Opening Shots

The newly Democrat-clogged Virginia Assembly is hearing a number of California-style gun grab bills in coming weeks.

In response, a number of Virginia counties are declaring themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries:

So far we have at least 7 brand new Sanctuary Counties in Virginia that we are aware of: Charlotte County, Campbell County, Carroll County, Appomattox County, Patrick County, Pittsylvania County, and Dinwiddie County. All so far have passed unanimously!

And more counties are on the way.

I attended the Board of Supervisors meeting in Amherst County last night. The turnout by gun owners was HUGE! The good-sized meeting room was full, standing room only, the crowd spilled out into the hallway, stairs, entrance, went out the front door and wrapped around the parking lot!
I was afraid I made the two-hour trip for nothing, as I didn’t think I could even get in the meeting room to speak. Many thanks to Speaker Vance Wilkins for his help on that. I did get to speak, emphasizing the importance of the resolution.
Apparently, it was a similar situation in Franklin County yesterday, too.
Both counties postponed the vote until they have their next Board of Supervisors meeting. In Amherst, the delay was to incorporate some of the wording from the VCDL model resolution. Franklin wanted more time to review the overall wording with their lawyers.
I believe both counties are going to pass the resolution.

In the event – heaven forefend – that the DFL takes the Senate and holds the House next fall, Minnesotans are going to need to start doing the same kind of work. The Virginia Citizens Defense League has published a bit of a guide on the subject:

VCDL 2A Second Amendment Sa… by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News on Scribd

Worth a read.

2 thoughts on “Opening Shots

  1. Seems to me these “sanctuary” laws work better against the feds, because they base their authority on the 10th amendment which can be circumvented for any firearm that is manufactured and possessed in a particular state.

    Local municipalities getting around their respective state legislatures is a taller order. In the end, I fear there will be bloodshed.

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