The Progressive Totalitarian Impulse

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Democrats contemplate asking the National Guard to seize firearms from citizens.  And the leader of the Guard doesn’t rule it out.  
Leaving aside the irony of Democrats endorsing one form of sanctuary city (illegal immigrants) while threatening to crush another form of sanctuary city (guns), this might make an interesting test case.
Will Virginians who serve in the National Guard take up arms against their friends and neighbors who decline to give up arms?  Will Virginia National Guard members shoot homeowners who object to having their firearms confiscated? 
If the answer is “Hell, yes, the law is the law and we obey orders even if we disagree with them,” then Second Amendment activists must rethink things in a big way.  We’ve been confident the military won’t obey gun grabbers, won’t open fire on civilians, won’t act the part of British Redcoats at Lexington and Concord. 
What if we’re wrong?  Might be a good time to find out, before we pledge our lives, and the lives of our families, to a losing battle.
Joe Doakes

More on the VNG Adjutant General’s comments later today.  

For my part?   I believe most of the military, being overwhelmingly drawn from the same part of society that “gun culture” grows in, will side with The People…

…which is why I think the real attack on our freedom will be a lot more subtle than Governor Blackface McMinstrel’s japery.  

And that’s the danger – too many people will think “attacks on our freedom” will be this sort of comic book foolishness.  

There’s the danger. 

4 thoughts on “The Progressive Totalitarian Impulse

  1. The leadership of the national guard is made out of the same paper shufflers that make up the leadership of the regular armed forces.

  2. I was just reading that ESTIMATES for firearms in civilian possession in the US is something of the order of 120 per 100 persons. Truth is there are A LOT of guns. Will they go house to house to confiscate all the guns? Can you imagine what will happen on social media once the first door is kicked in?

  3. A lot of the military rank and file may be drawn from the “gun culture” demographics, but the senior officers have been on mandatory PC promotion tracks for 30 years. They are the ones that will say, “Fire”. We just need to find out if anyone will listen.

  4. The leader of the VA National Guard is not “not ruling it out”. He’s giving it a chance to blow over as a ridiculous notion without him having to comment on it in a substantive way.

    Despite liberal fantasies, there’s not a legal way to get the guard involved in whatever jurisprudential mechanism it is that would sift the countryside for illegal firearms.

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