The Senate GOP – the only real bit of power the opposition has in Minnesota – is finally going to ask the question that it seems nearly nobody in our media will.

Why didi the DFL politiclal “chain of command”, from Mayors Carter and McDreamy up through Governor Klink, allow two of the Twin Cities poor, blighted but slowly recovering neighborhoods to get torched, looted and bludgeoned almost beyond recognition?

Republicans specifically want to know the details of what led Minneapolis police to abandon the Third Precinct police station. Additionally, they want to know why the National Guard was not a visible presence on the ground in Minneapolis until the weekend, four days after the violence started.

At the press conference, Gazelka did not directly answer a question about whether there will be subpoenas issued for the hearings, but a top aide clarified that the Senate Judiciary Committee does have subpoena power, and they will be involved in these hearings.

Democratic senators will be part of these hearings as well. It sets up for what is likely to be a spectacle at the Capitol, with Republican Senators, most of whom are from greater Minnesota, grilling top state and even city officials over the basic question of what happened.

The DFL’s evasion controls are set to “emergency”:

Susan Kent, the DFL Senate leader, responded to Republican plan to hold hearings, saying that Republicans should be just as focused on criminal justice reform as they are on the destruction of property. She noted that these hearing come after a recent special session, where no police reform proposals were agreed upon, during which the Senate held a single, informational hearing for criminal justice reform.

“It is deeply discouraging and troubling to see Senate Republicans prioritize hearings that completely fail to address racial disparities within our criminal justice system,” she said, adding: Minnesotans statewide are asking us to do our jobs and take meaningful action. The one informational hearing they held on weak proposals doesn’t cut it. It is now abundantly clear they were never really interested in passing critical legislation.”

And I’ll agree with the suburban doyenne Sen. Kent, at least halfway; we should examine the “racial disparity”.

Why is it always the black neighborhoods that the hordes of white “anarchists” and “anti”-fa and other members of the DFL’s direct action force flock to to burn and loot?

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  1. Curious from what font of experience and facts Ms Woodbury, 2012, is able to speak about “racial disparities within our criminal justice system”. A guy might think she’s just playing politics.

  2. It strikes me that the big reason they let those neighborhoods burn is that if they made arrests and prosecuted those looting and setting fires, the Democrats would have to come to grips with what their political allies are doing–and distance themselves from those who are funding their campaigns.

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  4. Progressive privilege explains why rich white kids are allowed to burn down poor black neighborhoods.

  5. I see your Governor is rattling his tin cup at Washington to pay for cleaning up your shithole cities.

    The destruction in Mpls & St. Paul isn’t the result of an unavoidable natural disaster, it is the direct result of decisions made by people elected by the citizens of MN to manage the state and cities.

    Those of us who don’t live in MN don’t get a say in how the state is managed, or who manages it. Why would we be expected to pay the cost of Minnesota’s fecklessness?

    I think being held financially responsible for their actions holds valuable lessons for the people of Minnesota. You broke it, you fix it…or don’t. Not the rest of the country’s problem.

  6. Chop,
    I live in Minnesota, near but not in Mpls and StP, and I’ll be angry when state money is used to rebuild those cities, Mpls especially (SPPD Chief Axetell did a decent job of blocking rioters at the bridges on Night 2). If the Cities want rebuilding money they should prosecute and fine the ones that rioted.

  7. “Racial disparities” == “equal treatment before the law.” That’s what they want to end.
    How can you have racial parity in criminal convictions if there is no racial parity in committing crimes?

  8. Even the poverty pimps running Lagos Baltimore had sense enough not to ask for fed help cleaning their shithole up after the last Negro uprising. Most of the chain businesses didn’t rebuild and the burned out buildings are still burned out.

    The inhabitants of Baltimore feel right at home; Minneapolis will learn to adapt. The Somalis can use the rubble to build shacks to sell phone cards, tea, robes and khat just like back home…it’ll be nice.

  9. Swiftee wrote: “You broke it, you fix it…or don’t. Not the rest of the country’s problem.”

    Exactly! The people of MN outside the cities should not be expected to foot the bill either! Let the ones that did the damage do the restoration.

  10. If “justice” means “giving a person what he or she deserves,” why do you need to modify it?
    Isn’t “restorative justice” really “racial justice”?

  11. They may change the color of the sheets and change the name but this was what the Klan did a century ago. The DFL has grown fast, dumb and stupid plundering the taxpayer and will do whatever to preserve the gravy train.

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