It Could Happen Is Happening Here

Tyrants, like abusive spouses and sociopathic gaslighters of all kinds, are fond of making their victims believe that their travails are their fault.

Westerners – those who still bother to criticize Red China, anyway – learn with some muted horror that when the Chinese government executes a convict via their preferred method, a bullet to the back of the head, the officials follow up by sending a bill for the bullet to the family of the deceased.

Seems barbaric?

Compare it with the behavior of the authorities in Berkeley – not just students, but the authorities themselves – after protests and violence broke out at an Ann Coulter appearance last week.

However, [UC Berkeley Police Chief Margo] Bennett said she was “sympathetic” to students concerned about the heavy presence of police in riot gear around Wheeler.
“I totally understand that,” she said. “We did messaging to impacted groups that felt the presence of police caused them anxiety.” [UC Berkeley spokesman Dan] Mogulof echoed Bennett. The concerns were “understandable on a lot of different levels,” he said. “We have work to do to continue to find ways we can accommodate profound differences of opinion. We believe we have met our obligations to both free speech and the rule of law, and to provide for the safety and well-being of students and campus guests,” he said. “Having said that, I understand that students are deeply disturbed and unsettled by someone whose views they deeply disagree with.” He said counseling and other services are always available to students.
Unbelievable. The authorities here — the police chief and the university spokesman — sympathize with the mobbed-up students whose fanaticism and violence required police presence so that a conservative speaker could address those who wanted to hear her. No wonder the First Amendment is losing. The authorities pity the tyrannical mob.

It’s not the Coulter spectators, who needed to be escorted into the venue past a mob of slobbering droogs, to whom the administration is apologizing.


It’s the droogs. For being “triggered” by the presence of the police. Who needed to be there because of them.

But it’s not just Berkeley. It’s right here.

Mayor Jacob “McDreamy” Frey, after all but literally inviting thugs to attack attendees at last month’s Trump rally in Minneapolis, and allegedly ordering the police to not intervene as the droogs and their boyfriends chased down old men and sucker-punched 5’2 women, is blaming…

…well, who do you think?

One noxious facet of Urban Progressive Prvilege is that its beneficiaries never have to feel guilty for even their most depraved acts, because “progressive” ends justify all means.

8 thoughts on “It Could Happen Is Happening Here

  1. A complete and total threadjack but it doesn’t have anything to do with Orange Man Bad:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you SItDers. Take care.

  2. I would have figured that the lunatics in Berkeley would have been properly chastised after trashing the Martin Luther King Jr. building on UC-Berkeley’s campus on the first day of Black History Month back in 2017, but what do I know? The town is evidently one where as long as you’re deemed progressive, you can basically be a Klansman without repercussions.

    Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

  3. The Jacob Frey response is funny, and in my opinion, somewhat valid. He doesn’t want taxpayer dollars to pay for security for a ‘private’ event. I get that- the president wanted to rally in Mn and courted the target center for the event. The event center should cover the cost of security or consult with the city to provide supplemental security if they cannot, for a price. That makes sense. ‘McDreamy’ is suing for costs because he wants to ‘protect the taxpayers’ from what I’m assuming was his reasonable estimate for maintaining public safety. I am a trump supporter and will most likely vote for him again this next election, (harder to kill babies and 14.75% net rate of return on investments since his inauguration), but this just seems like the ‘cost of doing business tax’ for a progressive city in which Trump wants to gain support. He could have gone to St Cloud for probably 1/8 the cost and garnered maybe 50% the support (if they had a venue that big). Cost of doing business I say. Article is relatively misleading though until you think deeper.

  4. As long as the reimbursement rules are applied on a content-neutral basis, PaulM.

  5. Mammuthus I agree. I would assume Mayor Frey had someone advise him on how much security would be necessary and at what cost. Whether or not that advisor’s judgement was accurate or content neutral is another thing. My guess is they wanted to make a spectacle and ‘resist’ trump like all of those stupid stickers that litter Minneapolis say.

  6. The Mayor might have had a point IF he hadn’t incited violent action to begin with and IF he had allowed the police to actually protect people. The City’s performance doesn’t strike me as being worthy of any payment except maybe a bucket of tar and a bag of feathers.

  7. PaulM, the Secret Service supplies security services for the President. The feds have a budget to cover that.

    The money Frey is complaining (lying actually) about is the cost of protecting decent Minnesotans from his filthy ilk.

    Trump just flew into a war zone to visit our troops, and it wasn’t as risky as going to Minneapolis…Think about that.

    The >$500k tab is Bullshit, but even if it was accurate, it’s just the cost of living among leftist reprobates. Pay up and shut ip.

  8. the Secret Service supplies security services for the President

    Slight threadjack. Can anyone speak to the relationship at present between the SS and Trump? I remember back when Trump was inaugurated that some SS bint claimed that she couldn’t do her job with a clear conscience. I think she got re-assigned or something. Colorado comes to mind for some reason.

    I know the SS hated Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit because she’s such a nasty person to everyone but also to them (being nasty to your bodyguards… so, OK, nasty *and* stupid). Don’t know about Obama.

    I would assume the SS/Trump relationship is good to great. The main reason is because if it wasn’t, it would be (more) news showing what an awful person Trump is. But I’ll admit, I don’t know.

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