fact that if they don’t completely censor and silence us we will be able to with facts and evidence show the world what a bunch of fascists the American left is.

  8. Wow, people visiting the homes of judges and frightening their families by walking on the sidewalk, scary stuff. Not at all like thugs visiting the homes of cops and frightening their families by threating to burn down the neighborhood in memory of Fentanyl Floyd.

    We’d better institute a state-wide lock-down, 24-hour-a-day-curfew, lest some nasty partisans overthrow the Minnesota legislature and institute one-man rule over every aspect of life.

    Wait . . . what?

    It’s all too confusing for me and besides, I’m busy. I’m at my wit’s end trying to decide: 900 rounds of Winchester Lake City for $1,000 or 1,000 rounds of Prvi Partisan for $900? On the one hand, more for less sounds better but Serbian over American, is that smart? Decisions, decisions.

    It’s not for me, of course, since I don’t own any firearms. They frighten me. But I’m seeing an investment opportunity. The black market resale value should go through the roof next week when Slow Joe and the Cameltoe issue the Executive Order banning civilian ownership of certain weapons and ammunition.

    Sorry – undocumented market. My bad.

  9. JD, I suspect that if Pedo Joe and Kameltoe issue an EO banning the possession of popular firearms in common use, there’s going to be a lot of ammunition available, just laying on the street. At least in the short term.

    I’ve told my friends this is highly unlikely; even the reprobates are not that stupid.

    Not so sure now.

  10. JD, May I suggest the American flag. The American flag was used as a weapon to bludgeon a policeman at Trump’s insurrection.

    Patriotic and lethal — win-win. And you’re a winner….

  11. No, E, there’s no black market for American flags, you can get them anywhere (at least for now, until Bejing instructs China Joe to ban them, too, as symbols of hate which must be removed to prevent violence). And Conservatives already own American flags so I couldn’t sell to them and besides, they don’t kill cops.
    “F-The Police” is a slogan for Liberals

    along with “Fry Them Like Bacon” for their brown-shirts in Antifa and BLM

    No, I want marketable goods, easy to move and hard to trace. And non-perishable, so I can hold some back for future price increases. Bullets, definitely, but which ones? Decisions, decisions.

  12. I bet JPA was the whiny little bitch that snitched on his friends to his teachers.

  13. I almost wonder what the new “Focus of Psychosis” will be for Emery Incognito when January 20th rolls around.
    No worries, though, as I’m sure it will be included in more than enough off-topic comments to keep everyone informed: “Trump Baaad!”.

  14. Troy, I think you are making light of a very serious problem. For 4 years thousands of TDS afflicted souls have had the orange man to hate on. Now what will they do without him?

    Likewise the ratings of the late night shows will crater, and what will all the fake news be about?

  15. Don’t worry guys, they already started demonizing everyone and anyone who is NOT of demoncRat.

  16. Troy, the Cheese Whiz troll and his schizophrenic sidekick, Faphammer will be busy making excuses for Pedo Joe when it comes to light that his molestation of his sons is at the root of the surviving one’s degeneracy and drug addiction, as well as his keeping the family tradition alive by molesting his neice.

    I suspect people will start coming forward in droves to report abuse at Pedo Joe’s hands, dating back decades.

    The Biden’s are firm believers that Orgy Porgy is an activity best persued as a family.

  17. Of course our two nimrods won’t be alone in getting Pedo Joe’s back. Pedophilia and child abuse is a core value of the Reprobate party.

    As soon as they succeed in getting gender fluid curriculum in public schools, and hormone therapy covered for minor children without parental consent, they will take up the “Comsentual relations with children” flag.

    I bet that flag will be as spectacular as the ones they have to celebrate all the deviant, de-humanizing sexual debauchery they’ve already made a part of the fabric of America.

    Maybe multi hued Teddy bears in fishnet stockings.

  18. Today’s red/blue divide is nothing compared to the Aerosmith/ABBA divide of 1976

  19. Dr Pete, it wont take the lefties too long to want to oust Gropey Joe. I can’t wait for the fun, what will the reason be?

    25th amendment? Hunter really was dirty? The suspense is awesome.

  20. Dunno Kinlaw, the possibilities are endless. But I can see Project Veritas getting a minor close to him, and recording the results.

  21. Troy, that video’s life expectancy is measured in minutes. Luckily, the internet is forever, and that clip will be watched millions of times in the coming months.

  22. Yeah, big tech massa not gonna let peasants see the truth, that video is already dying of old age

  23. re: The MN CPS statement

    I’ve always said these guys who show up to demonstrations armed are morons. Don’t show up with a weapon you’re not planning to use. But it’s as fruitless explaining that to Paulbots as it is telling Reprobates there is no such thing as a female benis, and men cannot get pregnant.

    I hope the various pro-2A groups are instructing their membership to leave their rifles at home, and to keep their concealed weapons concealed unless they are attacked.

    It’s a sure bet leftist terrorists are planning a false flag campaign, since the one in DC is working, for now. Be smart.

  24. ooo, damn.

    “Sullivan spoke to a slew of media outlets after the breach, including CNN and ABC. He told The Epoch Times that he took steps to blend in with the crowd so he didn’t “get beat up.” He said he’s known in the activist community as being a member of the far-left, anarcho-communist group Antifa.”

    That’s gonna send Pelosi to the liquor cabinet.

  25. The lefties are praying for violence. Do they care if people get hurt? Hell no, they don’t give a rat’s a*s about that, just as long as its good pub for the dhimmis.

    I don’t know anyone who goes to rallies, but for the next couple weeks I would counsel not going at all.

    I hope the word spreads.

  26. I hate rallies.
    So on January 20th I am going to Kona instead.
    I give one piece of advice to all sides. Don’t be ruled by fear.

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