Representative Molotov

Once upon a time, I got some great life advice.

“Find what you’re good at, and run with it”.

John Thompson, would-be DFL rep from District 67A, the East Side, apparently got and practices the same advice.

He does seem to like burning down suburbs. Or at least talking about it.

A lot:

Sure, that’ll solve police overreach against blacks. Run with it.

Hey, DFLers – this is the mainstream of your party.

6 thoughts on “Representative Molotov

  1. Here’s going to be Emerys defense, that video was selectively edited and taken out of contact.

  2. Only burning down two cities is the new “moderate” DFL position.
    I am going out on a limb here & say that other DFL office holders & seekers will not be asked to go on the record opposing or supporting Thompson’s (literally) incendiary remarks.
    On the other hand, when all the other side has is hate, you’ve won.

  3. Nice distraction. Everyone knows White Supremacists© are the real danger in America.

    Say it bigots; Umbrella Man! Proud Boys! America = Slavery! Silence = Violence!

  4. Umbrella Man! Dear God, please! Not Umbrella Man! His horrific figure haunts my nightmares! Breaking windows is metaphorical rape, so he is also a SEXIST!!!

  5. It’s been a busy week for Umbrella Man. First he was terrorizing COVID pollsters working in southern MN, then having to hotfoot it up to Minneapolis to sneak boxes of ballots into Ilhan’s car.

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