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Remember during the impeachment fiasco, when a few Democrats who weren’t smoking pot outside school during civics class remembered the order of succession? And realized Mike Pence, not Hillary Clinton, would be taking over?

The fear they felt?

You could see why last night. Mike Pence mopped the floor with Harris.

How bad?

Bad enough that “feminist” pols had to revert to calls for victorian deference, that’s how bad:

Mike Pence showed that talk radio background of his. He controlled the tempo, seized the initiative, and led Harris into more traps than the Road Runner vs. Wile E Coyote.

He got her to contradict herself on tax increases.

He made her deflect to “diversity” when the question of packing the court came up.

He got her to sweep her record as a prosecutor under a rug of bluster.

He reduced her to a smirking, hectoring blob.

How bad was it? Even NPR had to step in to do Harris’s deflecting for her:

One pundit called the Veep debate “the first debate of the 2024 campaign cycle”. Judging by tonight, Harris isn’t going to do any better this time around than in 2020.

16 thoughts on “Veep Debate

  1. The head of the Coronavirus Task Force is debating 1/2 a year later through two barriers of plexiglass.

    Pence does the Trump script better and in a smoother and more polished style than Trump reflecting his previous radio experience, He outperformed low expectations and Trump and his coterie should be pleased with his performance. The content of his speech recalls Bob Kerry’s characterization of Bill Clinton after one of the early 1992 presidential primary debates: “An unusually good liar. An exceptionally good liar.”

    Even the fly could smell the steaming BS.

  2. The NPR tweet is ridiculous.
    Pence did not condemn peaceful demonstrations, Pence condemned rioting.
    The reason Minneapolis has so many boarded up and burnt down businesses is not due to peaceful protests. The reason Minneapolis’ murder has doubled is not due to peaceful protests.
    The riots all began as peaceful protests. NPR is lying when it says that there is no connection between the two.

  3. Did anyone else think that Pence was more enthused to put down the Obama/Biden administration than to talk up what he and Trump have done with the White House?

  4. Hillary (The Sequel) trotted out the old “The Muslim Ban” chestnut again last night.

    This fever dream is a product of the failure of our educational system to teach simple geography. Here is a list of the top ten countries where Muslims are a significant majority:

    Country Population Affected by travel ban

    Indonesia 229,000,000 No ban
    Pakistan 200,400,000 No ban
    India 189,000,000 No ban
    Bangladesh 153,700,000 No ban
    Nigeria 103,000,000 Not originally banned but now banned
    Egypt 90,000,000 No ban
    Iran 82,500,000 Banned for obvious reasons
    Turkey 79,000,000 No ban
    Algeria 41,240,913 No ban
    Sudan 39,585,777 Travel ban, again for obvious reasons.

    Not all the countries on the travel ban list have a significant Muslim population, case in point, North Korea, Myanmar (4.3% Muslim) and the Islamic hotbed of Venezuela.

    This and the “Charlotteville” trope are deliberate lies and Harris knows they are lies – but she spins them anyway.

    Some say that Trump lies and he does – but I look at it this way, Trump is like the used car salesman who tells you that the Gremlin he is trying to sell you is “the greatest car Detroit ever made”. Harris is like the salesman who tells you that the rust bucket has only 10,000 miles on the odometer.

  5. Perhaps MPR will tweet out that the overwhelming majority of black people have not been killed by the police.

  6. Trump is like the used car salesman who tells you that the Gremlin he is trying to sell you is “the greatest car Detroit ever made”. Harris is like the salesman who tells you that the rust bucket has only 10,000 miles on the odometer.

    Exactly. When reprobates lecture me about Trump’s casual relationship with the truth, I remind them that overestimating the size of his crowds doesn’t jeopardize national security. When he says one of his achievements “has never been done before”, I don’t suddenly lose my health care insurance. When he says Barr should investigate criminal activities of a Somalian refugee, the NSA doesn’t vacuum up my phone calls 5 years back. Trump never sent his minions out to blame the rioting and looting on a YouTube video.

    Every time a leftist reprobate opens it’s mouth, it costs America or me and my family or all of the above, something. Trump makes me giggle.

  7. I want a strong, independent woman to lead the nation, someone who’s up to the challenge of dealing with Russia and China, the economy, our massive debt, and the Deadliest Virus Every Known.

    As long as nobody interrupts her, or explains to her why her ideas are dumb as dirt. Because she’s a woman and they’re too delicate and sensitive to handle that, you brute.

  8. “He reduced her to a smirking, hectoring blob.”

    It was easy for Pence. She’s a vile despicable POS!

  9. The case in Wauwatosa is tough. Police officer has been involved in three “officer involved fatalities”, one is pretty justifiable (guy charged him with a sword), the others are ones that are not prosecutable, but seem to indicate that the officer needed to develop more “Sheriff Andy Taylor” sense. One involved a guy who was drunk and stoned in a car and refused to obey commands, the most recent one that precipitated the riots involved a kid who picked a fight in the mall parking lot, ran away from the police and shot himself, and then refused to drop the (by then inoperable) gun.

    So the officer did have reason to believe the kid was a threat (he couldn’t have known the gun was inoperable and that the kid had accidentally shot himself and wasn’t trying to kill him), but he also knew the kid was wounded and might have been incapable of releasing the gun.

    What bothers me most is that the rioters are basically refusing to take no for an answer even though it’s not a clear case of officer abuse, and it baffles me that anyone thinks that destroying property in Wauwatosa (I visited my daughter and her husband there last weekend and saw some of the damage) is somehow going to make people more likely to engage meaningful reforms. Another one of those “please get off my side” moments, in my view.

    Personally, I’m torn between “a lot of officers need to watch more Andy Griffith” and “when people are throwing bricks through store windows and burning used car lots, please arrest them”. Or maybe I endorse both.

    Either way, I know the Democrats aren’t doing a whole lot to defuse the situation, since they think it works in their favor.

  10. Back in the 80s I lived in Minneapolis, for a time on the north side, and for a time on the south side.
    Back then the criminals would do whatever they could get away with. People were running crack houses & drug dens pretty openly. An expensive, flashy car would be parked out side of a broken down house with a slot cut into its front door. People would walk up, stick money in the slot, and in return a small envelope would be pushed out of the slot. The local convenience store was very busy, people were standing in a line to buy a pack of gum with a 20, and ask for change in all fives.
    The cops would shut the crack houses down as fast as they sprung up, but they would just open somewhere else a few hours later.
    I wonder how Sheriff Andy would handle that situation.

  11. Maximum Overlord; I remember an episode or two where Andy and Barney shut down the Mayberry equivalent, a moonshine still. Now to be sure, moonshiners are not, to my knowledge, as murderous as drug dealers–the margins are lower and all that–but it was part of the show.

    My first thought about how the police ought to do it is by first being seen. Andy and Barney were always going to the barbershop, to the diner, and the like. To use the phrase, “they walked the beat” and they were human to those they served. Step 1 to dealing with North Minneapolis and the like is probably to get out of the cruisers and start saying hi to people.

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