The Minneapolis Railroad

A GOP volunteer, volunteering at the “Log Cabin Republican” booth at the “Pride” event last summer, got set up by an attack and accompanying smear campaign.

He’s currently been convicted of disorderly conduct, in a set of proceedings that the Kangaroos called up and said was b***h*t.

A video captured by a Democrat operative, who instead of stopping haters from punching Republican volunteers and destroying signs of our President, spent time entrapping and videoing Republicans who were protecting their property and colleagues in the designated Republican space.
After the first round of Minneapolis park police officers disbanded the perpetrators and cleared all bystanders of the melee, two individuals among the perpetrators sought a different group of police officers to present Republican volunteers with citations.
The idea that our volunteer who was ultimately charged with disorderly conduct is preposterous. The notion that the haters who pressed charges and later claimed they were trying to protect Republican volunteers is preposterous. The thought that our friend and fellow volunteer/victim would behave with intent to harm or frighten someone, or to create an intentional disturbance, is contrary to everything we know about the individual.
This legal assault on our Republican volunteer is an assault on all of us.

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6 thoughts on “The Minneapolis Railroad

  1. Take a bunch of Trump posters down to Sodomfest and wave them at the twerking, homo meth heads? What could go wrong?

  2. Another illustration that even if you are a member of the LBGTQ community, you must be the right kind of member. In other words, an ardent socialist DemonRAT!

  3. Since they are gay and Republican nothing will come of it. They arent part of a protected class so the story will be buried and the prosecutor will be “encouraged heavily” (read bought off by rich gays) if it even gets that far. I doubt there will even be charges filed. I hope I am wrong but I doubt I will be.

  4. As Elton John, playing the Godfather of the Gay Mafia, said in Will and Grace: “I can fix it so you never work in a health club in America again.”

  5. I’d be surprised if this continued to investigated and prosecuted. I’m surprised my car hasn’t been vandalized yet in some areas (have veteran plates on it).

  6. Word to the wise; you already have the cell phone, notebook, or laptop you need to run it. If you’re going to be around radical leftists, get the surveillance camera and use it.

    Can’t speak to the virtues of this case, but in this day and age, you’ve got to be extra safe. Either stay away from radical leftists or roll tape. And yes, might be smart to have a way to persuade them to stop what they’re doing, too.

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