Brazilian “comedy” features a gay Jesus:

The Brazilian comedy group Porta dos Fundos (which literally translates to “back door”) appears to have a real hang-up about our Lord and Christianity in general. Last December the group released The Last Hangover on Netflix, a movie that blends Christ’s Last Supper with his disciples and The Hangover into a night of drunken debauchery where Jesus disappears.
This year, in this new Christmas special, Jesus turns 30 and brings his gay boyfriend home to meet Mary and Joseph.

Pretty daring.

Not as daring as a gay Mohammed would be.

Wonder why nobody’s green-lit that?

Oh, yeah. Christians won’t blow you up.

Not to Hollywood; wanna be really “transgressive”? Portray Christ as the focal point of a western civilization that made your life, and the intellectual (and “intellectual”) freedom to make your lives possible.

You’d never do lunch on Rodeo Drive again, of course, but you’d sure be transgressive!

7 thoughts on ““Transgressive”

  1. Mocking someone whose religion bids them to turn the other cheek, is “punching down.”

    Mocking someone whose religion bids them to cut your head off, is suicide.

    What good is being “so brave” if you’re not around to enjoy the accolades?

  2. Not as daring as a gay Mohammed would be.

    My Christmas dinner invitation was withdrawn just for having read that.

  3. Or portray Mohammad as the mass murdering pedophile he is, according to the damn Koran.

  4. Even though I dont nececeraily agree with how they did it what Charlie Hebdo did with their portrayl of Mohammad was the bravest thing anyone in the West has done to answer the cult of Islam post 9/11

  5. There are many streaming sites where you can pirate Netflix and Amazon movies (or so I’m told). While it’s illegal to upload movies, it is not illegal for you to stream them. I encourage that behavior; starve the degenerates.

  6. tornadomovies(dot)com. Excellent site. Been using it for a couple years. Zero problems with viruses, malware, etc. Thousands of movies and TV shows (from season 1 episode 1 to the most recent within the last couple days, or the finale if the show was cancelled). Can’t recommend it enough.

  7. Just use a browser window with a couple ad blocker extensions installed. There are ads for adult games built into the page, but if you go full screen once the playback starts, you don’t see them.

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