Eternal Questions

Is Rob Reiner really so stupid that he believes Gettysburg is a “monumente to white supremacy“?

Or is he merely counting on progressive voters all being that stupid?

It’s a tossup in my book.

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  1. Donald Trump to celebrate killing more Americans than confederate rebel Robert E. Lee with speech at Gettysburg battlefield.

    Can’t wait to compare his remarks to the Gettysburg Address. Maybe he’ll talk about General Lincoln taking over the Confederate airports.

  2. Ok. ‘The Princess Bride’ is an all time favorite movie of mine. Thanks Meathead for that pleasure. Now Meathead … you AND the horse you rode in on. As a Minnesotan the battle of Gettysburg holds a special place in my heart. What kind of devotion prompted those 262 men of the 1st Minnesota Infantry to charge an entire Confederate brigade? What did the few of them who made it through the day think they did it for? I guarantee they had no idea they and their dead comrades had bravely charged to preserve white supremacy.

    To call Meathead an idiot is an insult to idiots everywhere.

  3. Emery forgets (or doesn’t understand medical statistics) that 80% of the Americans dying of WuFlu were over 80 and/or had conditions that forecast lack of resistance to infection. The impact on death rate less than Spanish Flu, Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu, among other epidemics. Sad, but accurate. Impact on economy and well being of millions much worse because of panicky and irrational shutdowns.

  4. ^^ Threadjack — I expect MBerg to admonish you any minute now… any minute … sometime in the near future….

  5. Ok, six words, including “no”, “it’s”, “called”, “a”, ____, “whistle” got me into moderation. I am guessing it is the blank word. Let’s see if I am correct.

  6. Yes, Emery Incognito, it was a threadjack. You got away with it, for now.

    But you’re like the kid in class who keeps getting warned for misbehavior and assumes he’ll keep getting away with it because he’s so funny. He’s not. He’s retarded which is why we take pity on him and put up with his stupid antics but eventually, everybody’s tolerance runs out and he gets sent to Slow Class.

  7. Forget the whole Gettysburg thing. Why doesn’t Trump just resign at Appomattox?

  8. You would think that some “journalists” would be interested in asking Fauci, et el, why Sweden (which had no lockdown, and still does not mandate mask-wearing) has a covid death rate < 1/10th that of the United States.
    But, really, we've been in Chinatown since our experts at epidemiology declared that going to the funeral of a loved one or visiting an aged parent was too dangerous to contemplate, but rioting in the street with thousands of strangers was A-OK.
    Quarantining the healthy, forbidding funeral services and family visits by healthy people is, of course, cruelty.
    A hallmark of totalitarianism is not only to require that the government treat its subjects cruelly, a desire to see them suffer, but that its subjects must treat one another with cruelty. The virtue that is always forbidden by totalitarian regimes is charity,

  9. Only the other Nordics could have tried to apply the Swedish approach with any hope of it working for them. They chose not to do it.

    Results: Norwegian GDP decreased by barely 0.6 percentage points more than the Swedish but the death toll is 47 per million for Norway versus 570 per million for Sweden. 12 times fewer death at an economic cost that might as well be a rounding error.

  10. Sweden is 8th in deaths per million, with no lockdown. The US is tenth and our economy is off 32%. Fair trade? Pandemic is just “panic” with a “dem” in the middle of it. All concern for Covid will disappear on Nov. 4.

    As to the original question, Rob Reiner isn’t counting on progressives being that stupid. He’s too stupid to make that presumption.

  11. Emery Incognito on August 12, 2020 at 9:32 am said:
    Only the other Nordics could have tried to apply the Swedish approach with any hope of it working for them.

    This is magical thinking. If you write down what the Swedes did (ban only very large gatherings), then try to write reasons why this was only possible in Sweden, you will see what I mean. The Swedes are no more naturally inclined to social distance than Englishmen or Americans.
    Constantly checking your assumptions and your arguments is something that liberals (and some conservatives) should do more often.

  12. ^^ I couldn’t helps but notice you didn’t address the second paragraph in my comment..

    The informed, educated Swedes trust themselves, each other, their transparent institutions and government.

    So socially distancing, sanitizers, masks and general common sense to prevent the spread of infection occurs without much fuss.

    Nobodys running around with guns demanding for the right to be infected and attack frontline health carers like in the US.

  13. I see where Jamie Lee Curtis saw a flatbed truck hauling a USPS van, driven by a man in a red hat with white lettering, and tweeted that it was evidence of Trump supporters trying to steal the election. Probably just a joke. Probably.

    She had such a great take-down of the pseudo-intellectual doof played by Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda (though she wasn’t the screen-writer): “Now let me correct you on a couple things, okay? Aristotle was not Belgian! The central message of Buddhism is not ‘Every man for himself!’ And the London Underground is not a political movement! “

  14. “The informed, educated Swedes trust themselves, each other, their transparent institutions and government.”
    This is the logical fallacy known as “corellation versus causation.”
    Going by cell phone info, there is no evidence that the Swedes were precticing social distancing to a significantly greater or lesser extent than the Norwegians or the brits.
    Swedes do tend to live in single person households to a much greater extent than the people of the US (60% vs 28%), but this was as true in April, when Sweden had a high covid death rate, as it is now, when it does not.

  15. Something else — when, a month ago, Emery posted the link to the op-ed by Swedish health care pros criticizing the Swede’s “hands off” attitude towards government mandated mask-wearing & social distancing, the Swedish death rate due to covid was quite high, about the same as that in the US. In those days, Emery agreed with the Swedish health care experts who said that Sweden needed a hard lockdown, that its “soft” policies re: covid were killing people. Now, a month later, the Swedes have become a people with a covid death rate < 1/10 of the US, because, in Emery's words, "The informed, educated Swedes trust themselves, each other, their transparent institutions and government. "
    It's amazing how the soul of an entire nation change in one month!
    Of course that has not happened. The Swedes of August 11th, 2020 are not significantly different than the Swedes of July 11th, 2020.
    What has happened is that the Swedish death rate has dropped. So, in Emery's cut-n-paste arguments, the Swedes have switched from being a people with poor moral reasoning to a people with high moral reasoning, simply because their covid death rate has dropped.
    This is an example of making an argument poorly. It is womanly thinking.

  16. When Woolly says someone is “womanly”, it means they outwit him in a debate and he appears like the loser.

    Pretty much a compliment if you ask me.

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