A Nation Of Coulters

Business opportunity: training young Republicans/conservatives how to respond to hate crimes and bullying like this:

Not saying Big Left is trying to start a hot civil war.

But if they were, I’m not sure what they’d be doing differently.

6 thoughts on “A Nation Of Coulters

  1. Were that young female to be my child, I would need to accept that I had failed in preparing her for the world. Anyone that can go into that big a funk over a small, handwritten sign is going to have problems getting through life.

  2. My response to the young lady is about the same–but with a different word–as my response to certain passages from Mark Twain. “Don’t you know any other words?”

    And maybe I am getting wimpy in my old age, but there are times where I just think “this is not the time to engage.” The young man would do well to learn this as well, I think.

    Ironic that the young lady committed battery at “The Battery”.

  3. Shit like this is why every college Republican should get a crash course in Krav Maga from the Hillel students on campus. I mean it seems that no 2 groups are more hated on campus, why not join forces?

  4. POD, yes, Krav Maga, and even more, how do you avoid the problem in the first place? Lesson #2 from carry permit class; you never have to shoot your way out of a situation if you never get into it. Lesson #1; shooting your way out of a situation is the second worst thing that can happen to you. (worst is being killed)

    In other words, let’s not engage with the radical left when they’re gathered in large groups. 1:1, maybe. But not when they’re gathered in large groups.

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