Minnesota Department Of Predictive “Journalism”

An MPR News tweet.

From 9:30.


Nearly 12 hours before the State of the Union address.

So – “fact-checking” the putative reputation of the speaker, long before the speech actually happens?

That’s not “fact-checking”. That’s not even “journalism”.

That’s public relations for the Democratic Party.

2 thoughts on “Minnesota Department Of Predictive “Journalism”

  1. What would be lovely is the SOTU speech getting changed today. Addressing each of these points and showing the faults in it. Would it change anyone’s mind? LIkely not. Would it increase the trolling against the People Radio, and cause them angst and increased hatred? Yes. Yes, it would.

  2. It’s was interesting to read the Strib’s article last night on the coronation that turned into a shit-show. The reporter posited a number of things as “facts” in the article about how tired the country is of Trump and how he’s struggling…and somehow had to re-saddle that nag in the middle of the river to mention how the Dems had essentially screwed every pooch in Iowa.

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