Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Forget the Ukraine, how did President Trump manage to rig a DNA test, to make Hunter Biden look like heel, to make his father, Joe Biden, lose the Democrat nomination?  The guy’s amazing.  Is there anything he can’t do? 
Joe Doakes

Conceal his mental decline forever? 

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  1. JD: I agree with you regarding Clinton.

    Bloomberg has my support this go-round.

    Just imagine a pragmatic can-do, middle of the road independent with plenty of executive experience actually focusing on getting things done in the White House.

    Compromising and collaborating with the sane parts of both parties to work on infrastructure, long term reform of our entitlement programs, immigration reform.

    It would be almost nirvana compared to a choice between a nativist, corrupt and incompetent Trump or one of the socialist utopians like Warren/Sanders on the left.

  2. The media spends far too little time telling people who the actual Dem delegates are. They are selected by a different process than the R’s choose their delegates. The Dems have racist and sexist quotas. The people that end up being delegates to the national conventional don’t look like voters. They tend to be government, or union, or non-profit employees. School teachers and education bureaucrats are vastly represented, as are homosexuals, “radical feminists,” transsexuals, and self-declared socialists.
    And they wonder why they are seen as “out of touch.”

  3. Mike Bloomberg would be a great President, the challenge is him to get elected as the candidate of the Democratic Party which is quite left leaning now.

    Trump could have been a great president as well — but he’d rather promote conspiracy theories and run with grievances and slogans that appeal to less than half the electorate.

  4. Fine, be for Kasich. I mean Bloomberg.
    I didn’t vote for Trump. I thought Trump was ripe for “Ventura-ization.” Trump had alienated a lot of the GOP old guard, I thought that Trump was ripe for capture by somebody like Schumer. But the Dem party is based on hatred. They found it easier to take the bank on hatred for Trump and the 60 million Americans who voted for him than it was to coopt Trump. Fine. How’s that worked so far?

  5. BB : it’s very strong evidence that when Trump froze the money it was for an illicit purpose. Otherwise, why not keep it frozen and explain it was all on the up and up to fight “corruption”?

  6. Today there was testimony that Trump ordered his state people not to release the money because he wanted other nations to step up as well. This is a political matter, Emery, not an impeachment matter. Make your case & wait until November 2020 & let the people decide.

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