Yet Another Order

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Saint Paul, Minnesota
November 22, 2020
For Immediate Release

Dictator-for-Life Walz today announced a new Executive Order intended to save Minnesota lives from the deadliest virus ever known, Covid-19.

“Some have questioned the wisdom of my Executive Orders, citing downstream consequences as reasons why the Orders should not have been issued and should not be obeyed. These questions undermine public confidence in the government and put everyone at risk of dying in agony. Therefore, effective immediately, no person shall question any of my Orders at any time, for any reason, on pain of imprisonment or deportation.”

In response to Republican claims that the order constituted a prior restraint on free speech which somehow violated the “Constitution,” a spokesbeing for Attorney General Ellison said, “Since the Governor’s order is authorized by statute and has not been overturned by the Legislature, it is presumptively valid. There is ample legal precedent for this measure provided in the Alien Friends and Sedition Acts of 1798. The notion that the Governor lacks the authority to suspend people’s so-called “Constitutional rights” during the time of state-wide emergency is absurd on its face.”

Local ACLU officials called a press conference to support the order, pointing out that Republican Hate Speech is not Protected Speech.

From Saint Paul, Joe Doakes, reporting

The ACLU bit is so close to “not satire at all” that it’s a little scary.

27 thoughts on “Yet Another Order

  1. The virus is doing what viruses have always done.
    Say, how many people here have confidence in a vaccine whose makers brag about how quickly it has been developed?
    I’m not raising my hand.
    Vaccines often have nasty, unintended side effects. The last time we had a government push to vaccinate everyone was back in the 70s. The vaccine killed more people than the swine flu did, so the gov’t quietly backed off.
    If the vaccine is effective, why should anyone younger than 70 without one or more comorbidities take it?
    Cuz we want to inflate Pfizer’s bottom line?
    Or because the media, politicians, and “public health experts” have convinced healthy 20 somethings that they will end up in an iron lung (or the grave) if they spend a few seconds close to someone not wearing a face covering?

  2. Almost a year into the pandemic and it’s worse than ever.

    Way to go Trump.

    By the way, you’re fired.

  3. The Emery Collective never did get around to answering my question.

    What should have Trump have done differently, when should he have done it, and under what authority?

  4. Lol, Emery’s word-hoard is threadjacks & snark.
    Behold the intellectual vanguard of the Trump-hating Left!

  5. When Trump became President four years ago he spoke about “American carnage”. At the time I thought he was being polemical, but now it has come to pass. Trump often accuses others of doing the things that he is planning to do, so we should have known..

  6. I thought so. Thread-jack. Dump-and-run. But nothing relevant or substantive.

    Do you remember a little chat with Mitch last week about behavior?

  7. Other Boomers may recall a slogan appearing on signs and shirts: Question Authority. The ideological descendants of those protesters run the government now and guess what we aren’t supposed to do?

  8. I’ve said it before, we’ve passed the Reality/Satire Inversion Point. Our Reality, specifically government policy, is now more nonsensical than satire could ever be.

  9. “We are asked to agree to things which we cannot believe.”
    Douglas Murray, _The Madness of Crowds: gender, race, and identity_ (2020).
    That right there is what is called a properly cited quotation. Not the same as plagiarism, which is a form of theft that at least on SITD commenter is familiar with.

  10. There are two reasons for optimism. One is vaccines. The other is that people who don’t believe in government and are incompetent at governing will be replaced by people who do believe in government and are competent at governing.

  11. Joe D – I’m beginning to think the Collective doesn’t have a real answer to your question other than ‘Orange Man Bad’ …… novel approach that is!

  12. It’s terribly hard to reason with individuals who believe in and promote election fraud conspiracies.

  13. “Covid hospitalizations top 100,000 for first time in US” ~ WSJ

    For those on these comment boards who are complaining about lockdowns and whining about their freedoms (to infect others), this is the result of a selfish free-for-all.

  14. Frank Sinatra’s performance of “Three Coins in the Fountain” was magnificent. So far, this thread contains “Four Turds in the Punchbowl.”

  15. 410,000 – 740,000 flu hospitalizations in 2020 – CDC

    Bar the fucking door! The regular FLU is out! And it is wreaking more havoc than Wuhan variant. Lockdown FOREVAH!

  16. The media and leadership is screaming about COVID deaths and hospitalizations. Meanwhile, in California yesterday, a 12 year old committed suicide on Zoom in front of his classmates. That one child is dead. Classmates are probably screwed up for life, parents devastated in so many ways.

    This is the cost of lockdowns. Japan losing more people to suicide in a month than to the WuFlu. Kids killing themselves. Old people dying alone, spouses of 50+ years unable to give each other one last hug. Funerals aren’t allowed in places. I’m way past Question Authority. I’m singing F@*k Authority (Pennywise, 2001).

  17. Yes, the U.S. COVID infection and death rates are skyrocketing, thanks to all of those Biden rallies, BLM rallies and riots, and liberal university administrators re-opening campuses for business.

    Or was that not what you were referring to, Emery?

    In related news, state incentives to take COVID patients into nursing homes are having a great impact on poorly rated nursing homes, and are endangering the mostly poorer patients who live there. Like the 15 people who have died of COVID at my grandmother’s nursing home, when the state has had nine months to prepare COVID-only spaces that would be better able to deal with an epidemic–and could have been put in many empty buildings just two miles to the east on the highway. Nice buildings, not warehouses or anything, too.

    Heckuva job, Democrats. But since it’s the left that’s implicated, Emery’s not interested in pointing fingers there.

  18. bike, except for a weak-kneed attempt at a threadjack, Emery wasn’t interested in discussing (explaining) how the leaders of the Democrats really don’t even believe their own hype about the Kung flu (as per the post, “And The List Goes On”).

  19. No, SMH, (Cartman accent on) Respect My Authorotee! (Cartman accent off)

    Don’t you know authorities are doing all this for greater good? Just ask them.

  20. JPA – I can’t hear “the greater good” without thinking of the movie Hot Fuzz. And, then I think how the evil ringleader (Timothy Dalton) ended up. It warms my heart.

  21. Emery Incognito on December 3, 2020 at 11:51 am said:
    It’s terribly hard to reason with individuals who believe in and promote election fraud conspiracies.

    Like Emery’s long held belief that Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election?
    Emery will never disavow that pile of cow dung election fraud theory.

  22. Emery is not here to engage in anything like a meaningful discussion. Emery is here for one purpose: to pollute intelligent discourse with cut-n-paste diatribes against conservatives and Trump. The idea is to pollute search engine results.
    Emery wants SITD to become his blog.
    You are not talking to human being when you respond to Emery. You are talking to robot.

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