Dozens of businesses are expecting to leave downtown Minneapolis.

A new survey by the Downtown Council shows 45 business owners say they are considering leaving downtown – citing the lack of people working or socializing downtown – and the idea that the police department could be dismantled.

Though they won’t say which businesses are considering pulling out of downtown, the council says one of the businesses employs 600 people.

That could mean a lot of empty spaces.

On the up side, I suppose “moving” implies some intent to survive.

Wonder how many downtown businesses have closed for good without making it onto any surveys?

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  1. Seattle up’ed the ante in the woke-ness contest yesterday. What will Mpls do? Dozens of businesses lost or be the most woke… it’s a dilemma.

  2. I have it from a very good source that the management of a large manufacturer of beds, that relocated from Plymouth to downtown, has been inundated with emails and calls to the anonymous tip line from employees that are afraid to go back to work there. Overwhelmingly, it’s related to the MPD defunding issue.

  3. Look at the bright side: more vacant buildings means more place to warehouse the homeless. Or “people experiencing homelessness.” Reminds me of cemeteries for people experiencing death, freeways for people experiencing transportation, and my personal favorite: beds for people experiencing sleep.

  4. Lemme see… Empty buildings. Real estate prices plummet. Some nameless, numbered corporation starts buying up properties for pennies on the dollar. Then miraculously, after all the blight had been bought up, city council will “come to its senses” and fund the police, and offer tax breaks for businesses to return to downtown. Real estate prices skyrocket. Follow the money…

  5. I returned to working in the office in the heart of downtown Mpls since not being there since mid March. Businesses have already left downtown, in that it’s still a ghost town with many employees still working from home. AND even worse for Mpls, PROVING they can work from home. I’m sure a lot of downtown Mpls companies will re-evaluate their footprint in downtown Mpls and with that goes tax and commerce dollars. And I do definitely see a reduced police presence down here. There are consequences for elections and I’m seeing it with my very eyes. Good luck Mpls, sure hope you pull your head out of your rear end in the coming election, (but not holding my breath).

  6. St. Paul’s downtown revitalization project – Town Square – was absolutely lovely when it opened. Restaurants, shopping, an indoor park with waterfall . . . I loved spending lunch hours there.

    Now, it’s desolate. Juvenile delinquents and government/school offices. Complete failure because Dayton’s pulled out and why wouldn’t they? Nobody shops downtown anymore. Too many panhandlers, too many sketchy characters, too many purse snatchings.

    I expect Minneapolis to follow suit.

  7. I remember when I first moved to Minnesota, I really liked Town Square. I had stayed at the attached Radisson a couple times before the move. It went downhill fast.

  8. As jdm noted, Seattle upped the ante: a 70% white city forced the resignation of a black, female police chief for “racial justice”.

    Let’s see…Minneapolis already forced out a lesbian police chief after a black cop killed a white woman, and may force out a black chief after two white and two POC cops are charged with 2nd degree murder by a black, Muslim attorney general. If Minneapolis has any chips left, they’ll go “all in”.

  9. Nice job there, NW. I was thinking that Mpls’ chances on the Wokeness Derby were fading, but you’ve given me new hope with your description of its efforts. No wonder Seattle had to throw down the gauntlet so hard.

  10. Chicago, meanwhile, has fallen behind now that Mayor Lori Lightweight has decried the “criminal activity” of the looters who hit the Magnificent Mile this week.

  11. Indeed, NW. Interesting predicament in which Chicago finds itself. I mean, I don’t know much about Chicago, but I believe the MM marks the west side of some pretty pricey real estate. Owned by people with some clout.

    The “brownshirts” are not really known for their precision and self-control around targets. Gotta wonder if things got just a little bit out of hand.

    Lightweight may be in for some troubles with the folks that installed her.

  12. For much of the 90’s, one could not drive through downtown Mpls with making at least three detours. Crews would rip a huge hole in one street then move to the next. Every time I asked what they were doing, they just said, “utilities”. It got so they were ripping up the work that the last crew just got done repaving.

    Sometime around mid-decade, I turned to the guy next to me on the bus, which had just been rerouted, and commented, “gosh, why would anyone want to work downtown?”

    He just shook his head and smiled, “it’s progress” he said.

    Maybe that’s it.

    All the boarded up shops, looted stores and tent cities is just progress.

  13. Like I said a few weeks ago. They should either just level the convention center or turn it into low income housing. In about a year, two tops, you’ll have the same result.

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