Love Letter To America

Manny Laureano – friend of the blog, of the show, and of the good guys all over the Metro – writes this love letter to America on the Independence Day holiday.

You should read the whole thing.

I’m gonna pullquote a bit anyway:

I love being an American.

I love that in an airport terminal I can hear a strong Bronx accent, a Texas drawl, a sweet North Carolina lilt, and L.A. surfer-speak all spoken by people whose parents came from Germany, Japan, Ghana, and the Dominican Republic.

I love being an American.

I love that I’m different from others in the world. Because I love that I am secure enough in who I am to not want to be like others. I am content with the richness that is part of who I am without coveting the nature of others while accepting my foibles. I derive pride from living under the oldest constitution in the world. I love that we have grown over the last 233 years to amend that constitution to reflect some newer acknowledgements over earlier decisions. I love that we can bend without snapping in two although once we came close. We fought an internal battle and spent a long time healing.

And I love being an American.

And reading this – among so many other stimuli – so do I.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

10 thoughts on “Love Letter To America

  1. Yesterday, an armed group of Black Panther thugs arrived at Stone Mountain GA to harass white families on holiday.

    They taunted the various militias: “We in your house, where you?”

    They made no announcement of their presence beforehand, so there was no militia there.

    But I’ve just received word that there is a large contingent of III%ers and militias from GA and SC arriving there today.

    This could be real interesting.

  2. “We refuse to celebrate’: July 4th protesters say not all Americans are free”

    “In Brooklyn, New York, activists planned a “Confronting July 4th” march and rally to honor Black and indigenous activists, saying they “refuse to celebrate the whitewashing of this country.”

    “What does the Fourth of July mean to people who are still oppressed, marginalized – who don’t have all the freedoms we’re supposed to have in this country?”

    Fuck these pipul. What freedoms don’t Negroes have? Spell it out.

    Y’all want the freedom to shoot each other on sight? The freedom to commit crime without police interference? The freedom to leave a trail of kids behind you, for me to support? The freedom to collect welfare? The freedom to never turn your hand to a minute of useful work?

    No. Fuck you. We’ve seen what happens when Negroes take charge. You turn beautiful cities into garbage heaps. You steal money from your own goddamned people. You turn the public schools into fight clubs.

    I’ll show you freedom. My freedom to tell you, to your goddamned rent seeking, worthless faces: Fuck you.

  3. chop;
    Let’s hope that isn’t true. The lefties and Marxists have been pushing a race war for decades and because they are now the closest that they have ever been to getting one going, so that would be all we would need is for an actual armed confrontation. One has to wonder where all of these black thugs got all of those scary black rifles. 5 will get you 10 that at least 90% of them have criminal records, as well as points you made earlier about their string of baby mamas and welfare kids.

  4. MP
    welcome back to the mainland!

    re: “These journalists are highly educated elite …”
    they are technicians
    their job is to tend the machinery of The Narrative
    their credentials provide them access to that machine
    their rewards are commensurate with their credentials and their skill

    truth has no part of this process.

  5. truth has no part of this process.

    Never mind (but not limited to) integrity, scruples, honesty, objectivity, humility, inquisitiveness, logic. What DO they teach in Jornolist classes other then Marxism and Leninism?

  6. Hoss, I’ve been chatting with friends who are much more familiar with firearms. They made note of some things they saw in various photos of the “Not Fucking Around Crew”, as they call themselves.

    The self styled leader is holding a cheap, .22 caliber AR with a drum magazine which no one that knows anything would use because they are so unreliable. In fact, to prove how bad the drums are, a close inspection of El Comandante’s rifle disclosed it had a stove pipe jam when the picture was taken.

    Another dimwit is seen wielding 2 AR’s…gonna call him Doc Holiday. None of the Negro dimwits were seen with extra magazines, although some of the self-loathing huwyte bois did.

    I saw an unpublished video of them, marching. lmao…Well, they were trying to march, but kept running into each other, and pointing their rifles at the heads of the idiots in front of them.

    All in all, while no one doubts they’d pull triggers (Negroes prove their enthusiasm for trigger pulling every day), the consensus is they’d not last long against people who knew what they were doing.

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