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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Does this infringe on Second Amendment rights? 

Churches are closed – did that infringe on First Amendment rights?

Do we believe the Founders intended God-given, inalienable rights to be subject to the whims of the Chief Executive declaring an “emergency?”

Joe Doakes

I can’t speak for the collective “we”, but this blog does not.

I’ll point out that the statement (from Oakdale Gun Club) has at least a whiff of private property owner’s discretion – which this blog supports.

That being said, think about this for a moment: until 2015, it would have been perfectly legal for a Governor to order the confiscation of firearms in a state of emergency; see New Orleans after Katrina. Minnesota’s gun rights groups fought and won that battle in the 2015 legislature. If you think things couldn’t be worse than they are now, you’ve not been paying attention.

If you’re a gun owner, and not involved in your area’s 2nd Amendment group (like this group in Minnesota), you need to be. Now.

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  1. That’s the thing so many people, especially the ones on the left that are so inept that they need the gubmint to run their lives, are missing. Those zombies are all for restricting the rights of people that they don’t agree with, until it smacks them upside the head. If nothing else, they should be railing against the unprecedented levels of surveillance the public has been placed under. Allegedly, cell phone companies are being asked by some government entities to track users to make sure that they are practicing social distancing. People need to wake up.
    While the majority of the general public is cowering in fear, Democrats are attempting to implement more of their crap, like worrying about voting by mail. In cheddar land, the left wing governor is making sure their primaries go ahead, as scheduled, despite the fact that the state is on lock down. Dems have encouraged non essential personnel to drop their ballots off curbside and Evers has said that he would mobilize the national guard to man polling places! Thankfully, in a moment of lucidity, Bernie Sanders has even chastised Evers for endangering his citizens.

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