Convenient Justice

Charges have been filed and the destruction of the state owned Christopher Columbus statue on the Capitol Mall last June.

The episode – which occurred as cameras from all for local TV news stations and every newspaper that can still afford photographers churned out footage, and as state patrol officers looked on – has been “under investigation” for two months since, as the full resources of the state “criminal justice“ system were able to swarm on several bars and a rodeo in Outstate Minnesota practically while the seats were still warm.

The discrepancy between the events was enough to get some sex to say it looks as if there might be a two-tiered justice system in Minnesota; one for progressives who are tightly connected with the metro political system, and everyone else.

Oh, yeah – as usual, the cynics were right:

According to the attorney’s office, [the accused, Michael] Forcia, a member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, acknowledged at the time that he wanted to be held accountable for the statue being pulled down, with the investigation finding he was the “organizer, leader, and executor of the incident.”

He will get the same brand of “justice“ that Woody Kane got, of course; it is good to be part of the ruling class.

10 thoughts on “Convenient Justice

  1. And having been two weeks since said rodeo, can we now talk about how many of the attendees have succumbed to the ‘Rona?

  2. Reading the statement of John Choi, the Ramsey County Attorney, does not fill me with confidence that anything will happen to the statue topplers. Where is Keith Ellison in all this? Destroying state property is not under his purview?

  3. But of course it is doc. Hakim and his cabal allowed it to happen – as state patrol officers looked on. He did his part.

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