Ready For An Apology

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Washington Post, which endlessly editorializes in favor of stricter gun control laws and bans, writes approvingly of armed citizens carrying assault rifles, shotguns and pistols in the streets of Minneapolis. 

NAACP, which advocates strict gun control laws and bans, is organizing the armed citizen patrols.

Neither of these organizations come right out and say it, but by their actions, they’re basically conceding that I was right all along, and they were wrong. 

I am now prepared to accept their apologies.

Joe Doakes

The good news: we might be starting to see parts of the left (including, unfortunately, some of the worst parts) voting on this issue with their feet.

The bad news: all that energy is going to go into more bad ideas.

4 thoughts on “Ready For An Apology

  1. Cute piece of fiction writing there. Can anyone spell “Reichstag fire?”

  2. The bad news: all that energy is going to go into more bad ideas.

    This is why I wasn’t worried as much before.

  3. That’s Broadway and Emerson N. I know that area very, very well. (I bet they’re staying the hell away from 27th and Emerson).

    That’s no man’s land for white domestic terrorists. Notice the yellow shirts? That’s because yellow is a neutral color and that area is Bloods territory; blue or red would get them all the firefights they want. Those guys are patrolling against the “local community”. They’re doing that because after the tornado tore through there the hood rats ran wild, robbing people on the street, looting likker stores, weave shops and private homes that had been laid open.

    And they’re doing it again, now. The leftist fake news media would never tell you it’s 100% black on black crime, but they’ll gladly tell you it’s wipipul’s fault.

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