“Western ‘Progressives’ Mourn Otto Skorzeny”

Listening to the garment-rending among western “progressives” over the death of Otto Skorzeny, the head of Nazi special operations…

…sorry. I got my historical eras mixed up. Otto Skorzeny was Germany’s top commando – sort of the David Stirling of the World War 2 Wehrmacht, Germany’s top commando, in charge of creating terror and disorder behind allied lines.

Of course, I’m referring to the death of Iranian General Soleimani – “Austere Religious Scholar”…

…no, wait. That was the NYTimes’ obit for Al-Baghdadi, the former Caliph of ISIS.

What I meant was that he was some person who did some stuff…

Dammit. I’m sorry, that was Ilhan Omar’s characterization of the 9/11 terrorists, who’d done us the favor of killing themselves before a drone or SOF team had to do it.

The media stuck with “Iran’s most revered general” (or, occasionally, as a combination of Lady Gaga and James Bond – and no, this is not one of my “Avery Librelle” spoofs), which probably was what brought up my erroneous Skorzeny reference.

No, Soleimani was the head of the “Quds Force”, which as been referred to as the most accomplished intelligence, unconventional warfare and special operations organization, besides (and and alongside of, and often against) Mossad in the Middle East. It was, among other things, responsible for the deaths of about 600 Americans in Iraq over the past fifteen years.

“But not between 2012 and 2018!”, “progressives” bleat. “Quds helped us defeat ISIS! He was an ally!”

Right – in the same sense that Stalin was Hitler’s “ally” in dismembering Poland in 1939. They, like Iran and the US, had mutual interests in delaying or displacing their fighting for a while – in Quds’ case, keeping up weapons supplies to Hezbollah (which wound up as craters and Iron-Dome-chaff all over southern Israel) and keeping the bloodletting in Syria at a steady simmer (including its support for whatever remains of the Assad regime, longtime Iranian clients and the worst among a cast of bad actors in that whole sorry nation), and blowing up a Saudi Oil refinery and a couple of tankers in the Gulf, just to keep things interesting.

It’s just been interesting watching the Democrats exercising their 50-year-long penchants for not only betting on America’s enemies, but for exercising, shall we say, flexible ethics when it comes to assassinating “some people who do some things”.

11 thoughts on ““Western ‘Progressives’ Mourn Otto Skorzeny”

  1. C’mon, Mitch.

    It takes real courage to pretend to kill a terrorist on the West Wing.

    Almost as much courage as it takes to do a public service announcement for gun control when you make your living from pretending to shoot people in film and television.

  2. Pretty easy to predict what the left will say on any given topic. Trump bad. Trump’s actions bad. Mob in Iraq attempts to storm US Embassy. No Americans killed. Doesn’t matter. This is Trump’s Benghazi. [Wait. I thought Benghazi was all about a YouTube video. And the producer went to jail. And the FBI conducted a no-stone-left-unturned investigation.] Trump orders the assassination of Iranian Quds force leader who instigated the attack and was already known to be responsible for the deaths of several hundred US military personnel in Iraq. World War III follows. Trump didn’t consult with democrat Congressional leaders who have been working for 3 years to get him removed from office. Wow! Josiah Bartlet surely would have handed over the keys to the Oval Office a long time ago. About The West Wing. I was never a fan, so the episode mentioned was a mystery to me until I pursued the links. I have to say, Aaron Sorkin may be a leftist, but he’s a good enough writer to include dialogue that puts the bad guys in a not always unfavorable light. “You can’t handle the truth!” is a good example.

  3. The Allies managed to take out Reinhard Heydrich in Prague in WWII. He was the #3 man behind Hitler and Himmler in the Nazi regime, and the purported architect of the “Final Solution”. In reprisal, the Nazis wiped out the Czech village of Lidice (which had nothing to do with the attack), killing all the men 15 years old and older, aborting the pregnant women, shipping all the women to internment camps, and sending the children under 15 to other camps under orders, essentially, to neglect them to death. The Nazis even burned and bulldozed every building in the village, pillaged all the graves in the cemetery, and rerouted the road and the river that ran through the village. A horrific price, indeed – what what would have been the cost if Heydrich had lived?

  4. So, 72 hours and no reprisals above background level.
    Looks like another narrative failure by the media and its political wing, the Democrat party.
    The corruption of the media does not come at zero cost. Because I cannot depend on an honest assessment of the risks of doing something like assassination Soleimani, I have to spend my own time researching things like the capabilities of Iran and its surrogates, and the past behavior of Iran when it was forcefully confronted & made to endure a grievous injury.
    FYI, what my research showed was that Iran & its surrogates can do little outside of areas where they do not have an armed presence (i.e., the ME), and that when forcefully confronted by the US, they do not lash out, they retreat and de-escalate.

  5. I cant wait for this to be brought up in a Presidential debate. Much enjoyment will be had by all.

  6. It would be a barrel of laughs, if, when the dem candidate brought up some Trump-Putin nonsense, Trump would say “the 1980s are calling, and they want their foreign policy back!”

  7. Wasn’t it just last October when the media and their political arm, the Democrat party, announced that all Hell would break loose because trump was going to remove US troops from northern Syria?
    You don’t hear much about that these days, do you?

  8. MP you should know by now that if it isnt acknolwedged by the MSM it didnt happen because they are the fourth estate. They always have the publics best interest at heart…. HAHAHAHAHA sorry I cant even type that out without breaking out in laughter.

  9. Soleimani’s killing seems to have driven the Dems even deeper into madness. They have reached the point where any event only has value as much as it serves as means of attacking Trump. They are fulfilling the demands of their masters in the media, who are even more insane.

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