Some Pathological Liars Are More Equal Than Others

Famous not-actual-Native American Elizabeth Warren, who was not fired from a job for being pregnant, didn’t actually send her kid to public school.

But it took other people, in every case, to make that info public.

The school thing? Oh, yeah:

Sarah Carpenter, a pro-school choice activist who organized a protest of Warren’s Thursday speech in Atlanta, told Warren that she had read news reports indicating the candidate had sent her kids to private school. Though Warren once favored school choice and was an advocate for charter schools, she changed her views while seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.
“We are going to have the same choice that you had for your kids because I read that your children went to private schools,” Carpenter told Warren when the two met, according to video posted to social media, which was first identified by Corey DeAngelis, director of school choice at Reason Foundation.
Warren denied the claim, telling Carpenter, “My children went to public schools.”
A school yearbook obtained by the Washington Free Beacon indicates, however, that Warren’s son, Alex Warren, attended the Kirby Hall School for at least the 1986-1987 school year, Warren’s final year as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin. The college preparatory school is known for its “academically advanced curriculum” and offers small class sizes for students in grades K-12. The yearbook indicates that Alex Warren attended as a fifth grader.

Running as she is for the nomination by party for which an outsized share of delegates work for the Teachers Unions, it makes good sense to throw black families under the bus (and promising “historic investments” is exactly that).

Except within the Democrat party.

2 thoughts on “Some Pathological Liars Are More Equal Than Others

  1. I get it that politicians and others who would deign to rule, lie. It’s part of the game, sometimes it’s even necessary. Warren seems bent on finding a space for herself that simply defies reality. It’s really quite amazing.

  2. Listen lads, I was driving my new car home yesterday (2019 Camaro SS, 455hp; 10 speed trans, retractable roof, nbd), a drive of a few hours, and I was scanning between CNN, MSNBC and FOX on Serius. It was a river of tears; the reprobates know their impeachment circus has failed; they know the Senate trial will be a sh*tshow; they know the FISA report is going to be a disaster for them; they know their candidates look like a bag of assholes with all the good ones picked out. Even if Biden isn’t dragged into a criminal investigation, he’s toast.

    Buttgag is a Mayor of a podunk town; no chance. Not ever the Bernie bros believe Bernie’s got a shot and Fauxcahontas’ base is 90% pussy hatted, screeching c*nts and pozzed SJW’s…they know Trump is going to be re-elected.

    They are going to create chaos, and we need to be ready to make best use of it. I’m of the opinion it is time to re-focus our attentions to local politics. The reprobates have been kicking our asses in what used to be red states, and we have to stop that.

    I have been gathering like minded dissidents from my local GOP party into a group; we are registering as a non-profit so we can start collecting funds to support dissident conservatives; do opposition research; pay for legal assistance; rally people and make life as miserable as possible for the reprobates in my county. We will align with like minded statewide groups, but our focus is local elections; *especially school boards*.

    I encourage you all to get up and get busy. Minnesota is headed towards the toilet, but it may not be too late if enough of you decide to do something to stop it.

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