Just For A Moment, Let’s Cut The Crap

The media rolls its eyes and plays innocent about the attempted coup going on in Washington. They’re just reporting the news, maaaaaaaaaaaaaan:

Mollie Hemingway from Federalist points out the elephant in the room:

You could hear it, in plain sight (as it were), in November of 2016, when reps from the NYTimes and WaPo newsrooms. 

No.  Seriously.  Listen to it.  Be disgusted.  I’m not a huge Trump fan – seriously, not.  But listening to that?  Let’s say Big Leftymedia doesn’t want to start a civil war.  

If they did, what would they be doing differently? 

27 thoughts on “Just For A Moment, Let’s Cut The Crap

  1. What the WaPo, USA Today, LA Times, Boston Globe, and MSNBC,CBS, NBC, CNN all have in common was their memories of the ratings, subscription, and ad revenue boost that came with the Clinton Impeachment. All these organizations are declining, in inflation adjusted dollars and viewers/subscribers, from that high point. FB and Google are now eating their political ad revenue lunch every day leaving them only carrots sticks and celery – they want to get their beaks wet again like they used to. So why wouldn’t they push impeachment? C’mon folks lets don’t pretend these are noble people.

  2. You have the first presidential impeachment with no actual crime identified, with the shortest investigation, and the fewest witnesses called (and none of them witnesses to any crime, since there was no crime). And it is a purely partisan impeachment vote as well.
    Our “journalists” are really, really bad at what they do.

  3. Poor Lori Sturdevant. You can almost hear her muttering to herself every time the Strib prints a headline.

    “Sure, it’s about snow removal, but where is the Trump angle?”

    “We said something bad about Trump, but was it bad enough?”

    Since the Trump haters will never be satisfied, she must match their rage or risk having it turned against her – which alienates more and more of those who just want to read about sports, weather and celebrities.

  4. Lasted about sixty seconds, just past the “this is how Presidents-elect are supposed to act.” Oh really? Maybe I need to watch more of The West Wing on demand to find out what Martin Sheen– I mean what Josiah Bartlet would do.

  5. golfdoc
    its no mystery why the progressive fantasy The West Wing shows up so often in the “trending” queue on Netflix – a significant portion of the progressives I know treat it like a documentary.

  6. That’s not funny, golddoc. One of my co-workers constantly brings up The West Wing as an example of how the President ought to act. He’s not a dummy, he knows it’s Hollywood, but the confirmation bias is too strong to fight.

    Hollywood tried again with Madam Secretary, an obvious attempt to do pave the way for Hillary, but she couldn’t pull it off.

  7. What’s funny is during the Clinton impeachment they were all running polls as headline news cuz impeachment wasn’t popular then.

    Now? The left (mediots included) all piously pronounce that some things must be done regardless of the polls.

    Inconsistent much? Hypocrites. Like the man says, if they didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

  8. Pig Bodine says all you need to know:
    “lets don’t pretend these are noble people”

  9. If this impeachment effort were a Twilight Zone episode, it would be the one where a young George Takai shows up at a WW2 vet’s house to sell him gardening services, and then attacks the vet with his own souvenir samurai sword & jumps out the attic window while shouting “banzai!.”

  10. It strikes me that of all people, shouldn’t journalists know and understand what the societal consequences of a coup d’état are for a country? How they would be signing the country up for brutal warfare?

  11. Breitbart readers are furious at the Hallmark channel and are vowing not to buy any cards for Robert E. Lee’s birthday.

  12. How they would be signing the country up for brutal warfare?

    People like Schlichter who served in Yugoslavia in the aftermath of the break-up try to tell “them” what happens, but they are too stupid, ignorant, and/or insane to care.

  13. The grift for Trump has always been: “I do what I want, you sue me, I appeal, I drag it out for years, if you win, I don’t pay you.’

    The rejection of subpoenas, the belligerence, the lying and name calling are all part of the con. The saddest part is half of the country thinks that’s acceptable and will buy a hat and t-shirt.

  14. “Breitbart readers are furious at the Hallmark channel and are vowing not to buy any cards for Robert E. Lee’s birthday.”

    Threadjack disallowed.

  15. He attempted to change the subject, obfuscate and claim that his position hasn’t changed, you know, the Democrats M.O.

    And right on cue, Emery provides an example.

  16. “The saddest part is half of the country knows he’s still better than any Democrat and thus will buy a hat and t-shirt.”

    There, fixed it for you.

  17. Looks like we have another record DJIA close today. That makes the 19th so far this year. That matters to Americans more than any Ukraine Trump v Biden mess.
    When evaluating the performance of President DJT, it’s up to you how you weight “the stock market” and the “vote of no confidence by anonymous blog commenter ‘Emery’.”

  18. The rejection of subpoenas, the belligerence, the lying and name calling are all part of the con.

    Oh, do you mean when the Obama administration refused to comply with Congressional subpoenas when it was their misdeeds being investigated, Emery? Do you mean that belligerence? Do you mean lying like claiming “there was not one iota” of corruption in the IRS scandal, where the investigators had done as much investigation in two years as an ordinary investigation for ordinary crimes does…in a week or less? Do you mean insults like his habit of flipping people off?

    Oh, you don’t want us to remember that, do you? Got it.

  19. “The lying and the name-calling are all part of the con….” Why would you think it’s a con? Anyway, that’s rich coming from a group that almost daily calls him Hitler or a Nazi. Seems snowflakes don’t like people that fight back…

  20. Some of us remember the scorched-earth tactics of Bill Clinton during his impeachment hearings. He did everything possible to deny, deflect, and stonewall, including blanket assertions of executive privilege in an attempt to keep congress from calling administration officials with direct knowledge of actual crimes and coverups as witnesses.

  21. Perhaps I’m failing to see him from Putin’s perspective!

    It will end up with a laugh.

    And everyday the boundary of what is acceptable is pushed out a little further….

  22. Like when Bill Clinton had his sexual escapades hidden by the press?
    Or when Obama siced the IRS on the Tea Party?
    Huh. You don’t say. Don’t that beat all.

  23. I guess we can expect that Giuliani will bring back Hillary’s e-mails, information about the man on the grassy knoll, Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate and Muslim Brotherhood membership and decoder ring, along with proof that Joe Biden is a communist spy.

  24. “My investigators are in Hawaii and you wouldn’t believe what they’ve found”

    ”Giuliani is in Ukraine and I hear he’s found plenty”

    Huckstering and hoaxstering to the end, aren’t you, Trump?

  25. So embarrassing to read the constant attempts at threadjacking – “will any of this crap ever stick to the wall?”. There has to be a better way to convince people who aren’t all-in on Trump of something …….. doesn’t there??

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