7 thoughts on “Like Trulbert, Only Depressing As Hell

  1. Dystopian predictions are not my forte, but I just finished perusing the CDC ACIP committee notes on Covid vaccine prioritization and buried within it is the assertion that masking and social distancing will still be required after all of the vaccinations. So don’t look for an end to lockdowns any time soon. I’m waiting on the Xiden administration to announce priorities for minorities to get vaccine as some sort of reparations. Peaceful protests to follow.

  2. “So don’t look for an end to lockdowns any time soon.”
    Just as I predicted.
    None of the governors who have imposed lockdowns have suffered ill consequences. They have already established the precedent that they, and their constituency, may violate lockdown at will.
    There is no advantage to them in removing the lockdown. It has become a political pawn, as we see when the establishment negotiates with itself (i.e., governors v public education unions).

  3. Regarding some of the things the far left wants to do, I would hope that there are enough semi-sane Democrats out there to ask two big questions about statehood.

    First, do we want more states that are guaranteed votes for the administrative state because there are so many people there working for the government? Second, something like 35% of electricity in Puerto Rico is stolen. When you parse out the fact that corporations are likely to actually pay for things, that would mean that a huge portion of the electorate is stealing their electricity. Do we really need two (more) Senators and 5 Representatives elected, as it were, by thieves? (four Senators and 6 Representatives when you count DC)

    Really, we might argue that we don’t give Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia voting representation for the same reason we don’t allow felons to vote; we know a priori that they have habits of taking advantage of their neighbors.

  4. I would hope that there are enough semi-sane Democrats out there

    Pfffft! … darn it all. Coffee all over my keyboard and monitor.

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