I Try…

…to punch up. To treat people with respect. To treat people the way I’d like to be treated. To always take the high road.

But Maureen Dowd?

I’m going to take a walk on the dark side, here.

MoDo is an invincibly stupid person.

13 thoughts on “I Try…

  1. After all the scandals during the Obama administration, Dowd actually said that Walter Reed had a great reputation still? Wow.

    Glad that she found a way around HIPAA to figure out that something was false in those reports from the President and his doctors. Except of course, she didn’t.

  2. When Trump walked through the doors of the Oval office, much of the reprobate media worked hard at maintaining a gauzy layer of plausible deniability. As he approaches reelection four years later, their reputation is in tatters; their credibility a smoking ruin.

    The anchors of every TV news network have been recorded on multiple occasions, repeating leftist talking points, verbatim. Their outright lies are documented fact. The evening news has been reduced to an hour of spittle fleck hatred. Every newspaper of record in the country is nothing more than broadsheet propaganda.

    Even NPR has been reduced to unhinged, spittle flecked raving.

    We know who they are now. No one takes the mainstream media seriously, and there is no going back. Today, one of the most trusted “journalists” in America is a conservative, gay Chinese manlet that wades into Antifa riots to document who they are and what they’re doing. Trump did that for us.

  3. Is seeking to cherry-pick data “taking the high road” or “treating people as you’d like to be treated”? You’ve said you make no apology for not being balanced, do you then think not being balances is how you’d like to be treated?

    For example, right-wing terrorism is a serious threat to national security, according to the FBI. According to the ADL, it’s 17 times more common than left-wing terrorism, and roughly twice as common as extremist Muslim based terrorism, YET, you have a TAG under your threads called “Left-wing Terrorism”, not one called Right-Wing Terrorism. Is focusing on the twig in my eye, while ignoring the log in yours, treating people as you’d like to be treated? Is it “punching up”?

    Below is a story about some right-wing nut cases looking to kidnap the Michigan governor for imposing restrictions intended to curb the spread of COVID. Their supreme court said it went too far, I respect that, and she has now too..but the reaction of the right-wing was to plan to kidnap her.


    So, “Punching Up Guy”, where is your balanced coverage? Where are you treating people as you demand they behave – when you belly-ache and balley-hoo about so-called silence on the left?

  4. Nice attempt at a threadjack, PaddyWhacker. Care to comment on the fact that even after all the scandals at the VA during the Obama administration, Dowd suggests that only declaring Trump healthy discredits them?

    When the only way she could know if there was anything fraudulent about the matter is if workers there violated their legal responsibilities vis-a-vis the HIPAA?

    With your reading comprehension and ability to keep on topic, maybe you ought to keep a little quieter.

  5. Below is a story about some right-wing nut cases looking to kidnap the Michigan governor

    FBI social media surveillance team monitoring Nazi comment threads on Gab settle in for another 10 hour shift of watching Nuremberg rally memes and reading recipes for banana nut bread.

    Agent 1: “This really sucks. I don’t know how much longer I can take this. If I see one more dancing baby Hitler meme I’m gonna lose my mind”

    Agent 2: “Hold my beer, and watch this”

    Agent 3: “lol…oh boy, here we go. Hand that bag of chips over here; this is gonna be good.”

    Agent 2 (on phone): “Yeah, how much do we have left in the snitch fund? $14 thou? YEah, that aught to do it.”

    2 weeks later…..

    Unhinged lefty troll voice coming from under a twin bed somewhere in Minnesota: “ZOMG!! WHITE SUPREMACISTS WANT TO KIDNAP THE GOVERNOR OF MICHIGAN!!! I KNEW IT WAS COMING!!! Moooom, go get another box of hot pockets; I’m not leaving this room until the trial!”

  6. This is a video of Brandon Caserta, one of the ringleaders of the group of men arrested for a plot where the group planned to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Caserta has an anarchist flag behind him and in YouTube videos trashes police. He’s not a Republican, he’s an anarchist.


  7. Maureen-thanks for the detailed, well-thought reasons why Walter Reed’s reputation is in “tatters” because the President spent some time there……

  8. Under Obama, Walter Reed was a decrepit institution with not enough beds, patients being housed in the hallways, and rats running rampant. The way we were caring for our troops was an embarrassing scandal, and a preview of real “single payer healthcare” under the government’s control.

  9. Well, darn it all. I seem to forgotten the contents in that video link above. Oh, well, by now Mr Caserta should be becoming much more well known.

    Good comment, NW.

  10. The reason the KKK was essentially stamped out was because probably a third of all attendees at rallies and meetings were federal informants. Any right-wing group is going to get the same attention, while Antifa remains an idea (wrapped in an enigma). By right on time for the elections – right-wing kidnappers and whities pulling guns on helpless CDC canvassers, along with slanders of Proud Boys.

  11. I am waiting to hear more about the plot to kidnap Wittmer.
    All we have heard is the FBI, and we know that the FBI has been politicized.
    A few years ago the FBI busted, with much fanfare, some “militia group” in Michigan that they claimed was going to ambush & kill cops.
    But it turned out that the “militia group” was more like a bunch of yahoos that was all talk and no action, and the plot to kill cops was hatched by the FBI informant in the group. I don’t think anyone in the “militia” was ever convicted of anything.
    So let’s see what happens, here. It may very be that the instigator of all the criminal actions was the informant himself.

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