Transcripts From Minneapolis City Council Meeting, 2024, Brought To You Today Courtesy Of The City Of Chicago

The Daily Caller published transcripts from the Chicago City Council’s “meltdown” during the riots.

And it’s not pretty. It’s the sound of modern “progressive” urban government getting its ass smacked by reality.

A couple of the excerpts are of particular interest (emphasis added by me):

“A war zone.”
Lopez said his district had turned into a “war zone” as gang members were taking neighborhood security into their own hands. “It’s just like a war zone right now … The gang members are now getting involved, walking around with AK-47s, threatening to shoot, I hate to say it, black people,” Lopez said, whose district, the 15th Ward, has a large Hispanic population. Lopez previously said in a May 31 tweet that members of the Latin Saints gang were “engaging and chasing looters” in his ward.


So – gang bangers in a city with rigid, comprehensive gun control, have “AK47s”?


“There aren’t enough cops.”

“Right now and I’m sure I echo what everybody else has said, there aren’t enough cops. We’re getting overwhelmed in this thing,” Burke said on the call. The mayor agreed. “It’s hard to fathom that we have 13,404 [officers], the highest headcount that we’ve had in probably a decade, and given the volume of looting, it feels like we’re a tiny police force,” Lightfoot said.

Private citizens, they’re going to become vigilantes, they’re going to protect themselves, because the police aren’t reachable, there’s not enough men or women to respond when the call is made but the call doesn’t get answered,” Burke added.

Wait – you mean if government doesn’t do one if its few legitimate jobs – preserving order – then people will do it themselves?

28 thoughts on “Transcripts From Minneapolis City Council Meeting, 2024, Brought To You Today Courtesy Of The City Of Chicago

  1. Any private citizen, be it in Chicago, Minneapolis, NYC, LA, Seattle or any other libturd urban utopia, should consider exercising their right of free movement and leave these g*dforesaken hellholes while they still can. Because if you think you can vote sanity in, you are delusional. I wish you the best, but am not hopeful.

  2. JPA,
    As I tell people that denigrate any type of prepping no matter how mild, when it’s time to start doing X (stock the pantry, stock the armory, move out of an area) it’s already too late

  3. Smith;
    Great points. Since the beginning of the Plandemic, preppers have looked like freaking geniuses. All one had to do was go into any store for anything. Funny that the first things to go were toilet paper and bottled water. Later on, canned goods, especially soup, dried beans, rice and pasta, baking staples, cleaning supplies and the whole nine yards. And, preppers aren’t a bunch of crazies, because I know several. All of them have MBAs in useful disciplines like finance, business management and even a lawyer that graduated cum laude from Duke University. One couple in their group are doctors. None of them bugged out, but all but one of the doctors were at their homes away from home during the riots and thought about not coming back for awhile. I envy all of them, because if the crap really hits the fan, they won’t need anything from any government entity.

  4. A group of filthy leftist degenerates have taken over 6 city blocks in Seattle with the council’s blessing and assistance. The PD was ordered to turn the keys of the precinct to the degenerates.

    First thing that happened: bums looted the food cache. Next: assaults and rape.

    I say the best solution is to erect a 30’ fence around Seattle, too it with concertina wire and site gun towers every 50’ along the perimeter.

    Let the degenerates work it out among themselves.

  5. chopper;

    Commented on the homeless redistributing their food on the comment thread on teh Spectrum post. Couldn’t stop laughing at these wanna be socialists getting a smack in the face with their mantra.

  6. If you don’t prep, you can at least be a strategic looter. In one of the videos I saw of a local Target being looted there were the usual Hottentots carrying big screen TVs and similar things out through the smashed doors. And then I saw one woman with a shopping cart overloaded with household products; TP, Tide, etc. That actually kind of made me smile.

  7. Intelligent people living in Chicago (and all leftist controlled sh*thole cities in the US) cannot have missed the truth. If the criminals decide, at any time to take control of the city, they can do it at will.

    And make no mistake, the gangsters realize that, too.

    If you’re a billionaire living along Lake Shore Drive, you’ve got a private security detail. But you know that force couldn’t withstand an organized assault by gangsters with AK-47’s, and even if the leftist reprobates in control allow the cops to defend you (no guarantees there), the cops could not help you if they wanted to. Your life and everything you have with you is a candle in the wind.

    If you’re the CEO of a Fortune500 company located in downtown sh*thole, you realize your corporate records, trade secrets and property are at risk. You know you and your employees are at risk.

    Some might be tempted to say, “Hey, Mr. CEO! Move your company here to Podunk USA. We’ll protect you and your property.”

    I say “Not no, Hell no. With your SJW advertising, bowing & scraping to the reprobate left and catering to the lowest common denominator, you’ve earned the right to reap what you sewed. Reap it.”

  8. hoss, didn’t they make a movie out of that? Escape from NY? Life imitates art, huh?

  9. Hoss, I’ve related my irrational fear of firearms here before. I must now admit I find the idea of “prepping” for emergencies a trigger in itself. Literally shaking rn.

  10. Another factor. With the increase in mobs showing up at the homes of LEOs, how long will it take for hundreds of officers to call in sick, so that they can protect their own families? I heard that from some of them that called in anonymously to local and national radio programs. Even though they don’t want to let their fellow officers down by not showing up, their biological families come first. A couple of them said that their wives/significant others and teenagers are all proficient with firearms, so they said they wouldn’t be as likely to stay home.

  11. Chopper
    The CEOs in Sh*thole cities won’t really pay attention until the SJWs target one of their datacenters(in twin cities think Eden Prairie, Golden Valley, or Brooklyn Center) or the datacenters of MS, Amazon, or Google. That’ll wake them all from their slumbers.

  12. If the police aren’t there to enforce the rule of law, the gangs will take over, and prey on the weak.
    This is what has always happened before.

  13. Mamm, but this time it will be different! You’ll see! That’s the never-changing mantra of the failed soci@lists.

    Pig, you REALLY think they will wake up? They are enabling this!

  14. It is as if sane people need to insist that we start arresting looters, and part of the sentence for their crime ought to be to show examples of what happens when policing breaks down, and ask them if they really want to live in Mogadishu, Caracas, or other failed states.

    And if they say that yes, they would, give them a one way ticket there.

  15. You’re right JPA they are enabling this, but if they were to lose a $50-$100 million datacenter it would likely effect a changing of the guard in the executive suite. The current generation of Senior Management is the Generation of Appeasement. This endless parade of leftist “demands” are all just “small potatoes” cost of business issues for them until their ox gets gored. Not a generation famed for their Leadership.

  16. The riots aren’t doing much good, from the viewpoint of a conservative voter. Wrong people’s ox getting gored.

    People in Mac-Groveland and Woodbury are upset at the cops, those brutes. Of course the poor Negros had to burn down the police station. It’s completely understandable and completely OVER THERE.

    It’s a Minneapolis problem, and they’ve always been idiots, not like us well-educated, sophisticated people in the Nice part of town. We don’t have any problem with Black people. Why, one of the people in my office is Black and we get along just fine. We all vote Democrat, of course, because Orange Man Bad. Burning down Minneapolis doesn’t change that.

  17. Pig, $50-$100 million is nothing to a trillion dollar corp. Let me do a quick math to make sure I got zeros correct – 16 zeros, carry the three, multiply by a 100, apply the integral and derivtize… Viola! 100 mil is but a 0.01% of the value of the corp. They couldn’t and woudn’t give a shit, especially since insurance will pay for it, if anything happened to data centers. So no, there will be no changes at the top, they will only double down. This is what you get when a monopoly, immune from the law, nay… SHIELDED by the law, is allowed to run amok. Change FEC rules and break the fuckers up. They did it for Standard Oil and Ma Bell, my not Amazon and scroogle?

  18. Pig;

    I’ve been waiting for them to hit the 511 building since this thing started. That is the main telecom and internet hub for the entire metro area. There is also a smaller one in the old Federal Reserve bank vault. All of the big companies have a disaster recovery site somewhere outside of the metro, but if the main hub goes down, all bets are off, unless they routed a backup connection going south. On the other hand, with all of the voltage that goes into that building, there may be a lot of fried protesters.

  19. Yes, “insurance will pay for it”, but on the flip side, insurance companies have “actuaries” who price out the costs of riots like this. The companies will eventually pay the damages here.

    Alternatively, if people are consistently getting hurt, and are getting their cars torched by rioters, that will leave a mark as well. Even the most powerful Silicon Valley and other companies are hurting as many top workers say enough is enough, they’re going to Texas or Florida.

  20. People in Mac-Groveland and Woodbury are upset at the cops, those brutes. Of course the poor Negros had to burn down the police station. It’s completely understandable and completely OVER THERE.

    I have a cousin in Woodbury. This is a hand-in-glove fit. Laughed out loud.

  21. The companies will eventually pay the damages here.

    Have to disagree hoss. YOU and I will be paying, not the Amazons and scroogles. And in case you were not paying attention, their management is getting torched from inside for not doing even MORE enabling.

  22. I’ve been alerted that there are several “blue checks” on twitter, some with hundreds of thousands of followers, that are doxxing middle and high school kids who have posted spicy memes.

    Also, I understand that nationally renowned scholar, “Ice Cube”, has gone completely off the rails up in there.

    Twitter, as per usual, has taken no action against the leftist filth or Negroes asking “Who is watching your home while your gone?”.

  23. 100 mil is but a 0.01% of the value of the corp.

    They spend x100 that advocating homosexuality, sexualization of very young children, genital mutilation, single parenting, hatred of Caucasians, general debauchery and hatred for America in their advertising.

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