Statistics, Damned Statistics And Lying Statistics

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Here we go again.  Liberals deploying statistics as weapons without understanding how to operate them. 
First chart: White household income is twice Blacks’.  Yes, but a “household” is a family unit.  A two-parent family household with both parents working $15 an hour jobs makes $60,000.  If the family splits up or never marries, the same parents working the same jobs are  reported as only $30,000 per household.  Whites are twice as likely to get married and stay married as Blacks so their household numbers reflect combined totals instead of single-parent totals. This is a cultural choice, not systemic racism.
First chart notes that Blacks get paid less than Whites.  Yes, because Blacks work lower skilled jobs than Whites, because of the educational “achievement gap” which has stubbornly persisted for decades despite all efforts to change it. Individual Achievement Plans, Affirmative Action, school funding, court monitors, forced bussing . . . nothing changes the fact that Black kids do less well academically than White or Asian kids.  Which might be because Black kids are simply not as smart, as IQ researchers consistently find, or because Black culture deplores “acting White” but protects disruptive Black students who are passed along to avoid trouble.  This is not systemic racism against Blacks. 
Second chart – Minnesotans in poverty – is the result of broken households and also family size.  Black women tend to have more children than White.  More people in a single-income household = closer to poverty.  This is a consequence of cultural choices (not to marry and stay married, to have more children), not systemic racism against Blacks.
Third chart: Black unemployment is 40%.  Point the finger directly at Governor Walz for that one.  He shut down “non-essential” businesses which tended to employ more Blacks.  But as stupid as the Stay Home order was, it wasn’t intentional racism, it was a panic response to the Covid pandemic. But even before the shut-down, Black unemployment was still twice that of Whites.  
That’s not because of intentional racial discrimination, it’s because Minnesota’s economy is largely white-collar which requires educated workers (see education gap, above) plus we’ve experienced a huge influx of low-skilled Black immigrants.  There are only so many taxi driver jobs available; the rest sit idle.  These are functions of economics and immigration, not systemic racism.
Final chart: Blacks are more likely to die of Covid than Whites.  Nobody knows why that’s so.  It’s an interesting fact but it cannot be the result of systemic racism – the virus hasn’t been around long enough for Whites to develop plans and methods of discriminating against Blacks based on the virus.  Maybe it’s genetic?  
We are endlessly lectured by Liberals that all cultures are equally valid, and therefore Whites have no moral grounds to impose our culture on other people.  Fine, but that also means we have no duty to ensure their cultural choices result in the same achievement outcomes as ours.  Stay in school, get a job, wait to have kids until you’re married: these are the keys to academic and economic success in America, regardless of your race.  But the keys only work if you’re willing to use them.  Otherwise, you remain locked out of prosperity and it’s nobody’s fault but your own.  
Joe Doakes

For some, blame is easier than fixing the problem. And we have an entire political party devoted to harnessing that fact.

10 thoughts on “Statistics, Damned Statistics And Lying Statistics

  1. We need another chart. One that illustrates the gap between white people and people of color in liberal arts colleges. Most professors are white. Most graduate students are white. It is time that white liberal and male academic give up their tenure and step aside.

    Until the majority of academic posts at the U or M, Macalester, Saint Thomas, Saint Cathernines, Saint Olaf, Carleton and Gustavus Adolphus are women of color, there will be no peace.

  2. Wow. Lot of huwyte anger up in here this morning.

    Better knock it off lads, or Rev. Sharpton gonna come and scold y’all real good. Embrace the diversity.

  3. We now have a third generation of deadbeat dads, like Keith Ellison, in black communities that screw every chick that will have sex with them. They leave their baby mommas, usually at least two, to raise their offspring, but stop by once a month to get their share of the welfare payments. Why so many of these women can’t cross their legs, say no or at least use birth control, continues to baffle me. After all, Planned Murderhood allegedly hands out free condoms and birth control pills to womyn that can’t afford them. I have heard from several educated black women, with professional careers in the private sector, that they are looking for the same thing in a black man, but aren’t having much success. Even if they find one, they claim that their biggest problem is getting them to commit to a monogamous relationship.This isn’t only true for black women, either. There are also a lot of educated, un-wed, white baby mommas out there trying to raise biracial children.

  4. I disagree. There is systemic racism in this country. It is perpetrated by the demoncRats to keep their voting block together – slaves belong on the plantation, dontchaknow?

  5. If black people are like white people, then what is good for white people should be good for black people.
    If black people are not like white people, let ’em figure it our for themselves. By definition there’s nothing white people can do for them that is not in the interests of white people.
    Of course, the right thing to do would be to stop sticking labels on people like “white” and “black.”
    But our insane elites believe that justice depends on identifying people as the children of slaves or children of slave masters.

  6. In the past, Asians were Yellow people and excluded from elite White society (Harvard, for example). Then came Affirmative Action for minorities and elite White society had to make room for some, but now Asians have succeeded so well they are no longer Yellow, they are now treated as White, and no longer receive Affirmative Action; therefore, they can be excluded from elite White society (Harvard, for example).

    Weird how it worked for them but not for Blacks.

  7. JD,
    I would also say that Hispanics have outperformed blacks economically. Remember, as the lefty unchecked immigration zealots have told us for decades, those Hispanics will do jobs that neither white, nor black people will do.

  8. There are also a lot of educated, un-wed, white baby mommas out there trying to raise biracial children.

    Most easily identified by a set of eyes swollen shut, sporting a nice purple background.

  9. Meanwhile in the Seattle Autonomous Zone (name du jour), I see a special place has been carved out just for black folks, and it’s borders enforced by white people. None of the white folks looked like Lester Maddox, though. Strange.

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