Early yesterday evening, as I drove home from work, I heard National Public Radio’s wall-to-wall coverage of the Iowa Caucuses.

As they – or one or another of their intervieweews, anyway – raved about the process, they kept mentioning an “App”. One of the NPR anchors – who “covers” “election security”, we were told – mentioned that “the App” was of unknown origin; “who programmed the thing” was literally a secret. The media hadn’t even been allowed to look at it, or at the people who developed it.

“What could possibly go wrong?”, I said to myself.

Nonetheless, Dems were in high spirits, including Tom Perez:

Well, you saw the headlines.

These are the people who want to run the healthcare system and plan the economy.

I mean, the Democratic Party, not literally these three people. Although they appear as if the work (l to r) for the IRS, the Department of Education and TSA.

As I drove home around 11 last night, it was becoming clear the Hawkeye Cauci were turning into a Bolivian Cluster Cuddle, with “the App” not working, and with precinct chairs sitting on hold for hours, or just giving up and going home.

So – what about “the App?”

So – not only do people commit suicide when they cross Hillary, but so apparently do entire party units.

The conspiracy theory du jour – Bernie was winning, and the Hillary/Biden machine told the Iowa Machine to finesse the the results no matter what.

Which, Ben Shapiro notes, shouldn’t be a problem for Bernie or his Bros:

Wonder if Putin had anything to do with it?

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  1. I made it to 1130 last night watching the disaster. I cant wait to hear all the excuses and conspiracy theories today. The thing Shapiro forgot to mention is the reason the caucus is like this NOW is because Bernie DEMANDED changes lasdt time after 2016 and they relented for fear of pissing off the Bernie Bros. I enjoyed massive amount of schaudenfraude laughing at people who think they have a snowballs chance in hell against Trump. Last night confirmed it, its going to be a electoral bloodbath no matter who they put up.

  2. “Hello?”


    “This is Elmer Hinkey at Cerro Gordo County Ward 3”


    “Well, the Troms caucused for Bernie, no surprise there and the Andersens went for Biden, of course but the Dixon kid kept walking around, so we counted him for Buttigieg.”

    “Well, fer Christ sake, put it in the app.”

    “Nah, only the Dixon kid knows how to do that and no one trusts him.”

  3. “Hello?”


    “This is Elmer Hinkey at Cerro Gordo County Ward 3 again.”


    “The Dixon kid got the app working but it said we elected six delegates for Hillary. How did that happen?”

  4. Remind me, again, why people think that Hillary is competent?
    She ended up in Arkansas with Bill because she failed the DC bar. She became Arkansas’ first lady when Bill got elected governor, and First Lady of the US when Bill was elected president. He shoehorned her into Daniel Moynihan’s empty senate seat. Obama appointed her SecState as payback for not contesting him during his presidency. People struggle to name any of her accomplishments as SecState because her most notable action was to turn Libya into a failed state ruled by terrorist factions.
    In the run up to the 2016 election Hillary campaigned in strongholds in the East and West, in states that she was sure to win, rather than the contested Midwest and industrial heartland. Let me remind you that in 2016 Hillary outspent Trump by two to one.

  5. It is worth repeating over and over that the Democrat party was solely in charge of the Democrat caucus in Iowa, a state with 3.1 million people, and that this illustrates precisely how effectively they will run the country, with 329 million people, if given half a chance.

  6. So, I am perplexed.

    After Fauxcahontas’ speech last week, stating that “she would be the last American President elected by the Electoral College”, how ANY Iowan could vote for her, let alone another Democrat candidate? It just boggles the mind that she told every Iowan that after that, Iowa won’t matter, because their votes won’t count, anyway, because “you’re all just a bunch of useful idiots living in fly over country, so the lefty bastions along the coasts will pick your POTUS for you peasants.”

    Kind of like Hillary’s statement, while talking to voters in West Virginia coal country, that she was going to destroy the coal industry, hence eliminating your jobs. At least she told the truth, even if it was unintentional.

  7. Any bets on whether Hillary will win the caucus when results are released?

    I mean I guess it’s merciful for the Democrats to do this right out of the gate and not let anyone get their hopes up.

  8. At this point the only intelligent hypothesis is that the DNC is
    secretly run by Donald Trump…

    Well, he has been living in their heads for four years.

  9. MP further proof that POTUS owns the king troll moniker and that when hes not being serious, he just likes to have fun, usually at Dems expense.

  10. As a former Iowan, I give a big shoulder shrug to this. I can see the people back home, on both political sides, being somewhat happy at the prospect that something like this might allow them to go back to pre-Carter days. Back to the days when the Iowa caucus wasn’t the almighty powerful event that it has been hyped up to be.

  11. “Did they use the same $9/hr programmers that Boeing did?”

    Probably just borrowed the same folks that spearheaded the MNLARS project.

  12. True dis:

    The Democrats wouldn’t have this problem if they’d just stand up and say, “Bernie Sanders is a damned communist, not a member of our party and he’s not eligible to be our nominee.”

    But then they’d lose half their activists and a third of their donors… who are also communists.

    More interesting comments below this one

  13. I only checked in with the NBC affiliate here in Des Moines late last night. Can’t say I’m surprised, having observed the sh*t-show that was caucus night in 2016. From what I saw of the Dems’ procedures in 2016, the whole thing was about as well-planned and executed as cat-herding. I remember the local news showed one of the Dems’ precincts in the metro, and one of the GOP precincts in the metro. The GOP caucus attendees voted via secret ballot and people were done and heading home within 2 hours. Meanwhile, the Dems’ were still counting people well into the night. Then came news that they hadn’t staffed all their precincts.

    Fast-forward to the ongoing clusterf***: It seems the Dems acknowledged what didn’t work in 2016, and doubled down with a secretly developed app that has become the poster child for the consequences of inadequate software testing.

  14. As Mark Steyn mentioned this morning, these are the people who want to alter the composition of the atmosphere.

  15. jdm: Bernie Sanders is a classic populist. Correctly identifying the problems and then pretending to have a magical solution. As a leftwing populist his solution is in blaming the rich and big business. If he were a right wing populist he’d blame immigrants. It couldn’t be more textbook populism.

    Obviously the disillusion among his fans will be massive if we get a Sanders presidency. He won’t get 1% done of the pie in the sky he’s promising. The only thing he’s got going for him is that he’s been consistent throughout his entire career, which gives him an aura of integrity.

    Yet for 40 years — when life in America was reasonably good — everybody saw him as an ideologue crackpot. It says something about the state of the country that all of the sudden, at the end of a long and fruitless career, he’s now a serious contender in the presidential race.

  16. EI, its mostly the schools forgetting to teach my idiot generation the dangers and evils of socialism/communis, the Berlin wall fell when I was 3 and trhe USSR offically collapsed when I was 6. And Im on the older end of my generation. Anyone who actually remembers the evils of the USSR dont support Sanders and never would.

  17. “It says something about the state of the country that all of the sudden, at the end of a long and fruitless career, he’s now a serious contender in the presidential race.”

    Actually, this is the ongoing state of the country since the 2016 election. Bernie and Trump were winning the same counties. And it’s because of the populist message that was resonating with those voters. While Trump didn’t have a fruitless career before his election, non-Trump supporters didn’t understand how his candidacy could be taken seriously back then.

  18. In 2016, the left and the media (PTR) were rubbing their hands during the primaries in anticipation of a Trump candidacy because they thought that would be an easy win. People dismissing – or wishing for – Bernie today shouldn’t forget that hubris, and the results.

  19. Fewer people vote when they think the election is rigged. The most important thing about an election is that voters believe the process is legitimate. The US is not on track for that this year.

    On the plus side — there’s a strong case to be made for the Kremlin not bothering to interfere in this year’s elections.

  20. NW, the biggest difference is despite what he casts himself as he is the ultimate create of Washington and unlike Trump in 2016 has a voting record he has to answer for. Trump was a true outsider, Bernie is not.

  21. I have heard that potentially, I think I might tune in to the next debate because I expect Bernie to completley and utterly destory him, but he has a record too of being NYC mayor for 12 years to defend as well.

  22. Emery Incognito on February 4, 2020 at 12:46 pm said:
    jdm: Bernie Sanders is a classic populist.

    No, sanders is a communist. His followers tend to be young, single, white, college educated young men. “The masses” are not attracted to Sanders & his economic snake oil. If the media spent a tenth of the time investigating Sanders’ proposed policies that they spent investigating Trump’s proposed policies, people would quickly discover that he is a communist (which has a political meaning) rather than a “democratic socialist,” which means whatever Sanders decides it means that day.

  23. “Facts were scarce. Fear, uncertainty and doubt took their place. “Big WIN for us in Iowa tonight,” ~ Donald Trump Twitter

    Failed Democrat Iowa Caucuses — State of the Union victory lap — Impeachment acquittal.

    Probably Trump’s best week since getting elected. Might be fair to say that Trump won.

  24. … hmm, it occurs to me that this cock-up in IA may’ve been concocted to distract the impeachment cock-up.

  25. Hillary has been making noises about riding in to save the day.

    The app was developed by Hillary’s people.

    ……Naaaah…….couldn’t be………

  26. Let me give Emery a dose of reality.
    Russia is not a global competitor. It seeks to be a regional power, and has barely been able to exercise its influence in some former Soviet satellites. It is a nation in an economic and demographic death spiral. Putin has to stay in power, because if he leaves Russia as an ordinary citizen, he will be arrested.
    China, on the other hand, is a direct competitor to the US. Its leaders have stated that they want, and expect, to replace the US as the world’s sole superpower. They compete with us globally in economically, They have a growing mercantilist empire, they have replaced Europe as the world colonizer. Chine is a growing, not a shrinking, power. Chinese foreign agents have infiltrated many of our institutions (and they are regularly arrested).
    But, yep, Russia is enemy #1.

  27. Bernie Sanders is a classic populist.

    Maduro is a classic populist too – just not a popular one.

  28. Regarding Putin, he needs to stay in power because if he stays in Russia as an ordinary citizen, he’s likely to be arrested, no?

    I’m guessing Chairman Pooh faces about the same thing, but as MP noted, with the blessing that China’s demographic disaster is about 20-30 years further out.

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