Kamala Harris: Going For The Banana Republican Nomination

Alleged presidential candidate Kamala Harris on how she’ll solve the “crisis” in pharmaceutical prices:


Wasn’t Trump supposed to be the wannabe dictator?

3 thoughts on “Kamala Harris: Going For The Banana Republican Nomination

  1. Beto comes for our guns, Harris starts nationalizing private business.

    And the Democrats cheer.

  2. There is a simple, non-coercive, easy to implement way to dramatically lower drug prices that fully embraces free market principles. Donald Trump could do it tomorrow morning with a stroke of his pen.

    All he would have to do is order the FDA to approve any drug for sale in the United States that has been approved for sale in the EU and Canada.

    Competitors would flow across the borders.

    The FDA is not about safe drugs, it is about maintaining monopoly.

  3. There is such a thing as an institutional memory, passed on to each new generation. The FDA nearly approved thalidomide, following the lead of European agencies who had done so. The memory of how narrowly America dodged that bullet, lingers.

    American lawyers have a much lower health risk tolerance for their clients than other nations. For any illness, there must be a deep pocket from which to draw compensation, even if that means changing the law retroactively. The attempts to hold firearms manufacturers liable for the misdeeds of criminals is a stark example. The federal government had to establish a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to insulate makers of certain vaccines from lawsuits, else there’d be nobody crazy enough to make the vaccines. Whether the federal government should extend that protection to other vaccines, manufactured in other countries, is a debatable point.

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