“Covid Fatigue”

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I keep hearing journalists say the reason the public isn’t going along with mask orders and closures is Covid fatigue. We’re exhausted from the strain of trying so hard to comply.

No, it’s not fatigue. It’s fury. We’re furious at being lied to, talked down to, scolded, belittled, insulted. We’ve been hearing dire warnings about piles of bodies in the streets but looking around, we don’t see them. We hear about skyrocketing case numbers but looking around our circles of acquaintances, we know nobody who died from it; maybe one or two people who tested positive but they are fine. We hear those things cited as justification for arbitrary rules causing massive disruptions in our lives, our family finances, our children’s education – rules our own leaders unashamedly flaunt – and it pisses us off.

We’re not stupid. If Covid is deadly serious, then rules shouldn’t be just for little people, they should be for everybody to follow, to keep everybody safe. But since we’ve seen the rules ARE just for little people, then Covid must not be deadly serious. It must be a political hoax. That’s not a good enough reason for it to continue.

End the rules, already. Stop the ride, we want to get off.

Joe Doakes

I’ll believe it’s a crisis (for relatively healthy people below age 60) when the people telling me it’s a crisis (for relatively healthy people below age 60) start acting like it’s a crisis (for relatively healthy people below age 60).

Put another way – when I see people like Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Lori Lightfoot, and that lightweight mayor of Denver flouting the rules because they can, and then I look at my parents (in their eighties, both vulnerable in a variety of ways), I want to jam a swab full of virus up their noses myself.

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  1. There’s mob anger, and then there is fury. And Joe is spot on – this is fury.

    The fury at being lied to by the state about COVID restrictions.
    The fury at fellow residents of the MN and US not paying attention. Or, being too stupid or ignorant or clueless.
    The fury of being lied to again about election results. Nothing to see here.

    It’s there. I spend way too much time on a heavy bag trying to exorcise it. (It helps)

    Here’s my PSA: I’m not a health professional, but I’ve dealt with this fury before. Burn it out – work out, do something physical. Swallowing it just lets it build up. If it builds up, you’re going to shoot your BP up. You’re going to sleep less. You’re not going to think straight. And, in my case, the hyper vigilance. So – if your extreme fury has lasted for more than four hours, don’t call a doctor. Do some pushups, throw a tire around the back yard. Dig a hole. Whatever helps burn that fury out, instead of letting it eat you alive.

  2. The way that you could end covid fatigue tomorrow would be to end the loony one-man rule of governors.
    Have a free and open debate for a few weeks, then have state legislators vote on covid laws.
    For some reason, governors, mostly with a D-for Democrat after their names, will do anything to avoid democracy.

  3. MP – how about breakfast tomorrow morning (12-5-20) at Not Justa Cafe near Somerset? That gives me the rest of the day to drive to Rochester and back to the Twin Cities.

    Say 9:30-ish? I’ll be the old white guy wearing a plaid shirt and NRA cap. Shouldn’t be hard to pick me out of the crowd.

  4. We also have the distinction of having a drastic increase in suicides, drug overdoses and people dying at home, because they were scared to go to the hospital by Walz and his media propaganda masters. Psychiatrists and mental health professionals are swamped, especially by butt hurt women. Online support groups have sprung up, again largely by and for womyn that are running scared from their TDS. Well done, DemonRATs.

  5. Boss – I think those are features not bugs of all of this. How do people normally de-stress/ground themselves? Some go to church. Some have a drink at the bar and chat with friends. Others go workout. All of those are now verboten.

  6. “Individuals higher in psychological entitlement, or “entitled people,” were less likely to report they were following or would follow the health guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic & more likely to report contracting COVID.” ~ PsychiatryAdvisor

    ‘I will ignore all guidelines you experts give and I will blame you if anything bad happens to me as a result!!’

  7. Might be interesting to match the attitudes of those “entitled people” to anti-vaccine folks, and to rioters burning down stores and pulling down statues.

  8. Might be interesting to match the attitudes of those “entitled people”

    to all the Democrat politicians who simply ignore the guidelines they impose on others. Hey, remember Mr Millions-Will-Die whatsisname? Oh, yeah, Neil Ferguson “and his married lover, who broke social distancing rules Ferguson himself had helped promulgate so she could visit him during a national lockdown – twice.”

  9. SMH’s comments are well appreciated. Worth noting along these lines is that the best correlation to serious problems with COVID (besides age) is metabolic syndrome–large waist/obesity, high triglycerides (blood fats), low HDL (good cholesterol), high blood sugar and high blood pressure. Get outside and lose a few pounds and watch not only your stress, but also your COVID risk, disappear into the aether. Or work out inside and do the same.

  10. bike,
    Kim Jong Walz has used fake science, that is only known to him, to exacerbate the risks associated with obesity, etc; by shutting down the gyms. Typical left wing malfeasance and stupidity.

  11. Boss; we can only praise God that our imbecile is not as bad as LA’s. LA’s nincompoop just banned unnecessary walking, cycling, and the like.

    Given that most people that way don’t do much cycling or walking–I lived there two summers–it’s probably not the biggest deal, but wow…..I can see social distancing, but this bonehead move is going to increase death rates.

  12. In California, science loving reprobates closed churches and schools, but abortion clinics and weed dispensaries are exempt because they’re essential services. The governor’s winery has been exempt from the first, because he just happened to be growing a special variety of grape that keeps workers immune…who could have guessed.

    Anyone that doesn’t publicly flaunt that kind of science, and excoriate those who support it is perpetuating a hazard to civilized society.

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