Almost As If By Plan

In the late 1980s, Gallup took a poll about race relations among African-Americans. About a third said racism had an effect on their lives.

Thirty years later – during the regime of the nation’s first African-American president – that percentage had doubled.

The graph over the past 20 years or so looks like this:

Note the beginning of the slide – the middle of an election where the Democrats needed to pull out all the stops to counter the Tea Party and general dissatisfaction with the collapse of the healthcare system.


Hardly. It was by design.

Graph depicts the prevalence of the terms “Race” and “Racism” in our “elite’ media’s narrative:

Why, it’s almost as if the “elite” media needed to create a crisis for the “elite” political class not to waste.

Remember – “race conflict” is merely a delivery system for “class conflict”.

6 thoughts on “Almost As If By Plan

  1. I don’t get it. Am I reading it right? Blacks perception of racism got worse when the LightBringer was in office? In his second term? But how can that be?

  2. Well, sure, it’s obvious.

    The Light Bringer made it fashionable to confront complacent Whites, blithely going about their petty lives clinging to their guns and Bibles, with the enormous evils done by people who lived 150 years ago, to some other people who also lived 150 years ago, and why it’s all YOUR FAULT, JPA. You didn’t build that career, it was handed to you because of your race, a privilege built on the profits from slave labor 150 years ago.

    Black people, hearing this, assume it means they are owed compensation for the humiliations suffered by people 150 years ago and, when those compensatory dollars aren’t forthcoming, get angry at being cheated and place the blame on White people.

    White people, indignant at being blamed for injustices committed by people who lived 150 years ago and refusing to pay to remedy wrongs they didn’t commit, resent Blacks who are angry at them for declining to pay for things they didn’t do.

  3. If I’m reading this correctly, Mitch, you’re indicating that the elite media came up with this racism scheme on their own, as a gift, so to speak, for the elite class. This seems backwards. Isn’t it more likely, the media implemented the scheme at the behest of the elite class?

  4. Gosh, where’s emetic extolling the virtues of his hero the obamessiah?

    Oh yeah, leftists don’t build, they just destroy.

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