Sanitizer Sabotage?

Democrats and the media hyped Covid as the deadliest plague ever.  Citizens panicked.  Hand sanitizer flew off the shelves.  Foreign companies rushed to fill the demand.  Now, FDA warns us not to use some of those products because they’re contaminated.

Even more suffering to lay at the feet of Democrats trying to make life in America worse, so people will vote President Trump out of office, to make it stop.

Joe Doakes

I’m just mortified at all that prime beer and spirit production being diverted to sanitation products.

11 thoughts on “Sanitizer Sabotage?

  1. I’m just mortified at all that prime beer and spirit production being diverted to sanitation products.

    Not really, the diversion only lasted about three weeks. After that, the breweries and distilleries teamed up to buy tankers of ethanol from the few plants in Minnesota certified for human use. The smaller producers then off-loaded the ethanol into totes and brought them back to their facilities for bottling.

    As of now, few distillers and brewers are producing sanitizer, it’s all being done by the big boys.

  2. Greg;

    Good points. But I say, why not eliminate that extra step and expense, when you already have the booze? Just pour a tablespoon of it on your hands and you’re good to go! 😂

  3. When I was in medical school doing a rotation at HCMC patients would steal bottles of ethanol. Apparently the authorities ordered that instead of methanol so there wouldn’t be lots of fatalities.

  4. bosshoss429,

    Why worry about viruses on your hands? It’s the one’s inside you that you have to be concerned about, so the best application of spirits – is internal.

    At least that’s how I see it. 🙂 🙂

  5. Greg, we better hope that Trump doesn’t mention that beer might be effective against COVID, or we’ll be looking at the return of Prohibition.

  6. It’s the one’s inside you that you have to be concerned about

    Actually it the ones outside, trying to infect western civilization and eradicate it as we know it.

  7. we’ll be looking at the return of Prohibition

    We are already there, NW. Rationale for closing bars? People get inebriated and cannot practice social distancing. What was that saying about slippery slope? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  8. JPA – there’s another reason to close the bars. To quote Michaleen Oge Flynn in “The Quiet Man”:

    “It’s a nice, soft night. So I think I’ll join my comrades in the pub and talk a little treason.”

  9. You are absolutely right, NW. All revolutionary work began and was plotted in a drinking establishment. And since conservatives are being shut out of social media, you have to make sure they cannot exchange ideas in person. Geez…. I thought I escaped totalitarianism and tyranny, and yet, here we are, courtesy of your experts™ and the reprobate power hungry swamp critters.

  10. NW;

    That’s a great point. Per your comment, if Trump wants to troll the Dims, again, he could announce that drinking alcohol, exacerbates the virus. Every bar, in every state, would be allowed to be open 24/7.

  11. My wife’s cousin is getting into moonshine, and when I warned him about the possibility of poisoning myself, he quickly noted that it’s easily avoidable if you find some other use for the “heads”, or the first thing to come through the distillation column. So what’s going on is that the producers–mostly from Mexico–are ignoring what moonshiners have known for close to a century.

    Seriously bad quality control. Wow.

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