Lessons Learned

As the Covid pandemic, and its attendant panic-buying, started, I noted that there was a good news, bad news thing going on.

The good news? Americans had learned a thing or two about disaster preparedness.

The bad news? They learned it from The Walking Dead.

Tangentially related? Everyone whose idea of “preparedness” involves some variation of “bugging out for the boonies” might wanna rethink that, before a real emergency hits.

Rhode Island wants to start going door to door looking for New Yorkers fleeing the pandemic’s hot spot.

It’s probably unconstitutional, and it’s probably going to get shot down in court…

…long after the pandemic has retreated into the past.

But be advised – the locals are not amused.

28 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Bu, bu, bu, but wait! Closing borders is racisss and deprives people of their rights to flee violence and persecution!

  2. Totally understandable. But, you can get a bunch of busybodies that way as well. Was reading about some folks in Maine that saw a NJ license plate. They called 911 after confronting the people and cutting down a tree to block car in driveway. Turns out they were construction workers that had lived in that rental for over 2 months. I’m not a lawyer, but that sounds like false imprisonment and destruction of property.

    On the other side of the coin, those towns will likely see a backlash. My parents have a place on a lake in central WI. In the 30 or so years they’ve had it, it’s gone from sleepy little place with self built A frames and ranch houses to multi million dollar mansions. And waterfront property taxes have kept going up and up. The town buys new fire trucks, sweet tactical gear for the 2 or 3 cops, a bunch of pontoon boats for patrolling the lake and issuing tickets. Oh, and a huge city administration building. City population is 1,203. Everyone knows it was the “lake people” that paid for it with taxes.

    Do the lake people get a property tax refund if they are turned away or told to stay home? I get it – you live there. You’ve likely dealt with the city folks, and made a bunch of money off them (boat storage, lawn care, construction, supplies, septic tank pumping…) How’s your local economy going to do when all the city folk say FU?

  3. 21 cases on the Big Island, no deaths, not even any hospitalizations. Statewide 80% of the 250 cases are people who just got here from overseas.
    The state of Hawaii had a very busy tourist season before March 1st, with 30,000 arrivals from around the world each day.
    I don’t think this virus travels well in warm, humid environments.

  4. Decades ago, we lived near a lake in central Minnesota. Big-city people had “cabins” nicer than our houses. They came out on weekends and complained about everything – high prices in the Red Owl, no decent restaurants, neighbor’s dog barking – not like Edina, at all.

    Californication, retail, one family at a time.

  5. Get every person in this country a test for Covid-19 antibodies and a test for Covid-19 itself and our economy can start moving forward again.

    Unfortunately, Trump is bungling the federal response in such spectacular fashion that we’re going to suffer through a stagnant economy for many months longer than necessary. Sad

  6. Sorry, Emery, doing antibody tests for everyone (330 million) would be mind boggling in time spent and cost. Would not affect the outcome of the pandemic. Hint: it’s not a 5 minute quick strep test.

  7. Poor Emery;
    His TDS has been exacerbated by his cabin fever. He’s even more delusional than ever.

  8. Now, we’re debunking LoIQEm in real time. Any rational person would…wait, hahahahahahahaha! I just cracked myself up. I’m a funny guy.

  9. MP, I just got off da phone with my bro in Pahoa, no kidding. He says everyone he knows has a full 5 gal trash bag full of da kine, so it’s all good. They’re gonna do the panic thing bombye.

  10. Making “hydrocephalus” great again

    FTFY, ya slob.

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  12. My problem is boredom. All I have to do is clean house & watch dull online training videos. My looming retirement means that I can’t get involved in projects longer than a few months.

  13. All the county, state, and national parks are closed. If the weather is nice, I jump on the Triumph & drive about ten miles into the Kau desert. Then I turn around and ride back.

  14. Think back to 2016 and imagine your reaction to the headline:

    Trump names son-in-law to lead efforts fighting deadly global pandemic.

  15. Think back to 2019 and imagine your reaction to the headline:
    “Mueller finds no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.”

    You have been wrong about everything regarding Trump, Emery. Why do you think that you have some deep well of credibility?

  16. ‘If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so’ ~ Robert Mueller

    Mueller also said he was legally unable to charge the president with a crime, emphasizing it’s against Justice Department policy and describing it as “unconstitutional.”

  17. “Mueller also said he was legally unable to charge the president with a crime, emphasizing it’s against Justice Department policy and describing it as “unconstitutional.”

    Which was code for “I don’t want to embarrass myself and the party apparatchik lawyers on my team, for wasting $32 million of the taxpayers money and not being able to find a freaking crime”.

    There Emery. Fixed it for ya’! You’re welcome!

  18. So far, this week:
    1. Banks says they’re unprepared for Friday’s SBA-loan program debut
    2. Dr. Birx says she’s missing 50% of COVID-19 testing data
    3. Trump’s assertion about Saudi/Russia oil production cuts “appears not to have been true,” ~ WSJ

    Typical bait and switch tactic yesterday from Trump re his false pronouncement of an agreement between the Saudis and the Russians to deflect attention from the dramatic unemployment claims number and the worsening situation in the US with the CORVID-19 pandemic. He will continue this con as his base supporters cannot, or do not want to recognize anymore, when Trump is making blatant falsehoods.

    Every one of these press conferences is a rebuke to every person who thought that it would be awesome to have a complete amateur in charge of a superpower.

  19. Yes, indeed. It would be much better to have a professional in charge, someone who came up through the ranks, like Comrade Castro in Cuba, or Comrade Putin in Russia, or Comrade . . . .

  20. Woolly commented: “I don’t think this virus travels well in warm, humid environments”

    I wonder where you picked up in that.

    “[W]hen it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away.” ~ @realDonaldTrump
    ,referring to the coronavirus, Feb. 10, 2020.

    Bodies lie in the streets of Guayaquil, Ecuador, emerging epicenter of the coronavirus in Latin America

  21. “I wonder where you picked up in that.”
    Emery, just because you obsessively follow Trump’s tweets, does not mean that I do.
    I’ve laid out the reasoning behind my theory (not my claim). It had nothing whatever to do with Trump’s words. The state of Hawaii has a low number of covid-19 patients and deaths (just two so far). This is despite receiving 30,000 visitors from out of state each day this past winter, many from China. Of the active cases of covid-19, 80% are recent arrivals who were infected outside of Hawaii. In my county, population 150k, we have 22 active cases, no hospitalizations, no deaths, and no increase in the number of cases in the past 24 hours.
    Most of the experts expect the virus to spread more slowly as warmer, more humid weather arrives in the northern hemisphere. Do you agree or disagree with these experts?

  22. Isn’t it a little strange that this far into this crisis our government is still debating with itself about whether we should be wearing masks. How hard is it to take a position on this?

  23. You have been wrong about everything regarding Trump, Emery. Why do you think that you have some deep well of credibility?

    He doesn’t and he knows he doesn’t, MP, the Little Weasel is simply shameless.

  24. “How hard is it to take a position on this?”
    Maybe they want to ration the masks so that health care workers get them first?
    Emery, you are an ignorant person. It’s my job to make you aware of this.

  25. And you still haven’t told me if you think that the flu & pandemic experts who agree with Trump (& me) that warmth and humidity will lessen the effects of covid-16 are idiots.

  26. They’re changing Death Certificates to pump up the numbers of COVID deaths.


    Everybody who dies of respiratory distress – pneumonia, emphysema, influenza, even asthma – are now presumed to die of COVID-19 and will be reported that way on the death certificate. No test required to confirm.

    It’s the ultimate participation ribbon. Everybody’s a WuFlu victim.

    Of course, the change makes mortality statistics worthless for public policy analysis purposes. You can’t debate the balance of harm when one side of the equation is a false number.

    But it’s a wonderful way to keep the panic going until the election.

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