They Own These Towns…

…but that doesn’t leave Republicans off the hook for the collapse of America’s cities:

Despite all of these Democrats, the number one factor stopping real progress in the inner city is Republicans. If Republicans can’t figure out how to speak to minority voters, it is pointless to discuss alternative solutions. President Trump has been the first “Republican” in years to really talk to minority voters and also work to pass bills that directly affect them. We need others willing to seize that momentum and work to demonstrate that Democrats have done nothing for the inner cities but hurt them. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, then that is exactly what being a minority and voting for Democrats is like. Nothing ever gets better for them, but they continue to vote for Democrats.

Recently, Sean Combs said the “black vote is not going to be for free,” and he should be right! Politicians should be working for the black community as well as all communities if they want our votes. No one should give away his vote without question. All politicians should work a little harder and not assume that they will get our votes just because there is an R or D next to their name.

If Republicans can actually begin having constructive conversations with minorities and inner-city residents, these are just some of the many conservative ideas that can and will help inner cities if implemented:

Democrats, until a few years ago, were wont to chant “WE OWN THIS TOWN” after elections where their people were swept into office by near-three-digit margins. It’s tempting to tell them “Yes, Sparky, you sure do. Clean it up”.

So tempting that I do it myself.

But when you get a wasp nest under your back porch eaves, do you leave the back porch to the wasps?

5 thoughts on “They Own These Towns…

  1. You know, as long as finishing high school with good grades, not having children out of wedlock, getting and staying married, finding a job and working it to become successful are all considered whypeepl activities, then there is a chasm between the dominant white culture and the dominant black (urban) culture that will not be bridged.

    I’m not sure that wasp nest metaphor is all that good, because when I have wasps, I kill them. That’s not really where you wanted to go, was it?

  2. The part that amazes me, is the number of brainwashed blacks across the country that run for office as DemocRATs, saying they want to change the evil, racisss, white system. Too often, they are corrupted by the same people that brainwashed and enslaved them and become radicalized. Some middle school teacher from NY, endorsed by AOC (who, incidentally, blew away her primary), won his district primary. He proclaimed that President Trump fears a black man with power, so, they are the true Uncle Toms, going along to get along and in many cases, profit as part of that corruption.

  3. going along to get along and in many cases, profit as part of that corruption.

    Hoss, let’s not kid ourselves, graft is the only reason these reprobates want power. Do you think AOC rags to riches story went unnoticed by the myriad of wannabees? Establishment elites have done nothing to stop the perversion of the political system. On the contrary, they doubled down to make sure they steal twice as much, twice as fast, especially since no-one, lest of all themselves, are enforcing the rule of law.

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