If You’re Not A Cynic, You’re Not Paying Attention

In the wake of – or perhaps as a next chapter of the George Floyd riots, “Anti”-Fa are setting up an “Autonomous” enclave in Seattle. They are extorting businesses in that enclave for protection money.

And unlike Minneapolis, where President Trump steamrollered Governor Walz into sending a more-than-token National Guard force with threats of invoking the Insurrection Act and units of combat-veteran regular military to East Lake Street, the President is silent on Seattle.

People – including fellow Trump-skeptic Mike Cernovich – are asking questions (language NSFW, but who pays attention to that these days?):

Maybe I’m a cynic, but it seems simple to me: nobody is calling Washington a swing state. Their electoral votes are off the table – at least until the parts of Washington outside the Seattle/Tacoma metro area secede and join Idaho.

That’s why Trump “doesn’t care” about Seattle.

Or Pelosi, for that matter. Nothing’s moving Washington out of the “hard blue” column any time soon – least of all an insurrenction led by the children of her biggest donors.

Minnesota? It’s at least hypothetically in play, especially if suburban and exurban Republicans, alarmed by the collapse of the Twin Cities, and bolstered by the President’s strong alternative, turn out in apocalyptic numbers. As they will have to to stave off a complete Democrat majority at the Capitol.

And that’s why everyone – not just Trump – is letting Seattle turn into Beirut on the Sound.

26 thoughts on “If You’re Not A Cynic, You’re Not Paying Attention

  1. It’s critically important for Trump NOT to rescue Democrats. He has to let things go, let voters get a taste of the crazy, rub their noses in it. That’s the only way voters will realize they need to vote Republican.

  2. This seems stupid. Complaining that Trump won’t “invade” a city which voluntarily let itself be occupied. This is a Democrat problem and they get to solve it. I can’t believe you fell for this, Mitch.

  3. … think about it, man. If the military is brought in, there’s a better than good chance for a Kent State 2. The election is over. Doesn’t matter if the economy improves, the virus goes away, or Trump walks on water… there will be “tangible proof” that Trump is Hitler.

    Cernovich is wrong.

  4. Just like little kids who get bullied and do not get their way, they run to adults to kiss their booboos and make it better.

  5. JD and jdm are correct.

    So far, Trump is proving the left’s mantra that he is a dictator wrong. Per the constitution, he’s letting the feckless leaders of Washington and Seatlle, handle their own problems. That said, if those leaders don’t take action to protect all of their citizens from the few troublemakers, Trump is within his right to invoke the insurrection act to protect them. Who knows. There may be enough Seattle metro residents that are seeing the error of their Democrat voting ways to turn on them. But, you watch. The lefties will blame Trump for whatever happens there.

  6. Ironically, many, most, perhaps even all of the follow-up tweets to Cernovich’s disagree with him too.

  7. So what was your take on the armed takeover of Malhuer Wildlife Refuge by armed right wingers?

  8. As an American, the constitution guarantees me a republican form of government.
    If something must be done, wait until something nasty happens, then blame Inslee for it.

  9. I have an Aunt living in the upscale area of Seattle (moved there from SF); pretty sure she is behind domestic terrorist lines. She’s family, but she is also a leftist reprobate who has voted left since college. Since Drumpf’s election, she and I do not speak. I do not wish any harm to befall her, but I do hope she gets her nose rubbed good and deep into the filth and wakes every morning to the stench that will be accumulating around her gentrified condo.

  10. As for Drumpf. As long as there is another SCOTUS seat to be filled next term, I’ll be voting for him.

    As for the GOP Senators on the Armed Services Committee that just approved an amendment to the defense policy bill requiring the Pentagon to rename military bases and other assets that are named after Confederate leaders, well how about we go to their family burial plots and chisel in some choice new epitaphs into the markers of their parents while we’re at it…all but 1 of them (my Sen Tim Scott) are evil white people after all.

  11. It’s critically important for Trump NOT to rescue Democrats.

    RIGHT! So he should STFU and let it burn. No one that matters is going to blame him.

  12. Trust me, you’ll enjoy this.

    Black lady screams at white liberals blocking the street

    “You racist white liberals do this sh*t every f****** four years. We’re tired of it…F*** you, you dumb b*tch. You’re not here for me. You’re here because you’re dumb as f***”

  13. jdm;
    Saw this earlier this morning. Too funny. Especially the part about her brother being a homicide detective.

  14. Kid just texted: “They tore down the Christopher Columbus statue at the capitol. The police just stood there.”

    Before you get too harsh on Seattle, better clean up your own backyards, lads. You’re just a few degrees of separation behind Seattle.

  15. Swiftee, there’s plenty of insanity to go around for everyone to enjoy (that video I posted I think came from Pittsburgh). It does seem, however, like there’s some sort of one-upmanship, or “oh, yeah? well, hold my beer” going on with the radical left. Mpls City Council votes to defund the Police Department and the Seattle radicals do one better and create a city within a city, aka CHAZ. So, the Mpls radicals pull down a statue of Columbus (with the blessing of the governor no less) that had been donated an immigrant who was so happy to live in the US. I think NYC or (any city in) CA needs to step up with their own pointless and futile gesture.

    But it’s on the Democrats to resolve this little Gordian Knot they’ve tied, not Trump.

  16. So members of the open borders crowd have built an encampment where only certain people can enter….I guess libs don’t understand hypocrisy very well…

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  18. Seattle and western Washington are so beautiful. I was there three years ago.

    But there is no way I would live their and pull the wagon

  19. “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” ― Vladimir Ilich Lenin

    Wednesday, I went on to Amazon.com to look up a long overdue order for two ethernet powerline adapters and there before my eyes, festooned upon the screen in big black letters was:


    So now, the world’s richest man, exploiter of the working class, slave driver of poor black folks in his mega-warehouses…

    …has WOKEN.

    When they hang Jeff Bezos, in effigy or in person, I’ll bet that he will have yet to admit his error. Same with all his big tech buddies.

  20. Seattle and western Washington are so beautiful. I was there three years ago.

    But there is no way I would live there and pull the wagon i

  21. Via Instapundit, ‘I haven’t seen s**t like this before’: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said rioters are ‘f**ing lawless’ in meeting with panicked officials who described gang members walking around with AK-47s during George Floyd unrest.

  22. Kid just texted: “They tore down the Christopher Columbus statue at the capitol. The police just stood there.”

    Have kid setup a GoFundMe for the pigeon that calls the statue home.

  23. There’s one possible way to get Washington in play this year. If CHAZ takes over Seattle and all those liberals aren’t able to vote in the US election because they live in another country.

  24. When Washington State applies for federal disaster funding to pay for the damage the Governor allowed CHAZers to do, can the feds say Sorry, you broke it, you bought it.

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